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  1. I know I might be late, since I haven't played lately, but: Since the fishing update, with live unstackable fishing these things are now possible: - Grabbing fishes as worthox for souls (like merms that die in swamps for instance) - Selling live fishes to PK for 5 gold, making it a great method for gold (previously, only eels gave 5 gold)
  2. This thread got upgraded to graphs level. For 2020, I project we will have at least 10 scientific papers on Arxiv, with at least 100 citations in the field. Now that makes sense, why my 20 stacks of 10 stones were opened all at once. I initially set it up to open one at a time, but gunpowder too stronk. Any way to have the stone fruits not move too much after blowup? I wish to only blow up fruits when I need them, to prevent spoilage.
  3. @Jason I know because of shard and master code it is hard, but right now wurt goes full stats if he goes inside caves and then comes back up Very abusable I go to get lightbulbs and i heal for 200 For the time being how about you devs change the code so that it only increases limits of stats without affecting current stats E. G. if i am at 120/150,and merm king comes, I will be at 120/250 This balances exploits out
  4. numcandies = numcandies + math.random(4) + 2 Actually, you are right, since I forgot the costume candy gets added to the old candy, while I misread it as being replaced. Also, if we do the probability, it's slightly higher: no_costume_candy = math.random(2) + 2 = 50%*1 + 50% *2 + 2 = 0.5 + 1 + 2 = 3.5 expected candy costume_candy = math.random(4) + 2 = 25%*1 + 25%*2 + 25%*3 + 25%*4 + 2 = 0.25 + 0.5 + 0.75 + 1 + 2 = 4.5 expected candy So the real expected difference on average between with costume and without costume is 4.5 candy You can't get 4.5 candy of course, but the 0.5 is like a 50% of getting 1 extra or not As for not sharing insights from code without testing, I disagree on that. Freedom of expression is valuable.
  5. I just saw today as I was exploring the pigking code, and it is relevant with the new coming update Characters that wear costumes receive on average 2 more candies from pig king tributes Important Note: The customs only count in the body slot (not the head slot apparently) So you just need to have equipped something like a chester body costume. EDIT: Corrections from @Electroely Head slots work as well, missed them in the code, not just body slots. And expected candy is 4.5 more if wearing a costume (I misread it, it's not getting replaced, but added to the old number) Klei confirmed pay to win /jk if IsSpecialEventActive(SPECIAL_EVENTS.HALLOWED_NIGHTS) then -- pick out up to 3 types of candies to throw out local candytypes = { math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY), math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY), math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY) } local numcandies = (item.components.tradable.halloweencandyvalue or 1) + math.random(2) + 2 -- only people in costumes get a good amount of candy! if giver ~= nil and giver.components.skinner ~= nil then for _, item in pairs(giver.components.skinner:GetClothing()) do if DoesItemHaveTag(item, "COSTUME") then numcandies = numcandies + math.random(4) + 2 break end end end for k = 1, numcandies do local candy = SpawnPrefab("halloweencandy_"..GetRandomItem(candytypes)) candy.Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) launchitem(candy, angle) end end
  6. You can express your love to a friend that asks "got any twigs" by giving them a shovel, then planting a trail of pinecones starting from him. Then just say "dig up" and watch the choreographed shuffle dance of twigs and shovel Teambuilding exercises. Happened today and I recommend the bromance
  7. Cool mechanics from this thread, belongs here: Worth the read
  8. - You can plant many flowers in a small area, haunt them to turn them into evil flowers, and then you have what's called a sanity station, that you can stay on top of with a bee queen hat and you will gain sanity really fast - Now the unknown mechanic for pro wendies is that an active Abigail 's flower dropped on ground turns into an evil flower when you dc and relog, or when you go to caves and back. This happens as long as the turf dropped on is butterfly plantable. This method can place flowers much tighter than butterfly planting, which creates stronger sanity stations Video of this
  9. You can make Bacon and Eggs with two monster meat and 100% chance Think about it
  10. These aren't really unknown, they're common crocpot knowledge A few crocpot tricks that might not be known is that you can make bacon and eggs with two monster meat guaranteed, and also the following recipe (Twig, Eel, Lychen, Lychen) does not produce fish sticks Also the cooling and heating values are a bit advanced, and many foods have them.
  11. Fun fact: Klei originally intended to have monster meat not be feedable to birds at all, but decided against jerky and cooked versions, judging from the comments Notice that the bird_egg_cooked does not appear, which allows you to create infinite loops for eggs by cooking them and refeeding them to get full egg freshness again.