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  1. Perfect. If you see it start to bleed crude again, please share. I'm pretty sure that with proper handling of excess, all problems can be mitigated. There is one exception - save/load. Based on which tick of the game you load this at, it's possible for the bead configuration of the EZ-Bead pump to get out of sync for a single tick. Autosaves don't have this issue, as they always save on the same tick (I believe, though I would be happy to be shown I'm wrong). Manual saves on the other hand can suffer from this. As such, you should always plan for an eventual blob of crude oil slipping through because of save/load issues. If you stay to 5010g, and don't try to use 10020g, then the save/load issue isn't a problem.
  2. I was unable to test things. With all mods uninstalled, here is what I see when i load your game. So some blocks don't even appear, your liquid lava is all gone, and I can't test anything. It may be mod related, or might be something else. Sorry I can't help more. If you only have a single 10kg pump supplying crude, then running both vents will definitely cause problems, unless you find a way to make sure the other line is always topped up to at least 5010g. One pump cannot supply 10020g, and so you will have crude spill in and mess stuff up.
  3. I'd happily look into this one, if you want to provide a save. There are several reasons that could be the cause. The most likely is that you have a packet that is not exactly 5010g getting through. I have found that green outputs, when withing 1 tile of a white input, mess up liquid valves. I like to make sure I have a full 10kg pipe segment flow past my valve, and I always design for the excess to pass by it to an overflow area. This prevents piping bugs from hitting me. This also makes sure that I can start/stop things without issue. Do your valves have an overflow planned in? Or does the bleeding crude happen when you stop the flow into one of the valves because you opened the door below one of the liquid tanks (as you can't have 10020g flowing in with just a single pump). I see the close proximity between the output of the left liquid reservoir, and the input of the liquid valve, to be the most likely cause. It's an annoying "feature" of valves.
  4. A bypass pump is maybe what you want. Bead pumps work too.
  5. Though @Kharnath might be upset that my guide doesn't actually have a waterfall.
  6. Are you running Windows 10 as well? If so, then I'm sorry. Your potato is exactly that. Maybe a light linux version could get you running. You can barely open Word and Chrome at the same time on such a potato. Trying to run ONI ... I'm surprised you get 10FPS.
  7. I loved the discourse and computations. This was my favorite line.
  8. Now you just have to learn to abuse temperature clamping, and the food issue is solved. It's the same problem that riddled the steam turbine 3 years ago. It's just a new iteration of something they removed from the game. Temp clamp your environment (there are power free ways to do it), and problem solved. The new rules may make things (exploits?) like temp clamping become more mainstream.
  9. I'm not sure they can excrete uranium. Oh wait, wrong forum... That belongs in the DLC. The others in this thread are absolutely correct that focusing on something besides slime and mushrooms is the way to go (if you are looking for simple). Pufts are a pain. They are "kill on sight" in my game. If you want to challenge yourself, then going for sustainable mushrooms is absolutely one way to create a "hard" side game. Happy ONI.
  10. Here's an option to farm mushrooms indefinitely at full speed and zero slime cost.
  11. Here is a direct link to an aquatuner setup that will either heat or cool things, utilizing this bug. The link in the text works. Another bug is on the forums, namely that it removes the "/page/6/" from the code below, so it won't point to the right spot.
  12. Are you opposed to using tepidezers near the 120C range and plastering down steam turbines as 1.2kg/s pumps? You can easily trick a turbine to run with lower than 125C going in 3 ports. If you are OK with a setup like this (so 8 turbines for 9.6kg/s flow) then we can even make it power positive. It all depends on what tricks you are willing to use.