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  1. This "colony" finally lives up to its name. There aren't 20,000 dead bodies in that pile - just 442. The game can't handle 20,000 dead dupes all crammed into a single tile.
  2. When I'm not playing the game seriously and I'm in sandbox or debug mode, usually I do some... experiments... on dupes, especially Max and his ugly crier friends (destructives, binge eaters and vomiters are kinda problematic to experiment on once they reach 100% happiness) Results include Hypothermia getting cured by dying and the opening of a portal to another dimension
  3. Another cycle, another dupe high on happiness Edit: Screenshot changed
  4. When summoning dupes via Sandbox Mode or Ctrl+F2 in debug mode, the more dupes are summoned, the higher the chances of the game either freezing completely or crashing. Ugly Crier Torture Chamber SODLC.sav
  5. Ari here has a nice trait - Skilled: Masterworks. This grants her the Masterworks skill right out of the Printing Pod. But for some reason, she can't paint or sculpt anything unless she learns the fundamentals. As an amateur pianist in real life, this is so relatable... >_<
  6. Some of the conflicting traits found so far. Kitchen Menace of a Gourmet... sounds like a chef with a nasty attitude. Unempathetic Caregiver... Sounds like a creepy yandere nurse from a horror movie.
  7. The void is opened! You may throw the sock here.
  8. After being abused and misused by his fellow duplicants*, Max ran away and built a self-sustaining home for himself (during the Tubular Upgrade years ago). Max's house is encircled in red and the only way to get there (aside from digging through the Abyssalite) is through the narrow passage encircled in orange, a "moat" to slow down unwanted visitors and an ice biome to freeze and deter them. Max's house. Look at how happy he is! But after hundreds of cycles of isolation, Max is feeling quite lonely and wants company... *Actually it's my fault. At one point he got trapped and is suffocating. Had to Red Alert the base to break him free. While returning to his cot, he ugly cried for almost an entire cycle before getting his s*** together.
  9. Not exactly an unfortunate screenshot, but this is just adorable~
  10. He's my favorite dupe. I treat him very well in serious games, giving him the best home and always finding really good traits, all while roleplaying - he is the most important dupe in the colony, doing most of the cleaning, doctoring, research, exploration, digging, construction, cooking, etc etc while everyone else has a relatively easy life, all while keeping his stress levels down. I always try getting a Max with three interests all with at 3 skill levels (e.g. mining, researching, construction), plus the traits Diver's Lungs and Narcoleptic or Irritable Vowel. It can take over an hour of rerolling again and again and again to find a really good Max. Meanwhile, he's a test subject in debug/sandbox games, where I perform... experiments. He's a TOUGH dupe with a potential criminal record - attempting to murder Meep when he sent him flying to science and outer space. So far, he can survive being submerged in 6000C+ (10832F+) liquid tungsten for a short amount of time, endured the unbearable pain of urinating lumps polluted ice, is still fully functional despite having a body temperature of near absolute-zero, indefinitely survive in superextreme cold provided he has a supply of food and oxygen, not go bat s*** crazy after heinous mental torture such as witnessing the death of over 20,000 dupes (pretend I took away his multitool - he has no way to save them), and best of all, breaking down by simply crying on the floor instead of going on uncontrolled food binges, causing mass destruction, or suicide by vomiting.
  11. When dupes are exposed to extreme heat, they get Heat Stroke. To cure heat stroke, a duplicant must die in extreme heat.
  12. It has been a long time since I did... some... experimentation. The long, and potentially impossible journey to 20,000 dead dupes begins. So... after dupes are exposed to extreme heat, to cure heat stroke, they must die. A given in any of my experiments, Max will always be there to witness it all. After all, he attempted to murder Meep. He'll listen to the sounds of dupes screaming for help as they suffer heat stroke and melt in magma, because curing heat stroke requires them to die, while Max has a nice, cool -168C room with 500kgs of Oxygen per tile. It's so nice and cool, his daily diarrhea-inducing Mush Bars never spoil.