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  1. 7GB RAM here, default map size. OS comes on top. The game speed scales according to this CPU list. Best is if you remove the notebook case, so you don`t run in to thermal throttling Try to have a cpu with a passmark score above 1700 in that list, below that I would reduce the default map size to half. I would only play above 2400, but thats me. I`m hoping for a 4200 - 4800 passmark cpu in a year, ONi will be great then I play ONi like this, with the Noctua NHD 15 air cooler - 1.3 kilo, no pc case. You could lay a water pipe through your noti. On a $2000 gaming notebook ONi plays ok. You need fast clock speed, large and fast cpu caches + getting rid of cpu heat fast. Go for the least amount of cores and the highest non-turbo clock speed and best caches, the passmark single thread list is your friend.
  2. Precise real-time keeping may come in conflict with optimizing the game for speed, to have the game run fast and smooth for most people.
  3. Maybe we are lucky and the game will be further speed optimized. Compared to 1 to 1.5 year(s) ago and how I play the game, I can say that its something like double as fast as back then. Klei is doing good work
  4. Thanks for the idea with the salt vine and rock crusher dear @yoakenashi I discovered that I can make table salt with the rock crusher, I have gigatons of salt ! Will think of the Saltvine now for my current colony - I forgot all about it. Was ages ago that I played ONi, its a fresh colony I`m now playing with
  5. @Capasak Maybe this solution is a fun stopper for you, but you could play with half or a quarter of the map size by editing the map cell size with notepad...or as alternative fill chunks of the map with Neutronium. Neutronium tiles are dead cells and not simulated, so there is nothing to calculate. If you add Neutronium tiles in to your map with the games editor, it would have the advantage that you can load the map someday with a faster computer and then delete the Neutronium areas. Its easy to do, really not complicated. I did all this 1,5 - 2 years ago, as I was struggling with the game speed on a 10 times larger map with 100 dupes. Neutronium How to enable the editor ( for adding Neutronium to your map as example, making the game run faster ) Map generation - Size change Oxygen Not Included\OxygenNotIncluded_Data\StreamingAssets\worldgen\worlds Editing the "world size parameter" Worldsize: X: 256 Y: 384
  6. @Capasak Your the king of salt water ! When I started playing Oni I directly stopped playing due to low FPS, de-lidded the fastest Intel cpu and added fluid metal on to the cpu die + 1.5 kilo air cooler on top, so that I could play with a 10 time bigger map at 10 fps with 100 dupes ONi back that was really funny, I never forget when they added Regolith in the test for the first time, it was screens of screens with Regolith coming down and the dupes where flying through the air. The exosuit rocket man was also funny, sucking down all the game speed + producing gigatons of carbon dioxide haha ! My first colonies always failed on the same issue...I built giant machinery with dozens of machine units and when the power cutout I couldnt boot the colony machinery anymore. Since then I always add 20-60 boot-up bicycles, to boot up machine parks. What I often lookup is "How can this and that stuff be produced without animals, I want to do it the industrial way. Gladly the devs picked up on such complaints and made it possible to also gather stuff via rockets. Playing with a custom giant sized map is also not needed so much anymore, with the upcoming multi colony DLC. Touch wood that stuff works It took me till now to have my first rocket ever, didn`t play the game for ages ! I`m very glad that crashes have become seldom, at least for me. Happy ONi everyone Ice Ice Baby ! Took me +2000 cycles ( don`t use the editor ) to get to this - This game is soooo much fun
  7. Very cool and sophisticated, thanks for sharing ! The hot tub looks like a fun place to be ...Your guide link is awesome
  8. ONI scales exactly as in the passmark comparison link, I have used a variety of the CPU`s myself. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X vs Intel Core i9-10900K @ 3.70GHz Enough said on the topic, wishing a nice Sunday. -------------
  9. This can help to build further in to heat areas - Ice production I managed to setup a little ice field just in time, I still got 400 tons of Phosporite for the Wheezie Plantation My building of little "Icefields" in the colony posted below, I`m again facing a heat collapse Too much Oxygen is taken from my Aircon System for outside-base-exosuit-workers, so I`m currently not producing enough cool air for the colony. Just about managed to get the ice production going, my dupes started to faint and mega freakout ! MEGA EMERGENCY in cycle 2-666
  10. Hello dear ONi Forumistas Has anybody got an idea what to do with chlorine ? Currently I have it in a cooled down fluid version in my base. I would be very much interested in some good temp transfer idea or power generation use, if somehow possible. Germ reduction does not really play a role in my colony, but anything clever, cool, useful or funny is of course welcome. I don`t play with the editor in my colony, so realistic things and do-able would be great. It can be brutal or fine and sophisticated, but it needs to be build-able in the game with real dupes. It would be great if there is a Chlorine Gremlin in the game - It drinks fluid chlorine and then dna splits in to another Chlorine Gremlin...but thats a wet chlorine dream ! Dont hesitate to post what you do with Chlorine, even if its your first forum post. Your experience is welcome. Thank you very much, Babba Chlorine Gremlin ( thirsty )
  11. If you have the luxury access of steel, that`s really good with a high temperature limit. In the beginning of a colony I use Gold Amalgam + Tempshift plates. In my current colony the Presses are soaked in Natural Gas, which takes their heat. The Natural Gas is sucked up and burnt, so that heat goes "away" by getting rid of the gas. So soaking them in gas is good Especially if you then get rid of that gas. My gas generators are powering steam engines, that`s where the press heat finally ends in my colony: Plastic Press > Natural Gas > Gas Generator > Steam Engine As alternative or additionally you can also attach a simple timer or temperature sensor to the Press, so that it switches off after time or if the temp gets too hot. Gas is often a great solution to soak up heat. Other colonists have other great ideas and solutions. Its also possible to have fluids dripping down on to the Press ( or any other machinery ) to cool it down. The trick is to not have too much fluid on the floor, to avoid the machine switching off due to water flooding. Remember that dripping fluid on the floor will also get hotter and hotter, this game is always about making the best out of temperature. Happy ONi
  12. Once I came close to an Apple store. Whoooo. Nah, stick to your promise to never put a foot in to one. The old love hate came up. I was happy when Billy gave Apple some bucks in around 2000 to save it from another bankruptcy. What have you become Apple ? For me Apple is like propriety country. Apple, Tesla and John Deer Tractors - Waaaaaaaaah ! Its like the Google Adwords Team making billions - Would only need the original 20 people to run and make the same $billions, instead they employed thousands more and now the Adwords interface is totally overloaded with functions, clunky and bad for customers. Every employee wants to add a bit here and there, now its like a big pile of Regolith Same with Gmail, 99% of rubbish added over the years `` A fresh face on the GPU block would be great, just a driver and not all that other software stuff. Nvidia is the one for the other software stuff, a fresh GPU brute force speed master. That would be great. Card in, true SLI with up to 16 cards, crypto farm support, just a display driver, card(s) supporting up to 32 screens. Double the speed of Nvidia at half the cost...Ryzen Style @JoeW Can we please have a CPU Monument in the game ? That would be so nice Perhaps only possible to build it out of ice, if it gets too hot it melts...Or out of stone and it has a Hydrogen in/out connector <> The cpu monument needs Hydrogen at -100 Celsius going through, otherwise it doesn`t give decor bonus of 1000 within 18 tiles. Perhaps also give it a 1000 Watt power requirement. It could also be a socket which needs to be built out of ceramic and the players needs to build the cpu in the chip factory. The monument cpu chip needs to be manufacturer out of all available refined metals in the game Also a little wafer fab would be awesome, or 20 dupes in a row restamping/rebranding chips for "Soundblasters" -> Upgrade for the ingame Ghettoblaster I made a CPU Monument demo design sketch for the monument idea, if you can make it in ONi style ? The merger of ONi & Cyrix = Onyx Mhhhhh Hardware jummmiieeee ! Munch munch munch
  13. The mentioned ice idea is really good ... Do you have ice at hand ? I play without editor and in my current colony of 3000 2466 cycles I discovered by accident the following, which may or may not help you: Melt sand to glass and build like kind of basins/containers for ice. So like 4-6 cells wide and 2-3 cells high glass. If you put ice in to there you have a kind of ice-oven, which cools down your surrounding for long time. These ice basins can help you to further colonize along. Do the glass melting somewhere where it does not matter - If you get pipe breaks on the glass smelter, just always repair and continue to smelter. I normally smelter in to a big steam room. In to a steam room I pack dozens of heat generating machinery, I tend to only have machinery in a big steam room ( which powers steam engines ). The glass-ice basins are also good for plantations, the glass does not block light and due to the high mass of glass and ice/water you can temperature stabilize large areas. The glass ice/water basins are also good for rocket silos...In combo with heavy mass tempshift plates a lot of temperature can be taken up at/after rocket launch. In general,if I want to keep heat away from somewhere I start building lots of 3 tile thick insulation strips/rooms. My machinery steam room ( colony is currently in food & energy crisis and I`m saving it...Again !!! ). I play "Open Plan", I don`t do little nibbly efficiency stuff Its all raw brute force and without editor. BTW I love the wind tunnel buildings ! There is always some dead laying around in my base Ice basin with ice tempshift plates - If they melt, then it will be a water basin. I had no more ice at hand to also build ice in to it. How I build insulation example, also some glass-water-basins are visible My base oxygen production and main base entry/exit - Insulation example FYI Oxygen/Hydrogen Pipe Layout There is no backup in the colony, this is already something like a 5th iteration... No-Editor-Play! BTW Colony main power line peaks at 42K, the colony consumes 30K power as everything is fully working. Due to current colony emergency crisis the pipes are nearly empty Pumping Carbon Dioxide from NG generators in to space ( planning to use CaDio for something in a few thousand cycles or so ). You can pump gas/heat in to space, but its always better to use heat for something...Like the steam engine Steam engine cooling with exhaust water and radiant pipes: + water strip below on floor ( the water comes from a steam vent in that room, its a kind of 2nd steam room, but the 2nd steam room is only used to drip water on to the floor for the steam engines ). If the floor water gets too much then the water gets pumped in to the main steam room below, which is full of heat producing machinery.
  14. Its a shame there is not more relevant actors in the market. CPU/GPU business has become terrible complex, with a company often holding hundreds or thousands of patents. I hope China develops their own powerful CPU`s in the next 20 years, as they can ignore existing patents - AMD started as a cloner. It will take long time and the whole world may change entirely in the meanwhile. The worst for customers would be if Intel, AMD or Nvidia die someday or if another big merger gets approved.
  15. Intel is totally screwed I hope Nvidia also gets further beating, to get their sky high prices down.