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  1. Banshee is a stress reaction. A banshee dupe will scream at the top of lungs to vent out. If there are dupes nearby, they WILL scream at them and ruin their day, sometimes going right in the middle of a large group so as many dupes as possible will get stressed
  2. Uh guys... a little help here! No, Max. Sing for us first. Then we let you go. F-fine! There's always something hilarious or stupid happening in this colony. I love it!
  3. Sing the pain away, because music calms the savage pain.
  4. UC-Torch Mush Bars are the highest quality mush bars in the universe, sold at truly affordable prices! Safety and wellness are our top priorities for our customers. To solve the common side-effect of severe diarrhea, we make our Mush Bars in deep freeze conditions under extreme pressure so they'll stay nice and tasty for as long as possible. No diarrhea. Just hapeeness! Our Mush Bars are made by the 100% happy workers at our flagship UCTORCH Megafactory. Certified fresh and safe for consumption by the Irongut Federation of Food Safety.
  5. Before Abe is able to deliver the delicious food to the fridge, he felt a moment of hapeeness.
  6. Ooooooh. Syrupee. Delicious? Maybee. Actually no. But gee, what a pee, a dupe set free! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. "The biggest influences for ONI were games like Prison Simulator, Sims, and Dwarf Fortress, from this old article on the game: https://hardcoregamer.com/previews/pax-kleis-oxygen-not-included-is-incredibly-complicated-and-awesome/225305/ I'd like to see some elements of The Sims in the game, where dupes establish relationships and rivalries with each other. Examples include... Nisbet having a "crush" on Max, which causes a positive moodlet for Nisbet when near Max (-10% stress, near crush) Dupes feeling concern for others, which will make some go out of their own way to help. For example, if I steam Max in an enclosed glass chamber full of 500C / 932F steam, other dupes can clearly see he is being steamed to death. More caring dupes who see him will stop what they're doing and free him. If he's downed, they'll automatically bring him to an available med bed. Dupes with high medical skill can rush to the scene after word has spread, get him to a safe area instead of a triage cot, attempt to heal and prevent certain death. Because Max can now move, he can be ordered to recover on a triage cot. This can reduce micromanagement on my part in case I screw up or if some random dupe decides to put Enriched Uranium in the nuke reactor while the insulated wall is still under construction and the 5 dupes working there get incapacitated due to extreme radiation exposure hahahahahaha Bubbles making fun of Meep's ugly face, which starts a brawl between the two. HUGE decor penalty in a large area worse than heavi-watt wires, objects and walls being damaged or destroyed along the way, huge stress increase for both during the brawl (+50% stress?), the two turning into enemies, which causes an increase in stress if they're near each other (+10% stress, near enemy), and an increase in stress to any dupe who saw the fight (+10% stress, saw friends fight) and more. The victor however, will get a large positive moodlet for a while (-25% stress, won a fight), while the loser gets a large negative moodlet for a while (+25% stress, lost a fight). Sometimes, Bubbles and Meep's friends can join the brawl and even more chaos happens! Dupes can comfort others when they notice their stress levels are above 60%. This can open up a separate branch of the medicine skill. A medical facility specializing in mental health and stress relief is possible as a result, which can be an upgrade to the massage clinic if the psychologist dupe itself isn't stressed out. Additional traits like Clumsy, Masochist and Joker. A clumsy dupe occasionally trips and falls (-1 health per trip/fall), which may cause nearby dupes to laugh and have a tiny positive moodlet for a short duration. A masochist dupe desires pain. The more injured, the greater the positive moodlet. And a joker makes other dupes laugh, causing a decor bonus and stress relief to nearby dupes. They can do comedy in a rec room or great hall either in empty space or a recreational structure to further increase the decor bonus and stress relief. Combining all three traits together results in an Ari hahahahaha!
  8. What the... why is my beach chair a bit soft and making theremin noises?
  9. Abe isn't too happy with his cheap, used sloppy jallopy of a petrol rocket he found at the junkyard and he's really, really, really jealous of Max's brand-spankin' new super-mega-ultra-luxury hydrogen rocket.
  10. OH MY GOD THIS CRASH MADE ME LOL SO HARD! 100/10 best crash so far! Attached are screenshots, the game save and output log. Also why does renaming a rocket platform automatically make dupes want to disable it so bad? Not shown in this screenshot though because I'm showcasing the true destructive power of sugar in Oxygen Not Included, especially when mixed with three crudely duct-taped soda bottle rocket "engines".
  11. In the face of certain death, always remember to keep smiling, because everything will be fine in the end.
  12. He's sucking eating on the control wheel. Maybe he really loves the taste of the decapitated dupe hands stuck to it.
  13. "If Time's Arrow is moving forward the Laws of Entropy declare that the universe should be moving from a state of order to one of chaos." Does this mean the more I play the game, the crazier the things become as the universe/simulation becomes more and more chaotic?
  14. My colony finally made a monument. The dupes dedicated such a glorious and ******* expensive structure to the raw sewage that gave their little asteroid home life, sustained it and fed everyone for over 600 cycles. Because of raw sewage, they are able to breathe in clean, fresh air tainted by food poisoning germs. Because of raw sewage, they're able to eat some of the most delicious food in the universe. Because of raw sewage, they're able to refine so much raw ores into refined metal, enabling them to colonize the cluster. Because of raw sewage, temperatures are always kept in check, never becoming too hot or too cold to sustain food-bearing plants. Because of raw sewage, they are able to grow trees to help fight climate change and global warming. Because of raw sewage, this colony is sewagely raw. And no, there is no lamb sauce anywhere to be found here... unless it is made out of raw sewage.