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What do you main?

What do you main?  

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  1. 1. What do you main?

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32 minutes ago, -Variant said:


Take a guess.

Oh it's that lady from Bones! Dr Brennan!

36 minutes ago, loopuleasa said:

I'll be slipping in your DM's later.

Meanwhile, have fun.

Shouldn't you buy me dinner first?

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Despite having over 2700 hours with Wes, I don't feel comfortable answering some questions.

And his rework must have reset all my hours, because he's a different character now.

For a long time the delay killed me and now with the Don't Starve Alone mod I've done some really cool things with it.

Which makes me want to ask Wes for more nerfs even though I still want Klei to make him as fun as he could be challenging.

But now I'm not as rigid as I used to be... my second choice is Wurt.

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1 hour ago, SinancoTheBest said:

Funny how the least played character after Wes is the most mained one according to this poll

I was pleasantly surprised. Of course this is a very small sample size. The actual numbers tend to show Wurt at the bottom above only Wes. Though the usage statistics could be different now. 

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my main is Wurt, but Walter is close 2nd.

i mean, i don't really have an exact "top", like, i also like playing Warly and Wortox, just less often. still, if Wickerbottom's and Maxwell's reworks will be great(which i think they will), they'll probably go somewhere between Wurt and Warly? 

i don't think they'll take Wurt's place, as i just find her too comfortable to play. 

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Walter, it's just hilarious how this kid don't care about sanity-drain auras, like I'm in caves, and he doesn't care, a boss is trying to kill us all, and he wants to take care of it as a pet, I'm near a shadow light that can drain your sanity quickly, and he just thinks about roast marshmellos  on it, and of course I love Wobby.

Quotes from Walter about some bosses:

Antlion: Antlion.PNG.f9ea82674b1579b305ca7c146dbb62bd.PNG

Lord of the fruit flies: 1471974915_Lordoffruitfies.PNG.72a5601a5ebdbe88b8d963e18636f406.PNG

The fricking final boss in his final form: 1947149071_Celestialchampion.PNG.e4c8a14d25a7761bd7b4f0be5d3e9295.PNG

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