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  1. I can't find Banhi and Meep (and Liam) among the starter dupes for a new game. They still show up in the printing pod though. Is this intended? I can't help but notice that these three are also the main characters in each of the animated shorts. I noticed Banhi was missing in the preview branch and Meep only disappeared after the animated short he's the star of was revealed. Perhaps they're saved for the printer as a surprise? Anyhow, just something I noticed and thought to share.
  2. It's like the first rule of cartoons. When there's no other way to show it's female, you either add eyelashes or a big pink bow on top of the head. The dupes probably looked too cute with the pink bows so they must have settled on eyelashes instead Edit: On male eyelashes: at least where I live, it's fashionable among women to have their eyelashes stand out more with makeup or even fake ones added on top. This was probably the current fashion when these animation/cartoon rules came about as well and it has become associated with women
  3. I do like the idea of jobs, but think the roles are a little too narrow. Would really, really love it if dupes could be assigned (at least!) two jobs for some flexibility. This would reduce a lot of hat dancing in the early game and for smaller colonies.
  4. Those were some fatal flaws. I think it should be required of a system that it will work with the number of starting dupes for that system. And if it's unintuitive on top of that it's a real nightmare for new players, which isn't really what you want someone's first experience of a game to be. I'm sure Klei will work something out to make us all happy in the end though
  5. Yeah, they call out a specific Turner, and then call him "they" instead of "him": "This Turner is paralyzed by the knowledge that others have memories of them they can't control" But with for example Harold (and most of the other examples of "this dupe") it's "This Harold is cripplingly self-conscious of his long middle toes"
  6. I thought they used "they" cause they're talking about the duplicants in plural. "Meeps are like this, Burts are like that" Edit: Nevermind, I looked at Devon and it seems like they're deliberately ambiguous on him/her Edit 2: Found another example; Turner is also first called "This Turner" and is then called "they" instead of him/her
  7. My guess is female, looking at her long eyelashes
  8. Don't really care how skills are trained, as long as they aren't lost upon job switching. I agree skills should level up slower than they do now.
  9. [Game Update] - 253600

    Still can't find Banhi by shuffling starter dupes for a new game
  10. A point system could of course also be used to make the most miserable dupes possible for a challenge
  11. No problems, a point system could still have a randomize/surprise me button
  12. [Game Update] - 253538

    But with the overrides/hidden priorities from the different jobs, there was no clear way of seeing in what order anything would get done
  13. The way RPG's solved this issue is adding a couple of presets to choose from.
  14. A point system would be really welcome, I expect a mod like that will pop up sooner or later. I would also like to see some more variety in the traits for more interesting decision-making. It's kinda useless when one trait is better than all the others, you'll just build the same dupe over and over again.
  15. [Game Update] - 253538

    Even the fridges get hats now?