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  1. Because all space destinations can be visited, I wonder... What's lying down there in the ruined Earth? What mysteries can the dupes unravel as to how it ended up that way? And how can they get through the shield? Can't wait to find out! And can't wait to do more... Sandbox mode... experiments... on my dupes.
  2. How does a dupe eat Carbon Dioxide to get Food Poisoning...
  3. An ordinary screenshot of two dupes, actually two of my fave dupes, doing research together................................
  4. Why are they so happy and high while doing poo poo in the outhouse... Left: Ren. Right: Meep.
  5. Chilling dupe is probably Otto. I see a bit of his fluffy hair. Then in the pic with 3 dupes, seems like Joshua, Ari and Meep are there
  6. Schadenfreude Rowan seems to like seeing Mi-Ma hurt. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if I can still use debug mode and... do something... to 20,000 dupes, and not wait for over 15 minutes and my RAM giving me up, letting me down and deserting me and my PC behind for that one save file to load, when the new DLC gets released...
  7. Max is fine, which makes him happy happy joy joy!
  8. Once the PH20 has spread out throughout the base, he'll do all the cleaning. For a very long time. It's his job after all
  9. I just saw the latest ONI animated short and... This is a screenshot of Max being punished by the others for yeeting Meep into space. His hat removed and all. He could've just let Meep piss on the floor and clean it again, but nope!
  10. A short while back, there was a bug that caused some dupes to have near-limitless skill points. When using the Skill Scrubber on them, not only will all their gained skill points be lost, but they also won't gain any EXP at all. Poor Nikola... He won't be able to build the planet-destroying death laser, or the defense building that hilariously electrocutes any non-Soviet enemy who dares approach.
  11. This sporadic and minor bug causes a dupe to get so flattered by sparkles, they can't stop smiling. This Ren here has the "Balloon Artist" Overjoy response and he's not overjoyed, nor is he sparkle flattered. But he's still smiling! How adorable!
  12. This one looks more like a "Fortunate Screecap" than an unfortunate one. Dupes being really precious and adroable (and one of them is drunk)~