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  1. Doesn't that make them wet and by extension make them spoil faster? Or is it not implemented?
  2. I think the problem lies within circuits itself. If you played Binding Of Isaac, you can see that game is build around items interacting with each other. In DST there are no synergies between modules, it's just the sum of their effects. Adding circuit extension doesn't change the balance between them and just like you mentioned: Speed and night vision module offers very desirable and otherwise costly traits for almost no cost and without any downside either. They are useful in almost every situation while other ones give you very situational advantage. Without balancing them - not necessarily by weakening advantage they give (giving some disadvantage would be my take) - other circuits don't give anything relatively worthwhile. So even with 12 slots, combination of used modules would be the same, and since they are weakened by half, what would be the point to using extension for them?
  3. I mean to be fair second one is a hand-drawn animation, while first looks like done with Pickle's First Person Mod.
  4. Interesting idea but I doubt that Klei would implement something like that - it makes whole circuit thing more complicated but not necessarily better to use. Also I don't see who would want to use it as something other than novelty - inconvenient (or just downright hard) to acquire for newbie players but not as effective as default board for veterans. Unless certain 8-pin circuit combo gives some crazy synergy, I don't think I would ever go out of my way to use it.
  5. L stands for "Lore-important". That's why Maxwell (William) is QUADRUPLE LORE IMPORTANT. Ignore Willow though...
  6. From my perspective it's exactly opposite since there was unused spear animation in DS. That's why axe is weaker than spear - it's because it is used differently. If dark sword cuts through flesh with ease (because of the ethereal nature of this weapon) it's understandable it deals most damage but stab wound is still more dangerous than regular axe swing. tl;dr axe as weapon sucks not because survivors don't know how to use it, but because creatures are much more resilient than it might seem.
  7. Probably because of abandoned hope that Wurt will get any rework at all till the end of time.
  8. That's why I would opt for circuits working as specialization tool rather than overall upgrade - make your WX stronger in one aspect, weaker in other way (so you can imagine modules more like "power rerouting tools" - from armor to legs etc.). Scrapping or at least decreasing power level cooldown could also be done then - it only works as handicap for implementing changes. Increasing circuit durability could help as well. In the end people who wouldn't want to play around with circuits (or rush for them) have still decent character overall, while others would have WX tailored to their playstyle. Of course it would require changing how modules work - Dronemaster could increase your metabolism instead (giving stronger health and sanity regen while consuming more hunger points until your stats are full) for example, but I think this could give more diverse utility builds between players rather than main build for everyone where having circuits = strong and lack of them = weak.
  9. I think character should have at least one innate disadvantage that should somehow change the playstyle - ability to remove it completely would make it just "better Wilson". It also makes sense lorewise - Wagstaff wasn't able to create waterproof automation.
  10. It's actually 4 pins now, even though old graphics on the forum might suggest otherwise.
  11. That's why I think idea with modules working as a trade-off instead of straight buff could work - no modules, no harsh downsides. New players can play safer using little or no circuits (they also don't have to stress much that they don't know how to acquire them) while veterans can use them to full potential while still maintaining somewhat of a challenge.
  12. I think the key here is that Wormwood has it's significant downside to offset its perks, while WX has one that is quite occasional. Another solution could be implementing downside of circuits (like in case of thermal circuit - 25% faster spoilage). It would allow high adaptation to playstyle without need to make modules hard to obtain. So for example - speed module would make you little more fragile, but since kiting is easier with more speed it wouldn't be such a big downside. You would be just more punished if you mess up.
  13. It seems that bug is present only when deploying Jimmy, leaving it on ground and rejoining doesn't cause problems.
  14. You don't have to scan entity in one go, it can be broken down to few shorter scans, just takes a little longer. I scanned butterflies and rabbits without any traps/items, just make sure that mob is running away from YOU and not Jimmy, it will let you control where it's fleeing.