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  1. the word you're looking for is a mirage. Oasis is basically an area of a dry place(usually desert), which was made fertile by a body of water.
  2. yes! maybe make Warly's chef pouch have 4 additional slots which could hold spices exclusively? this way the bag would be just a little bit better and there would be a place to store spices. that's unnecessary, but why not? and Wurt having some portable fish storage would be nice as well.
  3. i like playing Wurt more than other characters, because she has a lot of QoL perks, fun diet and her own little side quest with collecting resources for king tapestry. also, because i like minion based characters (Wurt in particular is especially nice, cause i usually need a lot of wood for decoration and storage and merms have it covered). but the main reason i like playing as Wurt are still those smaller QoL perks. Fish lasts 4 times longer and gives sanity? sweet! frogs ignore me? amazing. no downside for drowning? cool! on their own they don't matter that much, but together they make characters much more intresting and unique.
  4. amazing, it would be pretty intresting. maybe also add something like batteries? sun generators could have a downside of not having its own power storage and rely of batteries. batteries could also be used with other generators, and they would have slower passive energy loss than the generator. although that's sorta unnecessary.
  5. i mean, i like it, but it would be kinda weird if i created an entire thread about liking new artstyle. especially considering that, as some people here already mentioned, it's been a gradual change.
  6. about bananas. from what we know, most characters seem to be from early/mid 20th century and used to live in colder climates (except shipwrecked gang), so there's a solid chance half of the characters haven't even eaten bananas before getting to constant. although it's probably just a joke about characters getting used to Constant.
  7. but Maxwell is sorta a king? well, was one. so there's maybe a chance for a new character someday in the future? certainly not for Wilbur though, sadly.
  8. what if...Catapult boat with new magnets? It's almost like a sea Abigail! it might be impractical, but it would be cool sailing around with tools of mass destruction.
  9. i mean, half of Woodie's and Wilba's perks are a "curse" too, so i guess curses in constant are either beneficial or mildly annoying. (or both)
  10. amazing, especially palm trees change.
  11. just want to note that now scienceless CC actually seems like something possible. not sure if it is, but at least now there's a chance? it's definitely gonna be hard though.