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  1. Hey guys, I don't know if this was already posted, sorry if It was! I was searching for some don't starve content on the steam points shop and I realised that there aren't many options there, especially no avatars. Oxygen not Included have some of these avatars and frames that look really cute so I think it's kinda fair to ask for Don't starve avatars too, right? Thanks anyways!!
  2. She's ok! She's certainly not op, but not bad either. I'd say you should try to play with her, see if she matches your playstyle. I personally really like her, I think she's the cutest, but I hate playing with her lol
  3. Battle spear skin is bugged. When I create a skin with the new skin, instead it creates the battle spear with an old skin, the nordic battle spear. Please fix it asap!!