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  1. As ONi cold war rocket silo reactor steam room builder, I like this a lot... I hope that does not disappoint you
  2. True For me that was like that from day one of the game Emoji side effects of listening to Judas Priest
  3. Yeah... Steel Steel = Happiness Steel is like listening to Judas Priest for the first time. If ONi were a racing game, then Steel would be the Turbo. I heard it the first time on metal tape, it blew the screws out of my head ! @SpocksEars Great name
  4. Maybe player requests of an airlock building could be combined with past player requests for insulated doors = Insulated airlock building Construction ingredient list: Viscogel, Steel, Plastic, Nobium, Gassymoomilk ( makes the insulation plastic more smooth and soft )
  5. Ide > The Ides of March = Great movie Ide - Collins English Dictionary: 1. (added to the combining form of the nonmetallic or electronegative elements) indicating a binary compound sodium chloride 2. indicating an organic compound derived from another acetanilide 3. indicating one of a class of compounds or elements peptide lanthanide
  6. One day we may find the Hydrocacti we always had been looking for.
  7. ONi is a flexible game, offering a wide variety of play style choices - IMHO only the specific player can know what makes sense or not. Once there was a big religious convention in a hotel and as I just woke up I was in exploration mood. I visited that big gathering randomly with a croissant and hot coffee in my hand. One of the soul collectors there believed I wanted to join their religion as we nicely sat together at the breakfast table for 1 hour. After telling him a dozen times that techno music was my religion in teenage years...he didn`t get it. My motivation is often to just talk to random people, as humanist. He was used to his experienced behavior of convincing sheep, coming to him to join. Looking over his shoulder I had such a nice view of the beach, the seafront and a fat seagull munching away on grabbed french fries from tourists and I was thinking of the best religious PulpFiction phrases and scenes from ForretGump. I enjoyed the morning a lot, but I saw in his eyes that he was disappointed failing to recruit someone, he spent so much convincing effort on. We had completely different intentions and motivations.
  8. This sounds great, Dan If you can paste steam links at some point for everyone here, that would be great Maybe 1 version a la base game Terra basic (metals/fluids) renewables and 1 mod version/options with advance metal spawn sources and otherwise advanced materials/fluids renewable spawns Also regular regolith coming down with raining metals option ( if possible ), that`l be ace. For base builders who want to support lots of dupes...Several water renewables are good and people also can love lots of starting ice to mine Please also include or add 2x -10 Celsius Slush Geysers + AETN, to enable player ice factory creation and perhaps create more versions/options for frozen core and/or magma world ( both, frozen core+magma fields in the same big starter map would be great ) + option or versions with disabled(not spawned) teleporter Plants to start suit manufacturing would also be great. For Oil Tycoon starters, its also welcome to have additional and lots of oil renewables + some normal volcano(es) for steam engine room builders. 10-20 Poke Shells ( steel) for instant slaughters or creature taming players would be superb. DLC+BASE GAME = As hazard(options) perhaps add some leaking nuclear waste fields or crashed radiated spacecraft salvage - Some similar starting map challenge and hazard options would be ++++++
  9. The boss fight in ONi could be the ultimate asteroid: Imagine 22 un-dug geysers, each spawning a difference substance at a different temperature, within 50x50 tiles + permanent asteroid regolith rain + max radiation and max all germ types + special music + mythical object to discover and the world base temperature regularly alternating between -100 and +1000C. The ultimate taming, survival and resource collection endgame attempt ! Building a space station, as base camp, to enter this endgame asteroid world can help the players undertaking.
  10. +1 This would make the game a bit more a journey, the Nostromo directly came to my mind.
  11. Atomic Research could also be tied to additional recipes. For example to the "Panettone Neutrone" cake or the "Electrone Photone" ice cream dessert. Also the special asteroid "Modena Nobium Vulva" could be unlocked when all research has been completed
  12. A Klei implemented player pc performance dlc compromise for "Base Game Terra Fans" could be the same amount of geysers, metal volcanoes, spawn type variety, lots of renewables +regolith/metal in the dlc easy starter worlds... Either as player option or by default However, a base game size map as starter would satisfy those base game happy fans greatly + world generation option to deactivate the teleporter spawn. @Ipsquiggle All of the described would make the dlc a true game expansion, the best of both worlds.
  13. Some time ago, when I read your great phrase of "Hydracacti?", I laughed so loud that I nearly fell from the chair. Its such a funny sounding word, if a planet had that name... hhahaha