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  1. Still can't find Banhi by shuffling starter dupes for a new game
  2. But with the overrides/hidden priorities from the different jobs, there was no clear way of seeing in what order anything would get done
  3. Is anybody else missing Banhi when rolling starter dupes or am I just unlucky? I noticed some changes in the dupe stress responses and naturally had to make a list but she just won't show up for me. Edit: I did find her in the printing pod finally, but still can't get her to show up among the starter dupes. The new dupe is also only available in the printer for me so far, though that might be intentional
  4. I see, no reward for me then Thanks for answering at least, I'll put this to rest now.
  5. I actually asked about this back in May (page 4 in this thread) but didn't get an answer
  6. This doesn't really answer the question about those who own all the games on the list, but not specifically on steam being unable to get the DST skin gift (I have them on Good old Games for example). Owning the games on the wrong platform means we're not eligible for the same reward as those who happen to own them on them on steam. Was this intended? I feel like it should have been in the info that the games had to be owned on steam and nowhere else.
  7. I had hoped there would be a way to enter your CD keys for those of us with non-steam copies of the games (since this worked for the loyal skins for DST)
  8. I have non-steam versions of the games, is it impossible for me to get the DST skin gifts?
  9. When I enter the shipwrecked CD key for the birdcage skin I get "That code wasn't quite right. Please try again." I've tried both pasting the code and entering it manually. Restarting the game is also not helping. I had no problems with my RoG code that I entered just moments before.
  10. Do you have to own the games on Steam to be able to get the skin giftbox? (I have them all over on GOG)