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  1. Why? Wanda can have all her watches and much more all at the same time. WX has to have cooldowns and can't slot anywhere near as much modules to reflect more of the old system. This nerf made it yet another basic "quirky" type character. There is no practical reason to choose it over others. And yes you did need to play well. Those who didn't understand the perks mentioned at the main menu and continuously died as the character have not been able to take full use of WX perks. Maybe it's a more newbie friendly character now, but WX peaks the moment all module slots are full, which anyone can do and the results are abysmal. The point is that's something that should happen early to mid game. I don't ever want this basic of a menial setup be the end all to it, it makes no sense for it to be this slow hundreds, thousands of days into the game. Stuff like this should always be possible to speed up massively at that point. If we had a sprinkler and Wickerbottom's old Applied Horticulture book back, you could turn it on to water the plants, then have the book read to get giant plants if everything was planted correctly. Then take a moment to harvest and replant if you want to. Spending all your time farming this late in the game shouldn't be a thing unless you are desperate and don't have the resources to do it for whatever reason. The module system kind of just doesn't work, at the very least if it's so restricted. It's more intricate to have the modules, but if you can't powerup later in the game to be an extremely useful and powerful character, then what use are you? Cutting dozens of trees early game shouldn't be a thing. You can dedicate someone to do it, but that should be a boost if anything. Double the yield and half the cost for boards for example could mitigate the insane amounts needed for anything decent for your camp. It's pointless grind at the moment, why do we have to do this? Bearger isn't an early game method though at all. Grinding for bosses should not be a thing you have to do, again. Just kill them once and unless you lose an item from them there shouldn't be too much required incentive to fight them again. You can fight them for the vanity of it, but fighting them again and again for the sake of lots of loot is tedium. Farming is "easy" but slow, that's my point. Early to mid game sure, fine. But end game? I dread to think that Wickerbottom primarily will get nerfs, as if she wasn't nerfed enough with 2 books becoming effectively useless already. We need back original Horticulature book and WX needs some changing to make End is Nigh book have a decent use again. I can actually stand having WX charged by Wickerbottom every now and then to get good perks as opposed to being a useless pile of metal the entire time. So if none else but Wickerbottom could potentially boost plants to make herself useful, creating the good old synergy between Wormwood and Wickerbottom pre-rework for farming, then neither should Wickerbottom have this perk. Just sit down and farm all day every day, can't even invent a sprinkler to automatically water plants either. That malbatross beak would be so much more useful if that's what you needed to build one of these. Even just one sprinkler covering 20 tiles for watering four 4x4 plantations would be excellent. None of that insane farming stuff should be a requirement for bosses I think because if you overcome them once with the amount of setup that is required to do so (which itself is also already too much because of how low durability everything is), you should reap the benefits continuously most of the time, along with other players. Not really a multiplayer-oriented game if it's a first-come-first-serve kind of deal with certain boss loot or you having to roll for it in the end and fight bosses all over again, not only for others but also possibly for yourself. The key factor being have to. Ah yes, cobblestones no longer require boards, really more of an end game benefit, while in reference to wood I was talking about early to mid game. Anything else that does require it really has stayed just as expensive. Way too many things in this game just require too many resources, like the endothermic firepit for example, taking up way too many rocks to build one. But most things that require wood and that you need to build several of are going to cost you lots of time and after about the 4th or 5th tree in a row when playing as most characters I want to go do something else, but nope, need that wood. Less costly boards (say 2 logs) and double the yield from trees would be excellent for that reason. Enlightened crown shards are boss loot, so technically I did bring it up. Though it's nowhere near as useful as the crowns themselves, and plenty other loot like bee queen crowns and bone armors. I don't have ill will towards them generally, but at this point for many aforementioned reasons, at this point these problems appear to be suspiciously done on purpose. I think what's happened is that devs have accidentally found reasons why the game takes so long to get anywhere, realized it keeps people in the games much longer despite all the grind and then they have not only the playtime hours of other players as proof of it "being a very good game", there's more opportunity to get money from you with less effort and time on content on their part due to a variety of constraints. If that isn't evidently dubious behavior then that's concerning to say the least. If they really did care for the quality and enjoyment for more people, they would have cut down on a lot of what has already been mentioned here, number and drop chance adjustments for loot, cost and durability are basically one line of code to push into the next patch, not something that takes years to finally do, if ever. It's especially suspicious when you consider that Wanda was always more powerful than WX from the start and yet WX was the one to get nerfed into the ground while Wanda gets a free pass. But it is more fun to play with powerful characters, why nerf them to the point of less useful outcome? NONE of these perks can be stacked together besides like 2, maybe 3. Massive health pool for example means giving up on literally everything else. Before the rework, he could get 50% about as quickly with a Wickerbottom on the team for 20 or so days along with other perks on top of that, including better stats and permanent light, not to mention immunity to heat. Get your facts straight. The most backwards thinking I've had to read around here. The idea of replying instantaneously to every single post is actually worse, it sends out a message to others that you would rather not have a discussion, I did wait on purpose for more people to talk about it before seeing the replies. I can't believe people disagree about WX rework either. Maybe because they didn't play enough WX with overcharge before the rework to accurately compare. Nowhere is there mention of comparison here. Reliance on Wickerbottom for overcharge was nothing compared to the overall nerf of the character that the module system introduced because of the small amount of available slots. Also early game you're forgetting one thing that WX could do even more effectively than it does now, which is ruins rushing. Same time you could rush ruins with current WX you could do it probably in half the time as old if you worked together with a Wickerbottom player. And I've stated before that synergies are what keeps players into a cooperative multiplayer mindset. What could have been done is giving more options for overcharge, so even if Wickerbottom's book may be the best way to do it, you would still have some other options to keep it active for longer, as was the case with this update, but when overcharge itself doesn't mean anything, that's not a fair comparison. I hate a lot of the RNG in this game, but there are enough graves to save yourself the trouble vast majority of the time. You could even have one book for overcharge to then be overcharged again after you exit the ruins with many more gems. A little note as well, when people say WX is a selfish character, that all depends on the player. You can haul gems, ruins loot, wires and gears for everyone to use, just do anything faster and more effectively than anyone else, or take it all for yourself in some secluded part of the world. But by that metric the character isn't really selfish, you are. Keep in mind you could upgrade all stats without overcharge before too, permanently. Not only can you not upgrade all that to what it was before now, but if you do try to approach that, you give up on any other potential perks. Because of all this, I enjoyed playing as WX when I could have a much higher overall capability, even if it's something later in the game. And yet Wanda has this. Why does Wanda get all the most powerful stuff but WX gets the L? And the versatility is kind of a lie, a carrot on a stick because of the small number of slots you get in the first place. There is so much wrong and incorrect information and assumptions here, it would make this long post twice as long. Maybe I will make a separate reply later. But I can tell you I can beat the game just fine and probably have payed it more and for longer than you given what the details of this post reveal. Jazzy doesn't appear to have played as the character pre-rework all that much to make a fair assessment. I didn't see a comparison video from him either. Also he usually plays on his own. If he played with just one more player he could see the true potential of WX. Yeah, and that's the problem that invalidates arguments coming from people who only see it this far for balancing. Playing a character and liking their perks, then never trying out other characters as detailed by others who know how powerful specific characters can get shows to me that ignorance is how a lot of these comparisons are being made and why people stick to other, less powerful characters. Even if told, you won't switch because you got attached to whatever little use the character you picked near the start gave you and decided to keep it as a crutch, holding you back from getting better at the game. When someone who knows what they are talking about because they had the experience you did not to reflect on, there aren't all that many points you can bring forward that would make your points more valid. Learn the game more broadly first maybe. So you say you don't agree with my assessment on grind, but then proceed to agree with pretty much my exact points about grind in this game, hmm... You missed the point about WX. It's not that it's a grindy character to setup, it's that it doesn't reach anywhere near the pinackle of powerful use and fun and more simple gameplay as it did before, even if the mechanics were a little obscured and half of it was made most effective with the help of yet another character. Or, hear me out, make all chest storage double the size or something, including the cut wood cost of boards and more wood from trees. We have a ton of garbage to store late game if you've ever played on a pub for a long period of time, tools especially.
  2. Realizing how much is gated from before with the sheer lack of modules you can actually install, it's frustrating to say that I don't ever want to play as this character again. But why? Why nerf him to this point? He didn't need nerfing! Neither did Wickerbottom, but now 2 of her books are basically useless! Wolfgang although has lost the general speed boost has stayed about the same in overall utility in the end. But you know who's never getting a nerf? Wanda! Arguably the most powerful character in the entire game since she was introduced. Not a huge benefit early game, however the Alarming Clock very early on in and of itself is nothing to scoff at. And of course mid to late game she can just teleport to execute anything in her path even quicker. I don't expect characters to become on par with Wanda but at least really darn close! She is fun because of the game mechanics she has, WX was too until this massive nerf. I don't agree that the change was good with people who say it was, just because it introduced a somewhat interesting mechanic of modules. Being able to absolutely break 1 or 2 aspects of the game if you play well with a character is a massive part of what makes it fun to play as the character. Some may even argue that characters as powerful as Wortox are not all that useful long term, and this is a character that can periodically teleport, has an easy way to heal and gain hunger all in one! If you continue nerfing characters further on to this degree, I don't see what point there is to playing the game. It's always lack of specific types of polish that really turn excellent gameplay mechanics into a grind even when you rework them and if the long grind in the game is set by design so we have to spend hundreds of hours to get anywhere continuously with no ways to make it faster, instead of you looking for ways to mitigate that as much as possible, then I don't think there's much respect left for me for Klei. Oxygen Not Included does things almost perfectly yet again we see grind halt in it, and at no point is taking out the grind of waiting for building a 20x20 setup mid to late game for you a priority (such as mech having suits for dupes that would allow them to carry much more and build faster). Some basic buildings like tempshift plates, insulated tiles and for some odd reason the critter feeder take forever for a duplicant to construct despite having high skill in doing so. In DST in mid, late and even END game: * Farming crops takes forever and you have to do way too much farming to get a decent yield (you removed Applied Horticulture, there are no automated ways to till or water crops, you can only have one fruitfly in the world and it's slow). * Preparing for a boss takes forever because so many things have extremely low durability (why the hell do I need more than one ice staff for a full boss fight like Crab King in the first place? It's all so I have to grind to collect gems and other resources to craft it, there is no other reason). * Getting some resources for fair bit of base construction takes forever (anything that requires boards is especially annoying to get through with the dozens, if not hundreds of trees you need to cut down, even if you just want to make a dozen chests to put stuff in as opposed to dropping garbage on the floor). I would love to see you prove me wrong on this or you'll just end up proving me right. I don't want that, I don't think anyone would want that, but I have yet to see effort on this front being made. Or just keep the grind and taking more of what little fun is left out of your games. There's a reason neither of your most popular games ever get played to some level of conclusion by anyone particularly popular, and it isn't because these games are niche, it's because they are a massive grind to get through all the content. That's the reason why people who do stick with the games, have hundreds or thousands of hours in the game, not because of lots of engaging content that would actually take that long without it. Rarely anyone actually achieves the supposed ends of these games, and the fact is it is doable, you just have put way too massive of a slow and annoying time-sink into these things. Many other games in similar genres to these don't take anywhere near as long to finish! Even rage games where losing hours of progress is extremely easy don't take this insanely long to finish! What's your excuse? It's not only that people may not want to spend so much time just to have a little fun, it's also that many people don't even have the time sink for it. If I've played for 200 hours in a game and I still have not completed pretty much everything there is to do and I can't do it extremely effectively at that point, maybe that's a bad sign of intentional grind like in "free to play" games, or just horrendously bad game design. You could very easily cut all the unnecessary grind like picking individual pieces of grass 10 hours into a single run. Making powerful characters is also one very key factor for this. This is how Wanda ends up being so powerful, and there's no way you don't know that, it's a character you unlock with in-game currency or buy outright. The Lazy Forager for example still can't be refueled with nightmare fuel, despite the fact that pretty much everyone agrees that in every conceivable aspect it should be a thing, you know it would make a big difference, but you've done nothing with it for a very long time and I suspiciously wonder why.
  3. One thing I really find annoying to do consistently is making liquid locks. There is a much more simple method that could be implemented to do this, and it would be great if someone could mod this in already regardless of whether it gets added (it should) and that is using a tool (either existing one or a new one in the tool menu) to spill a specific amount of a liquid in a tile. Basically when you would open the tool, you could set the amount to, say 100kg for example, then select a liquid and then select tiles where you want that liquid spilled. Duplicants could then take the specific amount of that liquid if it's bottled or use the pitcher pump to grab the exact amount and spill it in that tile. No more micro-managing bottle emptiers or building liquid shutoffs with liquid pipes going all the way to the area to make liquid locks. Ideally I would like liquid locks largely to be almost replaced by a building which would allow duplicants to pass without gas or liquid spilling over to the other side, but even so this mechanic would be extremely useful for other things like spilling exact amount of salt water over waterweed or crude oil over steam turbines for faster heat absorption without flooding them for example.
  4. Shouldn't need it in the first place though since it makes no sense anyway. It's like requiring power to measure room temperature, that's not how these things work and it's frustrating when you have arbitrary requirements in a setting that tries to largely abide by more realistic physics conventions and make you work with that, not to mention that those requirements in and of themselves are annoying to have in the first place, it ruins the gameplay experience more than it does anything clever. EDIT: A few notes I would like to mention, yes, battery powered thermometers exist and are probably more common now, but mercury thermometers are a thing that exists and they are controlled by the very temperature they are measuring. That is the principle that the smart storage bin should abide by too logistically in principle (not how it would be programmed into the game unless we have some gravitational mechanics, but that is the idea), where the weight or pressure of the storage that is in its container is the thing that triggers the signal in a mechanical manner. Anything I can think of right off the top of my head that actually measures weight in reality does so like this and the truth is that because the smart storage bins require power I would just resort to using a regular storage bin with a weight plate, which can send a signal without any extra power! All the more reasons to make the smart storage bin not require power, it should be the improved version of such a setup, not a caveat that will break the whole system the moment power goes out for a little while or one that requires you to do mental gymnastics with automation to cut power off from it. I like working with automation signals, but this is just stupid.
  5. I am not going to split the schedule such that they have breaks twice a cycle. They are inefficient as is as I'm having to turn the speed to x10 for any construction project to get done in time late game. This is just stupid and should last a cycle, it's not that hard to do from a programming standpoint.
  6. Put atmo suit docks and checkpoint in your rocket so that duplicants put them on before going out. Make sure the gantry stretches out such that only when it is up can anyone go in and out of rockets and set it to extend an amount of time after the rocket lands or after there is no more pressure from the rocket exhaust in the vicinity, or both really. This will ensure that they don't get scalded by the exhaust. Sadly the lead suit docks are too big to consider for the interior for this generally unless maybe you have one giant rocket for one duplicant. We should really just have the exact same 1x2 docks for all suits and masks as there is no reason to have them be so big or have different docks at all, I made a suggestion for that here (suggestion number 10). Would also allow duplicants to use jet suits for this potentially. That said automation port would be great for switching between "crew" and "all" access, then we can have automated ways of making sure the duplicants can land, do something on a planetoid for a few cycles while the rocket gets loaded up and then go back in to travel over. All of that automated.
  7. I like to keep things minimalistic, this is just going to add more noise to the way too many module types that there are of multiple things that could just be combined, like 2 health module levels and 1 for healing over time. With 6 slots especially, most of the existing modules are never going to be used. You select what you want and then you will be handicapped for everything else. Switch modules around on a regular basis and you are handicapping yourself even more until recharged, which requires even more infrastructure and painstaking micromanagement. To me WX was primarily a character for speed, then everything else that came along with it just made him a better character and more fun to play with. Wetness damage is what really makes the playstyle unique. I can't have the 50% speed bonus of before the rework without ditching everything else and that sucks. The less modules the better, each module you should really only want 1 of I think and to not break the game, have 1 capped and if we can use 3/4 of the total available modules with the most slots available, if for example you could later upgrade to 12 module slots max, then I think that's the most fair and fun to play with. Or does Klei expect me to be so stupid to sacrifice 2 speed module slots for a music box module and a little health upgrade? Yeah right.
  8. Why not? It is mealWOOD after all. If mealwood produced 10th of the lumber arbor trees produce for example, you are still going to be growing arbor trees mid or late game and beyond to get more lumber for ethanol if you're going that route for food and power, sometimes you might even be inclined to do so over other options if the system was buffed. Maybe if armor trees were dirt neutral or dirt positive as well it would be even better to grow them since mealwood takes dirt to grow as well. Because I was thinking of making lots of early game ladders, outhouses and wash basins out of it. Doesn't make sense that this stuff requires minerals or metal ore to build. Would give all the more reason to have refined metal ladders later in the game. I'm thinking both could give the same speed boost, but the metal ladders could be neutral for decor while plastic ones could be a little positive for it while having lower melting point materials to make it out of (plastic and such), then we have a use for both types later on and wooden ladders would just be early game stuff mostly.
  9. That's not going to happen, they may pass by it once per day but each duplicant will go to wherever due to tasks needing to be done in places. I'm not gonna surround my entire planetoid with nature reserves here, there and everywhere, how ridiculous is that?
  10. What if we even just started with half the slots as now and could eat gears to upgrade up to 10 or 12 or something? Each module that changes stats like health or should be x3 as effective and you could only have 1 of each type of module slotted, so I can only have 1 speed module but it would be as powerful as 3 speed modules. Right now you choose either or of things, this is why the idea that this system as it is made him more powerful or left him as powerful as before is false. There is no chance to get 50% speed boost, col immunity and light around you all at the same time. If this system was changed to how I described however, with 12 slots you could have all 3 of those things plus some additional stats to go alongside with it. WX would still not be as powerful as before technically, you can't have all 3 overcharge boosts and all 3 stat boosts, but that lack of power would be there would actually be something to mix and match. During winter for example, I would happily give up some health in exchange for cold immunity. If not in caves for extended period of time, I could consider exchanging the night vision module for the regular light around me to give chance for other players of light near me and to have another slot for something else. Imagine making this system actually FUN and POWERFUL to use. Yeah, upgrading up to 12 slots is what we need, and x3 as effective stats for speed and stat increase modules, with limit to 1 module to be slotted per module type.
  11. After the awful balancing on the module part of WX's refresh, I refuse to play any more of this game unless refueling of it is added. I hate holding down space to pick up stuff so slowly. The forager could also pick up stuff faster and also in stacks if there are stacked items on the ground. Being able to use it to harvest some resources would also be very appreciated. I want the laziness aspect of this item to really be reflected!
  12. I have found it unreliable to rely on parks and nature reserves, primarily because they last for half a day instead of the full day. I think the great hall requirements could be set for the mess hall and the great hall could have extra requirements to it. The morale bonuses could be reduced to 2 and 4, right now they are insane for the cost of basically nothing.
  13. I have noticed that some new players start out building a smaller ranch, with like 25 tiles for like 5 or 6 hatches for example and to be honest it makes a little more sense that 4 or 5 tile requirement for most regular critters would be the case instead of the current 12 for most critters or whatever it is. More knowledgeable players tend to squeeze in ranches of large size and prevent critters from moving through to 2/3 of the room to ranch them quicker and I thought that maybe easing the requirement could prevent that a bit so you can just close off one ranch in a smaller and more compact room. You could also then squeeze in 3 or 4 ranches on one level as opposed to dedicating a huge area just to build them and then have all the extra space for storage or crops, the latter of which can be a bit annoying if you want to set up a greenhouse too. It would all work well together with some of the more common buildings you would need space to have in a ranch in the first place, especially when trying to automate it.
  14. It makes sense if none of them do, we have sensors that do not need power and in reality, it's that sensing that pushes a sensor to indicate what it does in the first place. If anything, current might even interfere with the accuracy of such things depending on what's being measured. A reasonable exception, which is really for input and not output that I've talked about here, would be shutoffs. So long as you loop your liquid or gas pipes, keeping a signal at red when power goes out even if it would have normally gone through the green port is just fine. Just have to make sure to do it correctly, otherwise you might end up for example sending below 0C polluted water going to be sieved into ice. Early game you have to dig out so much for decent bathroom areas that will stay there for a while at times and rocketry especially has limited options. And again, some of these buildings do not make any sense being this big, especially the sinks and wash basins. Last I checked, most sinks I have used personally could almost fit in a 1 cubic meter of space. If there are no port reasons that these buildings , everyone benefits from this. Larger industrial buildings do make more sense being big however in principle, but I'm still not happy that the molecular forge is 5 tiles high, like come on. Not too big a deal but it can be irritating at times. Actually that makes me think a keycard system would be even better. It's much more recognizable than simply grouping things especially when color coded. All of those things could be set to specific keycard access in some way for sure. Yes! Early game polymer like rubber would be excellent, that would mean you could make some plastic buildings earlier on but they would be less effective, would also allow some earlier buildings to require polymers to build, don't know if algae deoxidizer would work for it as a requirement, but visually it would make more sense. Also found it strange that obsidian is not grouped with glass and diamond (but obstructing a lot of the light of course). We should have an inherent "crystal" category that would include diamond, glass, obsidian and potentially other transparent crystalline materials (ice, brine ice, polluted ice and salt too?). I think it would be pretty funny if we had duplicants with atmo suits that required a "crystal" material and you could use obsidian in place of glass or diamond for example and then the duplicant's atmo suit has an almost pitch black glass visible. Could also have some specifically insulative materials like cellulose or fiber glass specifically for building insulated tiles and as an additional component for Manual Airlocks (if they were made insulative of course, and they really should be). That is a very interesting idea. Transit tubes everywhere! I remembered one last thing which I forgot to mention, and it's that many of the menus are painful to go through before I can get to a particular thing in it to view or select. Keycard system could solve some of the clutter but not all, it's particularly annoying for going through the tiny menus in the storage bins, critter feeders and so on to select specific materials. I mean just look at this, I don't want to work with this every few minutes. The pedestal and farming buildings have some better and bigger buttons with visual elements, maybe you could click through tabs of grouped categories with visual indicators that you can then select the individual materials from. The checkmarks for the tabs and selecting all resources would still exist of course.
  15. I would rather not. It's not what the core gameplay of this game really is. There are games that tackle combat like this already. A better way I think would be as a feature to have more hostile critters that are present on planetoids as is. Probably some ways you could make existing critters more hostile depending on for example if they are fed or not. Heck, make morb infestation more of a thing somehow, make them release tons of slimelung when killed and latch on to dupes to release tons of slimelung, if the disease becomes more deadly it would be a potential nightmare to deal with, but fun! Maybe a mutation of them that releases zombie spores and can latch on to duplicants' heads and if not wearing a suit could turn them into zombies? Beetas were supposed to be dangerous if not asleep but now they are passive if your duplicants are wearing suits? You will usually tackle them in suits anyway so it really removes any potential danger to begin with. It would be like if lead suits provided you with 100% radiation protection and you basically never had to pay attention to it.