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  1. +1 Happiness is important. Bing bing bing bong bing bingbingbingbong It would be so great to have trains in the game
  2. The last Unicorn - Very noice ! More statue inspirations:
  3. New tiles: Daley Thompson Tile - Enables a dupe to jump 5 tiles far Ben Johnson Tile - Enables 8 tiles jumping distance Ursain Bolt Tile - Allows jumping within a 10 tile radius, vertical and horizontal !
  4. I think so, when they introduced the tubes I think they described that. If you only want to build exits, one only needs to place tube ends.
  5. Ohhh, the LCB`s look sooooo cute. I find they look a bit like I started the game for the first time in 2 months, my last save game loads!
  6. I like "End userland" - This could be a cave world on the Frozen Strawberry Ice Planet, where its too cold and not too hot. Hidden in end userland is the holy beer keg, which is a valuable trophy to have in any dupe bedroom. The Frozen Strawberry Planet is an allotment of various stranded Strawberry meteors. A dupe which has never had the Strawberry Experience is considered a virgin.
  7. New dupe food: The Babba Cake Next ONI Update: Babba 1.0 External Colony Challenges > Cake Guns & Cream Cannons @withers@TG pro@Daxterr@Calvin Valerian@anton_stezhkin@mathmanican @Oozinator@Madbro
  8. Only if Flag Posts with own texture uploads by the players get implemented That would be like in the game ThisWarofMine where we can play with Zoidberg, Hitschler & Obama
  9. The LMGTFY is a bit overrated in my opinion, the SQWHDUVE works much better.
  10. ONI running on multiple cores? Proof of Concept ( VW Core2Duo )
  11. Thank you very much, Ipsquiggle. Other things which players struggle with in terms of the FPS is the games dupe/critters pathfinding and that each simulated tile is taking too much cpu load. Please also allow smaller map size generation in the games menu for slow systems. So something like 20% size, 50% size, 100%, 200% as a setting in the map generator screen. 20% size will make it possible for much more slow notebooks to play the game.