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  1. I think she should be able to sleep but gain less and take longer to regen or let us make bed.
  2. Underwater biome in cave, we know that cave biome is below the ocean so it would make sense to have have underwater area, and people want underwater area.
  3. For me it grass I don't know why but I just don't find many tall grass in my world.
  4. The teaser image look so crisp, I hope this one doesn't get desaturated when it come out like WX-78 trailer.
  5. No, more like we vote for what we want them to focus more on in term of lore and I don't mean updating design I mean like we get to choose what design we want, what would be the character or mob abilities, and what their backstory is not every time they add something new that mean we should vote it.
  6. Fan of Amplitude studio studio seem to be fine when their vote didn't sure there some discourse hut that only happen with big and important vote like lore reveal. Amplitude studio have an entire section in their forum about voting and they seem to be happy about it.
  7. That why I said it should be for minor thing like design and lore not what character should be add.
  8. We choose one from the three option, it should be nothing major like new update but like design, lore, and name, and maybe outside of game extra like artbook, comic, novella, mods, poster etc.
  9. Light in the dark sea.
  10. Most game player base don't last this long so why is DST still being play?
  11. Maybe they don't see that the artstyle has change or they just don't want argue with people.
  12. It must be here for a really long time to start thinking that outside banana is weird.
  13. Maybe the land they were in got flooded with ocean water so they have to move somewhere else, what I trying to say here is that the new ocean and island should interact more with the cave and not just in their own isolated area there no ocean between normal cave and lunar cave so I don't know why they don't interaction with one another.
  14. I don't know why we can't have new mob while also updating the old one? I think it make the mobs richer it make them feel more like a living being that adapt to the enviroment and how would that bring a lot more question? Them not adapting to the new enviroment bring more question than if they did. ^^
  15. It not that they should be change but it be nice to have something new with them, like there ocean and Wobster now why don't the rock lobster get something new? Wobster get a new form before them, rock lobster should have a glass armor form, bunnymen also have the same problem there lunar island now why don't they have a lunar variant? I know they probably save it for the lunar new year but they should still exist in normal game.
  16. Something about this mob make feel like it come from the uncom mod same with the armor one.
  17. I think some of the older mob in the game feel a bit off to where DST is right now, like I forget half of the cave mob name and there like 12 of them and the old model really crash with the newer one like the only thing that make them look like they from the same game is the general art style.
  18. Maybe he try to connect the two world, and the unnatural portal have that lunar spark so I think it pretty clear he use some of that energy to open this portal.