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  1. I think it's the machine that does the nuclear research, as well as the Telescope and similar ones so just like the Telescope has the virtual planetarium, this machine must be one of the parts. @TripleM999 He took the words out of my mouth.
  2. by the standard of appearance it is part of this main machine, since they combine in design, so it doesn’t seem to be something that can be used alone or separately, as was said, I believe it is used to connect another machine that didn’t appear in the trailer when I saw it I thought it was an xD directional fan
  3. maybe I should not say this, but I so anxious to get out a beta and @watermelen671mine it all xD __ in reality I think it’s a specie of glass drywall, since when the camera goes up you can see that there are different sizes and behind the new construction there, and it’s also repeated in glass blocks just above @GnyoR
  4. someone must have already posted this, but even so, I will post xD
  5. we are all anxious, but let's take it easy, without putting our feet in our hands
  6. poor guys are stuck in the world of minority report :c poor of mine, some will be: janitor, forever :(, will never grow in life
  7. what horror the name of his dupes are their functions T_T don't they mean anything to you? only slave labor? T_T
  8. a suggestion I would give would be that they fall into a black hole xD
  9. the correct use of pips is in nature u.u (wherever they are native)
  10. I have two doubts that maybe you can help me the first is any of you use any programming logic if on your oni? ex: if such a thing happens, it will trigger another the second is, do you know any way to activate a timer, for example, after a condition is reached ex: if door 1 and door 2 open, after 30 seconds send a green signal to that place and the other is not a doubt in itself, but it is the reason for these thoughts, I wanted to create a silo for my rockets, but I wanted to make it automated, but I'm failing that, at most what I can do is leave a Signal Switch for when I click it to effect the conditions for the launch "open the doors, take out Gantry and etc" would you care and show how is yours? there is room for two more on the side, but at the moment I didn’t think it was necessary to put them in, I just put the engine to know the gap xD
  11. nuclear and something with sabatier reaction kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk