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  1. im actually one off those people who not want throw the recourses away. but i seen yes that some todo that
  2. if look this game at the camera view then yes 30 fps is bad and 60 fps i not like either too much as when you move camera you will start see that game makes micro freezes
  3. can you run your game at 200 fps? i can with my intel 12 series at least in sometime in game beginning, and when its 200 fps that camera moves like 2 or 3 times faster than 60 fps and thats why i tell that camera movement code is ****** up by devs as its not stable
  4. they camera movement is ****** up anyway and its not stable, higher the fps faster it moves what is total wrong way todo
  5. i don't see difference at 30 fps or 200 fps in this game, to you still play at CRT monitor? below 30 i start see only that animation starts slow down, it not anymore that smooth.
  6. Well that what i thinked. A natural tile. There no point make regular tiles as those already possible build from menu.
  7. this feature what he asking by self its not hard make for devs, by using multi cameras , it would work similar like you seen in other games the minimap
  8. it still depends how player play. you say that you have 50 but another user may have 1000 critter food farm also what you mean 50 animation? if one view you have 50 animation and another you have also 50 then that is 100 animation what needed calculate by cpu also what you mean "it is most optimal way how to do it". that is how current ONI works. he is asking draw more data what is already optimized by devs im not against about this feature as far its optional
  9. this how it works in oni, everything what is out off pre screen buffer then oni disables some part off features at them, that allows game run more stable buffer used as pre load data other way game would look weird when you move screen fast. i not like that planets are too close in dlc because screen buffer may load also data from them what not needed at all now he is asking something like this that is even more data
  10. its not really needed 2x better pc. but by default oni game disables animation at one point when its out off screen, adding that data to screen what by default is disabled does drop performance. this stuff i been tested at sandbox mode that what happens when animation is out off screen. that causes also some performance issues in dlc because other maps are too close to each others. i been talked that before but who is me right?
  11. Simple rule is. Better the cpu and more memory you have,longer you can play. This rule apply games what not have limits and oni is one off those games. Better go faster cpu . Memory you can usualy upgrade even at laptop. Unless if its somesort weird crap.
  12. Critters drops less performance than dupes. What PC you have?
  13. A mashine what makes tiles. I self think that first need build rails to top then add that mashine to that rail and load the resurses what tile user want build. Maybe also add limiter that how many tiles user wants build.
  14. as im been working myself the hydraulics then my request would be the hydraulic compression what compresses the solid material together.
  15. there is a talk that public test have better performance soo i think you should be fine after they release that but in end it all depends how you play,
  16. a what? you run out off tag bits? how its even possible, they to increase them
  17. Well imagine for example if there is share market and cheater push millions off resourses to markert.
  18. This game supports moding. Its soo easy cheat that any develop is for multiplayer is mostlikley waste off time.
  19. I know when you select multi items at research then it may triger a bug what makes researsh over and over again the same finished researsh If we talk about same thing.
  20. I play both but atm mostly with DLC. i to love play with radiatsioon. It feels weird without that in base game. Oni devs still not added mod support to the Epic games soo searching those is not very good.
  21. you still have that bug that when game saves it makes allot items when something selected at build menu. what i think why it happens is because it change the coordinate to some other place, it feels like it deletes some old selection coordinate and makes new one
  22. they not use old engine. that version what they use are still updating . garbage collector is C# feature , that we need blame the "Anders Hejlsberg"
  23. I think save self is big freeze enoh that we not need another one.
  24. You cant get less than 100 at this test but we could make it New one what have more items if hardware hits the test limits already. When game does hit 100 sec in this test it means that game code run prefectly for cpu. But as it still freezing and devs not care damn about fix this. We may wait year 2030 when cpus is even more powerfull.
  25. How it was not helpfull? Without discussion he not also tell that this feature can be as optional. Kid go play tetris .