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  1. Perhaps a new artistic skill makes the dupes dance around and sing like in Wuthering Heights ? It always makes me think of the American Ninja series, perhaps we could also have Taekwondo moves in the game...for yoga dupe relaxation
  2. I read the thread and now have the impression a hydrogen rocket will crumble under its own weight Stil havent built one, but someday I will construct the mighty duck`s crumble rocket Emilio Estevez for the win, height matters !
  3. Hot steam for ONI beginners is like booting up GTA for the first time and a guy pops in the screen and shoots in your face with a pump gun - As introduction to the game. There will always be counter argument people saying "You can bunny jump in the first seconds on to the window on the 8th floor, just jump on to the 12 window avoid the pump gun encounter as you play GTA for the first time" in this virtual, imaginary created scenario of mine. In ONI basically a beginner video should be played, showing how someone boxes up a hot steam vent with tiles - If the game starts with a pump gun in the face. The cold hot steam vent, the 110 Celsius hot cold pump gun
  4. I think the world designers have done a good job if some players perhaps question their own behaviour and game actions ( extincting critters, torturing dupes ) as players for example could be thinking "I need food urgently, mhh, should I really make all critters extinct?". Personally, I like to have things crawling around in the base, it makes the world more lively and lovely - On the other hand creatures take down the game speed and perhaps I need food urgently in certain situations.
  5. Kudos to the Prison Architect! I had to get rid of 200 dupes due to too high resource consumption. In batches of 10 I led them in to a steam chamber and made them take the lead helmets off. Other dupes arrived to carry the corpses out, burried the them and then it was their turn. After doing it a few times I started to feel very sad... Every human and creature life... and life itself should be of value
  6. babba has soon unified the babba base...tiny tiny tiny....ahhhh, a bit more....yah yah yah ! Ive been on this for half a year now, a proper cold war rocket silo mega base...A bit more... ...Then..."Soon" the first fat reactor, yah yah yah ! THE GAME IS SOOOOO MUCH FUN KLEi ... please work on the games performance, many thanks ! Reactor Faster Stinky, faster ! Move things from there to there...
  7. I think there is 2 factions - One faction is happy to have NO reproducing Regolith raining down from the sky, the other faction would LOVE to have "RegolithRain", "Meteors"...whatever. If Klei can cater for both factions, that would be great. I miss Regolith/Meteors/BasicMetals/AlienTraders...whatever coming down in the starter world I want a more lively world
  8. Perhaps rockets without fuel could drift to the "closest" nearby asteroid ? If the closest is the same tile amount as some other asteroid, then perhaps with a gambling chance where the rocket may end ? I hope Klei implements a solution for players, to avoid stranded rockets. I had a rocket without fuel in some asteroid orbit and it was possible to land it, with no engine thrust animation ( switched off engine, no heat emission ) as it was coming down. Its these little details which I find great being implemented by Klei In-space docking and in-space re-fuelling + player built space stations ( fuel depot, galaxy wide energy grid etc. )...If that would be possible someday, that would be...Great
  9. Whelp whelp, stranded rocket ! Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooo ! Is there still no way to recover a stranded rocket ( with dead crew ) ? Whelp, whelp ! If there would be a way to refuel...That would be great No in-space refuelling and in-space docking option ? I have got rescue rockets ! ...Suffocation...Whelp,whelp Gnah gnah gnah gnah, ahhhhhhhhhhh ....
  10. "I saved 2 billion skill points for unfortunate, bad times !"
  11. A multiplayer mod would be great, I can provide oxygen for 1000 player dupe visitors in 1 cycle in my big map - If every player sends 1 dupe and then leaves before the oxygen runs one, we should be ok. Everybody can lag as clients below 1 fps Arrival is via rockets ( premium ) or drop pods ( saves space ) and everyone gets a pedestal pressi for their own colony to collect in babba`s base. Having such an working mp mod would be an achievement like playing Battlefield with a thousand. Even if someone works 3 years on it, it could be wortwhile, as long the big chat window for everyone gets updated in "real time" - That is the most important hihi
  12. If it would be possible that every player sends 1 dupe to my base and the maximum would be 256 player invites...Then I could throw a massive invite party in my base Every invited gets 1x special pressi for their home colony pedestal...Also the dance floor will be open for all dupes, I will construct a massive big party hall with hot tubs and free soda drinks @JRup The proposed dance hall construction area for early real estate investors Enough toilets + snack machine for up to 256 players ( sending 1 dupe each ) to my base is already there. Players should automatically have their names above their heads + 1 big chat window for all ! Early access to babba`s base Players can receive base invites via Steam ( and other means ) and arrive via rockets or drop pods with their own personal dupe character. Food is enough available, you can munch 1 million calories away - All you can eat free buffet Do you accept Disclaimer print: Power black out or oxygen supply issues may occur. Special reactor will be built nearby to increease visitor survival opportunity. The local life support systems are operated by OXI & POWA Good Value Resources, Titanroad 17, 18440 Mars.
  13. Perhaps a mod ? Curious too... Waiting for early access reveal information Many thanks @KonfigSys
  14. Yeah, with natural gas generators, petroleum generators and arbor tree`s > burning can make lots of water If you need water somewhere in the galaxy, these things can be handy Need waaaaater, so thirsty !
  15. My map has vertical tank tracks - It is ready made for the ONI trains, Klei just needs to patch them in If we could use vertical rails to transport space shuttles, rockets and nuclear submarines - That would be great. "Le Coco de Plague". New huts + automatic farm "Grub Grub 5 stars toiletta trattoria farmo" - Manual shifts ! "Ene vidi vici di blasio" - Glas smelter in to little steam room 6.3GB right now, playing on win10 ONI preview. Imagine if we had tree mice, they would eat more ram --------------- Logitech Bloatware Award - Bigger than 50MB would already be shameful