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  1. Amazing production of Mush Bars ...Sadly I have no more Snickers in the fridge ! @g5457s
  2. It is wonderful that Klei has implemented Clint Eastwood Please also add Javier Bardem, then I will be back playing ONI Many thanks dear Klei
  3. ONi still has no Tiberium Fields for mining !
  4. DLC2 - Please give us SUBMARINES dear Papa Klei Smurf
  5. My Oopsie moment was seeing in the task manager that my save game consumes 22GB RAM I want to build a new cpu PC in 2023, but I`m not yet sure if my system change will happen at the beginning or at the end of next year. Obviously I does not make real sense for me to play ONi on a system which has not at least got 64GB ( fast ) RAM. I am really hoping for spreading fires in the game with DLC2, that would get me really fast in to building a new ONi cpu PC As initial current system upgrade, in 2023, I want to stick some RTX3080 in to the system for non-ONi stuff...I`m still running a dated gtx1060/6gb.
  6. If we are lucky then Nvidia will release a powerful CPU someday for gamers - There is rumors about it, as CPU/GPU producers try to offer both things. Perhaps Intel someday manages to launch a competitive GPU, time will tell if will be great or a flop. The more competition, the better It is also good that Apple and AMD release great computing products and push the market in to real competition.
  7. It would be great if Klei can improve the memory consumption, currently my save consumes 22GB RAM. I am having a break from gaming for now, but if I would play longer on my 2nd explored colony...then the save file would march towards using 30GB RAM. So, my next ONI and gaming system in 2023 will have at least have 64 GB RAM
  8. In terms of rovers - I would find it great if we could permanently run robots in our colonies. Robots fitted with rechargeable batteries
  9. I find the game starts to get choppy with my dated 7800k at around 7 FPS. Above 10 FPS the game runs ok here, but of course 60 FPS ( year 2036 ) would be great and so much more joy ! 10 FPS with the same system was unplayable 4 years ago, Klei has made the game much more smooth running IMHO. I finally have 5x stacked rocket launches going in the base, I want to add some reactor rockets at some point to my main colony Wishing everybody a great Easter When I`m not building tons of stuff with gigazillions of dupes, then my save runs with 20-40 FPS.
  10. I have often got many dupes in the solo cabin, its a hot steamy sauna club inside Group activity !
  11. The 30x Borg Rover Ladder Planet Invasion Will soon return with organic builder team !
  12. The main base colony was running out of food. The A-Team plan was to send some rockets to a nearby planet, to build a rocket platform. This failed. I sent the dupe rocket back to the main colony and barred the exit door for everyone inside. The new invasion plan is called "Massive Trailblazer Drops "- I hope I don't get shot down by lasers again ! Klei`s robots are crap, they get stick everywhere with their low level digging skill. I dropped 20 robots, such a waste. Below, the latest Dukoshima 5 - One minute planet digging before suffocation ! Epic Fail in progress