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Huhu :p ...Welcome to the ( thread which transformed in to ) ONI Meet & Greeeeeeet :congratulatory: Say hello ! :emmersed::ghost::beguiled:

In Survival Mode I have created some extreme steam condition(s). There is cells with thousands of kg steam, surrounded by a few gram cells. If anybody is in the mood to say anything about it, either about hardcore expert engine function details or something silly...Your welcome :p:encouragement:

Pressure can`t go anywhere, the cells are all blocked up. However, do the cells really just contain these few grams :confused::confused::confused: Will the cell pressures equalize if nothing else changes ? Or will the pressure remain forever in their cells like that, if nothing changes with the world environment ?

Feel free to blast out your knowledge or take this thread to whatever :cheerful::lol: This thread can also be used to show off your latest dr. prof. builds or cat memes...Meet and greet time :congratulatory::beguiled: Do not hesitate to post, anything goes :victorious:






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You made a soup out of everything and expected the game to deal with that? :lol:

I think that blob of sour gas is preventing the water from flowing but also boils it to steam and sends it over to its thousands other steam friends. If you plugged the heat source it would probably boil until some point and then condense again ... some unknown cycles later. Just ..don't mix any mud tiles in your soup.. :rolleyes:


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What in the fresh hell is this colony of absolute madness? My colonies are the complete oposite, empty shells with very little constructions, even after over a thousand cycles...trying to have a clean looking base.

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Well hello, I think you added to many water moonlets to your whistling pot, try to lower the temperature by turning down the heat from your magma stove, or lower the steam pressure by carefully opening the pressure valve of the pot for a bit of time. If the pressure in the pot continues please check in your whistling pot user manual for further information, thanks for your patience.

-blueberry pi

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When I'm not playing the game seriously and I'm in sandbox or debug mode, usually I do some... experiments... on dupes, especially Max and his ugly crier friends (destructives, binge eaters and vomiters are kinda problematic to experiment on once they reach 100% happiness)

Results include Hypothermia getting cured by dying and the opening of a portal to another dimension







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8 minutes ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

Why am i pinged, I don't even know average oni machines.

Hello dear Ivo, I have just now removed all pings from the original post. :bee:

Just wanted to friendly say hello to you :p BTW great profile gif :encouragement:

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13 hours ago, JRup said:


Pinging @babba back... I should've taken a screenshot of the ludicrous amount of people summoned.

That was 1 hour working digging out the ONi forumistas and adding the user pings ! - Had the feeling that some people felt uncomfortable being pinged, so removing the pings took 1 minute in comparison. Matches my life say "Creating is much more work than destroying".

babba has birthday today, for real :p

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29 minutes ago, JRup said:


Many thanks :chunky:@JRup 1 ping Vasily, 1 ping only please.

Perhaps we someday get chuchu trains in the game, I listened to the melody at full blast. The cells are re-arranged now, I`m ready ! :lol:

Still haven`t built a reactor, I`m so burning for it. Only 5000 cycles more...

ONi submarine vehicle in the game, for deep tile diving - That would be perfect :p



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6 minutes ago, blueberry pi said:

"a picture is worth a thousand words" also babba ¿do you have a folder with pictures?

I do all memes fresh, on the fly. Typing mobile now on a tiny screen, otherwise I would have prepared a fresh fly (meme) :lol:

Many thanks for the birthday wishes :-P. One day I will invite you all for Oni multiplayer, to my special base...Party and cake for everyone, with the "Great Dupistas" playing on stage! 

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