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  1. This would be great if they respawned near the portal or something like that.
  2. I can't be the only one to get this notion, right? It's just another basic kiting and/or damage sponging boss. It does a lot of things, but it doesn't really make the fight that much more interesting. The fuel weaver had a good idea and a great execution, not only did it encourage you to use special items, but the tension of the fight made it that much more exiting. Yes, you can still cheese it, and those cheese options should be weeded out, but it's not what people usually do, especially since the fight is so much fun. Same thing can't be said for bee queen unfortunately. But this just looks like a rehashed iron hulk and the design is visibly basic, to the point where it might as well have been a moving boulder. Actually that is exactly what it is. The grind to get to the boss is even more tedious than what you have to do to get to fight the fuel weaver, and you just get one item for one player that is marginally better than some of the existing stuff. Not particularly worth all that effort. The loot might change, but that doesn't make the journey any more fun. You could have spent the time fixing the Crab King and making that fight more interesting, more dynamic, or overhauling the sailing system to be less of a slog and less susceptible to easy sinking, but I guess you just want to move on.
  3. Nice assumptions, none of which are true. I can survive summer start just fine. New players can't and it can ruin the game for them when they just wanted to play in a working server with good connection and meet new people. The trick with summer is to get to caves as soon as possible usually, but when you first play the game you don't even know there is such a thing as caves. Everyone hates summer as is anyway and there is little reason to stay on surface during it. Does it? Doesn't matter, straw hat takes more effort to get in summer and you can't hold a whirly fan together with a parasol, which in early game for summer is incredibly useful.
  4. No, because if someone destroys something as easy as burn/attack/hammer then who is going to go through the effort of rebuilding that stuff for other people? None really. It should respawn by default. Finding and encountering new spawns after they get destroyed is work enough, that's what you do when you start in a fresh world. Not like you have no slurtle mounds and then have to go to 10 different places just to build some. That would be really tedious, unfair and not fun for anyone.
  5. Sort of like the DLC for the single player as opposed to them being microtransaction based, as that would make them playable with LAN and not have to connect to Klei's master servers. I'm not sure if that would mean weaving them with spools would be possible anymore, but if you can't lose the DLC characters after as a result of this system, you could simply make the characters impossible to unravel after. It would also clear up any confusion about how to purchase them from the list of the in-game shop too.
  6. By far the most essential yet difficult resource to get when starting in Summer particularly is grass, second to which is nitre. If you start in Summer and stay on surface, both of these resources you can really only get from the meteor areas and tumbleweeds in desert. One idea is to add another grass resource variant, the Grassy Trees in Savanna biomes which would shed grass as they grow or could be chopped for grass and replanted for more. Really feels like this season as a whole should be less challenging. Winter is a cool challenge and gives you new stuff to work with, but Summer is just hated in general besides living through it in caves, even with the good stuff you can get only during this season on surface, and that's in part because in winter you can just burn a tree to heat up and stay warm for up to a minute with nothing on you, while in Summer you don't have an option as easy as that. May be you would not overheat or have plants wither normally unless there is a heatwave happening, which could be intermittent like rain in Spring and items like the Ice Cube could be made better and more reliable if you gathered the ice (slower wetness gain, no speed reduction). I think you also mixed up the starting items for Spring and Summer. You get straw hat for Spring, but pretty parasol for Summer. Both work for both seasons, but clearly Straw Hat is more valuable, fitting and needed for Summer than the Pretty Parasol, and the same for the parasol in Spring (bar the valuable part). You don't need to gather any grass to get one for the season and can use whirly fan as well, but the parasol just ruins that option unless you started near the end of Spring. The hat also takes 12 grass to craft, which is a hefty price when you can't even gather a single one in your vicinity.
  7. Oh cool, didn't know about that, but I still disagree about the Survival mode part, especially since that is the default game mode and clearly made more difficult than easy. Most of the things listed here don't respawn regardless.
  8. I agree. Repairing just speeds up the process generally with less resource cost. You still lose resources, but don't have to go through the process of gathering even more resources, hammering burnt stuff, clearing the area. Most burn problems come from desperate players, stupid accidents and griefing, which makes it a chore. This doesn't make fire not a threat or a loss, you would still be encouraged to secure areas from fire with ice flingomatics, just not something you have to stress out over like a lunatic. It just makes it a much more reasonable of a threat, so you could potentially use it as one in more places. You obviously could still hammer things and replace them. You really wouldn't want to, but that is still an option.
  9. Really, why don't more things respawning in this game? It just becomes more boring in part of that and people who join later have less to play with or have a tougher time due to no fault of their own. Since Klei have been looking at world generation options, I thought to list some very important things that should and would be preferable to respawn to address these issues. Following are things that are either required or quite essential and if destroyed, will not be possible to get back in the world. Some things are already respawn, like trees, and you can renew some things like goat herds through hunting suspicious dirt piles. Why this hasn't been done with more resources, I have no idea. Some of the listed can respawn, but in very specific areas whereas a new world would give them to you in multiple places, so for example new players in an old world need to go to caves or find the pig king to get any gold. Rock biome in particular becomes a very empty biome later in the game. For balance, some could be changed to discourage certain interactions with them as well, like pig houses could require only 1 pig skin to build, and you would only get one back when hammered, or have the world-spawned houses be indestructible and mandrakes could respawn once every year. Following are not really that needed resource options or mobs for anything in particular, but it removes an option and content from the world permanently when destroyed. With some destroying them permanently being the old way you can interact with them to begin with. To build merm houses you need to be Wurt to make them, and that character isn't even free and you can't pick her on LAN servers, and that's just not fair. Others make areas challenging, but only for so long as they are there and once you kill/destroy them, the game just becomes more boring. Despite berry bushes not being listed in the world regrowth options, I'm sure I've seen them respawn and sometimes in really weird places like savanna. Some other oddities I have found are things that don't appear to affect anything at all yet are just there, like Bunnymen being in the surface World Settings when none ever even spawn on the surface. Does this affect their frequency? If so, that's a weird thing to even have when clearly there are more important things to cover. And does anyone else find it weird that there is no meteor area on the lunar island?
  10. My suggestion was for two new buildings. One would be a proper tight airlock, which could have the animation of a rotating door. A duplicant would come in one end and gas/liquid would leak into the door it-self, but not past it, the gas/liquid then would need to be piped out before the duplicant can pass to the other side. After passing, if some more liquid/gas spills out as they exit (basically the side gas/liquid leaked into would always be accessible, but not the other), the door would become inaccessible from the other side. It would take power for opening and piping out any gas/liquid (so it can't be passed unless disabled while no power is provided) and requiring refined metal to build and be after the regular airlock in the research tree. A simple 1 x 2 door. You could even make a vacuum between 2 of them to prevent heat transfer, which should be easier to understand and come across for new casual players while giving more options to people who don't like to use liquid locks and would rather use something like this. The second suggestion is a buff for the Visco Gel since the liquid locks can be made from petroleum + crude oil all the same and function pretty much the same way. Making the gel have a higher melting point (could be its current evaporation point) and it staying solid below that temperature. You could then make tiles out of Visco Gel that solids can pass through, but not liquids If the tiles melt, you have a window of time before it turns to gas to fix the setup without the lock breaking. This would make the gel a highly sought-after resource and make many later setups more convenient to work with.
  11. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree, because I don't agree with . The liquid lock provides you with a margin of erro, so with something like a hot geyser tamer, you could have duplicants come in and adjust things, as opposed to all the gas inside leaking out along with heat for miles the moment you pop it open. And I'm not sure how you think what I said about DST points in unreasonable. Spawning tentacles under Bee Queen is the cheese I'm talking about, yet somehow you disagree with that sentiment? You can fight the boss legitemately, but if you have the means to just set up an automated farm real quick then you probably will. I see people do it most times. If you think a casual player can reasonably figure out how to get to fighting and beating the Fuel Weaver, I would like to hear this hypothetical. Extra points if you can link me a playthrough of this actually happening. I can see how liquid locks may not be entirely mandatory. But for a player learning as they play, it may as well be because of how simple it makes trial and error with deadly stuff. I have seen gas-containment asked about before by casuals and recommended to be used quite a bit. And for someone with your experience and mindset I would not expect you to understand, and it's evident you don't want to think about how a casual would typically approach games like this, or may be just can't for some reason. It's not necessarily about whether they are required period. There are other options and workarounds. But for the sake of someone casually playing the game and someone like me getting frustrated to build something so messy without locks when I have the capability and knowledge of them while hating to use them, an alternative option to that would be welcome and improve the game. Klei recently added starting resources to DST, which was a great addition, less player corpses around to clean up and new players have a chance at harsher season starts, I have seen this in action myself.
  12. You can't pass through Plastic Tiles made of Visco Gel though (unless I'm mistaken on that particular point, and if so, feel free to correct me) and they will melt at regular temperatures. Visco gel doesn't freeze until -30C, but anything above that it will melt, so they don't work the way I'm making a proposition for. Not everything needs a building, but many could agree that having a more of a dedicated building would be a much needed change that would make the overall experience more enjoyable. You can build your complex things, still build liquid locks if you want, since they will still be the optimal way of doing things anyway (until Visco Gel), and people like me can just place that building to stop the frustration and deal with more enjoyable challenges, like illness or radiation. I don't think anything would have changed by that. A new building on the other hand, that is always fully sealed, but has the minor issues of slight slowdown, power consumptions, heat production and gathered liquid/gas output needing to be tackled would more than likely have. Sour Gas boiler is an example of a contraption that, while near impossible to discover and build on your own, at the same time it isn't necessary, but is nice and efficient if you want to go ahead and build it for extra power. Because it isn't necessary, having a dedicated building that makes the entire contraption not a worthwhile investment probably isn't a good idea. Yeah, the whole liquid lock is a huge ugh moment for me in particular, whenever I get to a stage where I have to build it, I wish I could do anything but that. But I can't, it's pretty much the only way to progress without a huge mess of gases. Yeah genius, who don't people just use the same logic to understand something like a liquid lock and just deal with it? Very peculiar indeed! I mention in another quote-reply above this about sour gas boiler being dumbed down to a single building being a bad idea. There is one big reason to have a dedicated building for a proper airlock of sorts and not have a building for a sour gas boiler. The whole thing I mentioned about the electrolyser also, still, applies. If you're smart enough, you will be able to put my discussion points together to understand my point. But I won't just give them away to you what they are! That would be too easy! You'll figure it out, right? DST is an entirely different discussion, but if we're talking about those particular bosses, in short, Fuel Weaver is a good boss that is impossible to get to unless you know exactly what you are doing (you will never find out on your own). Bee Queen is just cheese all day, every day, instant death for anyone who might think they are ready but really aren't. It is the developers fault if it's the same constant problem and they aren't addressing it. And it has been. Just as something like cooling. Always a problem that barely anyone can solve on their own. If it was just a one-off for one player, then there's a chance the player's just being dumb, but even then, not necessarily. I would like to see how you could be successful at the game without liquid locks. What if you made a steam chamber, after following a guide to cool things down, broke something in it, and have to get in to fix it and rebuild multiple things until you figure out the problem? I see no real way of doing that without letting all the steam out and then that being an annoying problem to deal with since the high pressure will just make it spread like a wild fire. Not exactly. I have close to 1500h and I like a good challenge. But I don't like finnicky stuff like liquid locks or annoying taming of a Cool Steam Vent. As is, I'd much rather tame a volcano, at least they activate Steam Turbines with no issue. Most of the game is and works well with just "set this, and it's done, build a better system later", but liquid locks are always just annoying and you can't expect players to learn about its existence and use consistently on their own, it just doesn't happen. I could be wrong, but I suspect that the poll would be skewed. Casual players are just scared off with all the annoying asterisks to making some things work and all the finnicky stuff that just gets boring to deal with, so you can never really get into most of the other content the game has to offer, so you would not see many of them on steam forum, let alone here. May be some disgruntled player that really hates the idea will make multiple accounts to skew the data too... may be a farfetched scenario. But for example, the suit repair mechanic got negative feedback in a poll, which to me is really baffling, it wasn't even a frustrating mechanic, not even difficult to deal with, and it introduces another layer of something to take care of that some people really seem to roll over for. I of all people am perfectly fine with it though.
  13. Probably unrelated, but the bright spreadsheets of object description could do with a dark mode. Material color being seen for constructed buildings would be fantastic, but that's probably too much effort to add a different hue for all the buildings.
  14. With how simple it is to harvest radiation from the sun, you can get research done fairly fast with little issue. Not sure why they didn't simply go for needing 50 research points to get through the radiation tier research as opposed to the current 5. Not sure how I feel about wheezeworts outputting radiation either, but it makes research very simple. If we are talking radiation-controlled automation, a radio signal system would be interesting.