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  1. i use an terra-map, pre-dlc I have many dupes, most of the food was made with meal lice, I have 3 cool slush geysers, I haven't "tamed" any geysers I just take what I need and with a transport system I put them in iced geyser water, what will warming up and I transport it elsewhere until it gets hotter and I use it to feed or Metal Refinery or Fertilizer Synthesizer or I throw it away when it's too hot the first thing i did on my map was the separation of the biomes, biomes wanted to keep ambient and i wanted warm, the first things i run after is isolation and exosuit so the living areas have a temperature around 27, and the work areas oscillate between 40, the hottest it was, is my dirt production "plant" which was very hot there.
  2. i have a map with over 3000 cycles and i have none of the 2, i have neither steam turbine nor aquaturner. no mods I believe that like any game in the same style, who makes the gameplay is you, I also don't have big machines, big exploits that I see that most use.
  3. whenever there's a nerf, there's always someone upset about it, which doesn't mean that everyone is, whether here, in the league of legends, or in any game oh ****, here go again in this theme
  4. I myself have never used this system to store food in the vacuum. I have always used refrigerators to store food, precisely because I don't like these abusive systems but I understand your pain partner, I liked your text, I laughed a lot! but I think she actually didn't go after another for the causes she mentioned, I think she was interested in people who are more open-minded, less retrograde and limited to old values, I feel that she is one of those who always seeks to update herself and seek new ones things xD
  5. if I were him, looking at the situation of that rocket there in the corner I would no doubt be desperate
  6. wooow, it's hotter than here where I live, and look that I live in Brazil, in the hottest region: the northeast xD
  7. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni_so/
  8. I understand the questioning he wanted something he did, and he didn't have to be monitoring something automatically but ... for that there are sensors for this type of micro management, besides that there is the Robo-Miner is there to help you think also on the positive side, this mechanism can be used for other purposes
  9. and that phrase will be in the quantum update of the oni and to you welcome to the forum, not wanting to be boring, but the forum has a section for reporting errors and bugs, I find it more interesting to post it there (in the next since this one will probably be sent there) I believe that there is a more accurate way in which they will see the bug if more people post bugs there, I believe there will be fewer bugs in the future (or there will be new bugs that will replace the old cest la vie)
  10. the current temporal tear without dlc is already a win condition, it even has a unique event
  11. what? how oni is not science fiction? Sci-fi: that uses speculative, fictional science-based depictions of phenomena that are not fully accepted by mainstream science, such as extraterrestrial lifeforms, alien worlds, extrasensory perception and time travel, along with futuristic elements such as spacecraft, robots, cyborgs, interstellar travel or other technologies. Science fiction films have often been used to focus on political or social issues, and to explore philosophical issues like the human condition.
  12. so, seriously: everything I wrote in the previous post was sarcasm due to a post I made a few months ago saying that there was a lack of challenges in the game aimed at the end game, so I gave examples of aggressive mobs, something like that; and some players came to complain saying that the objective of the game was never to survive but to build a base, that's why I said making fun of that post, that comments like yours would probably attract negative attention kkkkkkkk but as i said at the beginning speaking seriously: I believe that is what you said, the beginning of the game is challenging, and the end game is no longer but this is common in every game, we play, we learn the mechanics, we know what to do and there is no more challenge, the only games that are not like that are exactly the rogue-like, exactly because of their thematic of always dying and restarting, but this is not common in oni, most players prefer to create a world and stay in it until the 6 million cycle because many are afraid or too lazy to start from scratch and stick to their base, which is normal, so I liked the idea of the asteroids to create new bases in the same game each focused on one thing, each one a power plant. as i said it is normal in every game this, how many people do you know who keep finishing minecraft nonstop? most of the time people did it once and keep playing it to build their things, their houses, their bases, but in the end it is more aesthetic than useful but for me it's that the more challenges, the more sci-fi the better