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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same behaviour you're describing but I've observed than when clicking somewhere just before the game hangs (or when the click causes the game to hang) for a second or two as it does every now and then for a 1500+ colony, the mouse click is only registered when the game responds again and it registers the then current position of the mouse instead of the position where the click actually happened (does it make sense?!). I've worked around this by not moving the mouse after the game hangs until the click is registered and the game is moving again... With my machine, I just assumed it was performance related (even though is fairly high-end, it performed very poorly in the benchmark test from the forums)
  2. Is the steam by any chance cooling down to water? Do you have a save you can share with the issue?
  3. I've seen this as well and as far I could tell, the Rover stays alive beyond its battery life while it has tasks queued, once the tanks end it finally shuts down
  4. If you clear the destination and then set it again, it'll work with the reduced package size as well. It seems it needs some kind of reset for it notice the package size changed...
  5. I believe this is due to the keybind to disable buildings is the "return" key, when changing the name and then pressing that enter key, it saves the name but also toggles the disable state. This doesn't happen if you use the numeric keyboard enter key.
  6. Do you mean to say the button to change the direction doesn't match the direction of the arrows currently set?
  7. I believe it is generally around 18:00 UTC, which is 10:00 in Vancouver where Klei are based.
  8. Having the same issue and also using Pliers, which I assigned the delete key to it... Any idea how to remove the key assignment without loading the game?
  9. Most likely yes! Thank you! Any idea how to remove a key assignment without launching the game?
  10. Anyone else getting a crash immediately after the Klei logo when launching the game from steam? I've verified the game files and all are good... Player_211208-2012.log
  11. Since the update on the preview branch which made restricted furniture inside rockets not assignable anymore I have an issue on game load where every rocket (seems mostly restricted to the starting asteroid) has everything inside unrestricted even though the Starmap Location Sensor is sending a green signal. I have to go in each rocket and untick/tick the planetoid to get the restrictions to be applied. This is happening any time I reload the world
  12. Not sure if related but since the latest release update (and still on the preview release) I've been observing since inconsistencies in food conservation where I have sleet wheat deep frozen at 1°C but tofu only refrigerated at - 7°C... I thought the status might change after a reload but doesn't seem to happen
  13. I think I've pinpointed what might be causing the crash... I think it is happening when either the dupes or the Rover take the Basic Rad Pill, seems to occur mostly when more than one take it at the same time. I though it was when the Rover was taking it but also occurs when I've moved all the pills to the rocket where the Rover can't reach. In the video below you can see the crash happening while Harold is trying to take the medicine Oxygen Not Included 2021-11-28 10-31-07.mp4 I've made sure the Dupes didn't have access to the pills anymore and the crash doesn't seem to happen anymore. It also doesn't happen when only one dupe is taking the pill for some reason... Oxygen Not Included 2021-11-28 11-16-48.mp4
  14. Rovers deployed on a planetoid will also consume Basic Rad Pills, just like a dupe, even though radiation doesn't affect them... Description says they've consumed a Basic Rad Pill Hovering over it on their info box says it reduces absorbed radiation, just like a dupe, however there's no absorbed radiation line. Rover on the way to renewing its medicine (the attached log has a crash which is not directly related to this bug)