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No reason to want Tackle Box skins

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Aside from collectors, none is going to have skins for items such as the Tackle boxes. They are a trash item meant for a boring task exclusively. The only actually useful things you can store in these boxes are some trinkets and twigs. You want people to want to have skins for your items, make the items themselves actually serve a useful purpose.

The effort you put into building Pearl's house and getting to and from there, getting all the bottles seems fair to allow the boxes to store anything in them, instead of it just being a stepping stone to a boss battle. Bundling wraps can become annoying to wrap and unwrap stuff in them, wasting 3 grass each time. They wouldn't become useless as a result though, bundling wraps would be perfect for storing food, which is what many of us already do and until you get enough boxes you will have to use more wraps. Tackle boxes would simply be an upgrade then. But right now I have no reason or the will to weave or purchase these skins because the items are just trash. I never see anyone use them even in moderated servers.


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Tackle boxes aren't trash, one of the biggest problems before She Sells Sea Shells was having to organize all yours lures and floats, it was annoying with so much of them! Tackle boxes have made it really convenient for me when fishing (Sucks a tiny bit at first to get the bottles needed to buy them, but its fine)

I think the skins are very cute :).

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I use a tackle box every single time I sail. Not only is it cute but efficiently stores all of your tackles while only taking up a single chest slot! it sounds to me like you have not really explored the ocean content and ocean fishing, so don't see the use.

I say keep up the good work Klei, I love the new tackle box skins!

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Ah mon ami, that is where you are wrong. By your logic, only the most efficient items deserve skins. Why then, does the krampus sack have a skin? How about tents? Critter skins are all pretty useless too are they not? Every skin introduced in the Webber update is useless as well going off this logic since you can just get the upgraded versions of the items. The tackle boxes aren't just for storage, they also make decent decoration as well, and giving them sea shell skins just gives more options for building.

What's the point of this post? Klei ain't removing the skin, so it kinda just seems like you're whining that you didn't get a 3rd dark sword skin or 19th walking cane skin.

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1 minute ago, Well-met said:

Make a "nobody likes the cat cap" next time, I want to see the lengths people go to justify it



3.3 Sanity/min restoration.

Small protection from freezing.

Actually looks good.


Easily obtainable on early game.

Fight me.


On the OP's on-topic part: You should try sea fishing, usually you'll need more than one bait, and you'll find how annoying it is when those floats and lures take so much space. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the skin, but the item itself is very useful, and I'm glad it got a skin instead of OTHER skin for the football helmet, the spear, log suit, etc.

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The first thing that I did when the update come out was buy the skins for tackle and specktackler box. These objects are the only reason for me to make the Pearl's quests. Are good for fishing stuff, to store all the seeds in the farms, and If you play Wurt to store all the rot that the king offer you. And of course I bought these skins because I play with people who use them, and it is not the first time that me or a friend take the wrong one.


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