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[Game Update] - 577578

Release Date: 10/19/23

Update Information:

"Host of Horrors" Content Update Available Now! New horrors await! As more rifts appear across the Constant, monsters have started rising from the dead, becoming vessels for unearthly apparitions. You'd better not let your guard down... What's New?

  • More Scrapbook categories added: "Things" and "Points of Interest"
  • Discover the "Saw Horse" crafting station for constructing tables and chairs plus a few other new fun items.
  • Craft a working Gramophone.
  • New Lunar mutations brought on by the Rifts:
    • Two giant mutations
    • One hunt mutation
    • New weather phenomenon
  • New craftables at the Brightsmithy, available from defeating the new mutations.
  • New armor set with an assist from Wagstaff.

Streaming Drops


We're offering a new set of streaming drops over on Twitch.tv. Check out this post for details.

New Skins!


Guest of Honor Chest ($4.99usd)
This Guest of Honor chest contains skins for: Warly, Wortox, and Wormwood.

Fantasmical Woodworking Chest ($3.99usd)
This Fantasmical Woodworking Chest contains the following belongings skin items: Enchanting Woodland Table, Four-Leg Clover Table, Four-Leg Clover Chair, Toadstool, Horn of Lushness, Blooming

Cozy Woodworking Chest ($3.99usd)
This Cozy Woodworking Chest contains the following belongings skin items: Cozy Round Table, Cozy Square Table, Cozy Wooden Chair, Cozy Wooden Stool, Tree's Company, Artisanal Vase, Warm and Fuzzy Lamp, Cozy Frame, Merm with a Pearl Earring, and Rustic Record Spinner.

Rhymes with Play!


Thanks for reading, we have some points for you too!

And More!

As we head toward Hallowed Nights next week the team is hard at work on the next update as well as the next Lunar New Year event. We'll have more information about the next update as we head toward beta at the end of next month. Have fun!

Change List:

Here are the final patch notes moving out of Beta.


  • Adjusted Crystal Deerclops and Armored Bearger behavior between staggers.
  • Added new eating animations for Hounds and Vargs.
  • Possessed Varg now has the “epic” tag.
  • The ice overlay now shows the warning stage when near an Ice Crystaleyezer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Sealed Portal scrapbook image.
  • Updated Armored Bearger scrapbook image.
  • Updated Gramophone inventory image.
  • Fixed Ornate Pedestal scrapbook entry not showing inspection lines.
  • Fixed Rose (Flower) scrapbook entry being impossible to unlock.
  • Fixed Diviner Dress skin missing skin tone.
  • Fixed Nightmare Werepig spawning inside of player constructed pillars.
  • Deerclops should no longer spawn when there is still an active corpse or Crystal Deerclops.
  • Bearger should no longer spawn when there is still an active corpse or Armored Bearger.
  • Fixed bug causing Armored Bearger’s actions to sometimes get interrupted unexpectedly.
  • Fixed bug causing normal Deerclops to sometimes attack twice in a row.
  • Fixed bug causing Crystal Deerclops to be stun-lockable in a certain state while burning.
  • Fixed bug causing Crystal Deerclops to sometimes target buildings.  (Thrashing your base is normal Deerclops’s behavior.)
  • Fixed various animation bugs with Crystal Deerclops.
  • Fixed missing variations for the ice shards from Deerclops’s basic attack.
  • Fixed bug preventing Varglet from summoning Hounds during its howl.
  • Giants and Weregoose should no longer walk over Hot Springs, Magma, or Ponds (except for frozen Ponds in winter).

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