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"Host of Horrors" Content Update Available Now!

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"Host of Horrors" Content Update Available Now! New horrors await! As more rifts appear across the Constant, monsters have started rising from the dead, becoming vessels for unearthly apparitions. You'd better not let your guard down... What's New?

  • More Scrapbook categories added: "Things" and "Points of Interest"
  • Discover the "Saw Horse" crafting station for constructing tables and chairs plus a few other new fun items.
  • Craft a working Gramophone.
  • New Lunar mutations brought on by the Rifts:
    • Two giant mutations
    • One hunt mutation
    • New weather phenomenon
  • New craftables at the Brightsmithy, available from defeating the new mutations.
  • New armor set with an assist from Wagstaff.

Streaming Drops


We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

New Skins!


Guest of Honor Chest ($4.99usd)
This Guest of Honor chest contains skins for: Warly, Wortox, and Wormwood.

Fantasmical Woodworking Chest ($3.99usd)
This Fantasmical Woodworking Chest contains the following belongings skin items: Enchanting Woodland Table, Four-Leg Clover Table, Four-Leg Clover Chair, Toadstool, Horn of Lushness, Blooming

Cozy Woodworking Chest ($3.99usd)
This Cozy Woodworking Chest contains the following belongings skin items: Cozy Round Table, Cozy Square Table, Cozy Wooden Chair, Cozy Wooden Stool, Tree's Company, Artisanal Vase, Warm and Fuzzy Lamp, Cozy Frame, Merm with a Pearl Earring, and Rustic Record Spinner.

Rhymes with Play!


Thanks for reading, we have some points for you too!

And More!

As we head toward Hallowed Nights next week the team is hard at work on the next update as well as the next Lunar New Year event. We'll have more information about the next update as we head toward beta at the end of next month. Have fun!


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Sounds like next update is gonna be planned huge as a final this year? I'm kinda glad y'all taking some more time to cook content up. The animations and fights of these new variants of mobs are pretty dope. Time to toss some coin for those cosmetic skins. Hope to see some pillar skins or a thulecite kind of pillar even.

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I am so proud of Klei for making Wortox's skin the way it is, it's the default but with some additions that make it unique, that is absolutely perfect. arguably the best skin this update.

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