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  1. Here's a new development (that may have been around before). Basically, you can flake buildings that act like tiles, but aren't tagged as tiles? So this includes crossover tubes heavy watt plates, pressure plates. (not sure what else). A but report has been submitted. It's the same old insulation flaking post @0xFADE, but it works only on specific types of buildings.
  2. I have watched a slickster eat poisoned crude, and then poop out zombie spore crude. Cooking the crude to petro doesn't fix it. Cooking the petro to sour gas then transfers the germs to gas, at which point I'm guessing they can get into the NG. From there, when you burn the NG in a generator, the CO2 will have spores. Then they multiply, and get into your oxygen. That's my guess. I generally lock up any crude oil I see with spores in it, till I'm ready to use a chlorine decontamination center on it. It never dies in the stuff, but doesn't grow either (that requires CO2).
  3. The partial melting algorithm is being applied to transit tube crossings, heavy watt crossings, weight plates (and maybe more). These are all buildings that act as tiles.
  4. I'm pretty sure the culprit is the transit tube crossing. @klei.ruby, you'll want to see this (and I'll submit a bug report). Double click on the tube crossing, and you'll find a Plastic layer. That layer can and does flake. It does not happen with regular tiles or doors anymore, but this crossing is an issue. I bet the same thing can happen with conductive plates. Yep. It also affects weight plates. I'm guessing that there is a tag on regular tiles and doors that prevents flaking, but this tag was not applied to other buildings that act as tiles as well. I created a bug report. @Mastermindx, I think the reason you see this now, and not before, is that the new temp-swap fix allows cells to more wildly change temperature. All it takes is a single tick of the game for gas to enable flaking, and if the aquatuner turns on, and at the same time you get some slicksters emitting their payload, then you have several events which alter pressures. The new algorithm could easily transfer the heat (increasing in temp as you get lower pressure) to the right, resulting in your crossing dropping naptha. You won't see the missing element if you click on the crossing, but if you click twice, then you'll see the "plastic" layer. I'm guessing on save/load that this value resets, so you will never loose your entire crossing unless you play for too long (at which point it will vanish, and all your hot CO2 will spill out. While you wait for a fix, I suggest you put a tempshift plate directly above the transit tube entrance, two tiles left of the crossing. That way it can even out any temperatures that get near the crossing. This is my favorite thing to have happen.
  5. Here is an example of a build that broke, because of the temp-swap fix. There are plenty more, though most reports I've read mention that their turbines put out a lot more juice now, but have not broken the build.
  6. This is precisely what the update fixed. If you ever had hot high mass (sour gas to the left, where the boiling occurs) next to cool low mass gas (sour gas to the right of the boiler), then the game could swap temperatures, resulting in heat loss. You have the exact needed conditions to result in this heat loss. You actually have this happening along the entire run of your boiler. In addition, you also have the proper conditions for a gas flow bug (improper average value) that is not yet fixed to affect your build, resulting in even more heat deletion (and possibly even a similar left-to-right liquid flow bug). These last 2 bugs are not as massive as the temp-swap bug that was fixed (at least in this build). My worry, upon fixing the temp-swap bug, would be that things like what you built above would stop working. Your build was not correctly extracting the heat that it needed to, so the update broke it. Unfortunately, it was doing a great job before the fix. You'll need to add a steam turbine somewhere along the path to cool things down. One bonus now is that computations about how much heat should be extracted are close to correct (so you can theoretically design the build before laying down bricks). Hope that helps
  7. I'll need a save to look into this. That value of Naptha would not result from flaking though, so I'm pretty sure it is not flaking. EDIT: It is flaking, from the crossover building/tile. See below for more details.
  8. How much of your steam ended up in the upper right corner? Also, your air vents (even when not outputing anything) are known to delete gas if the four surrounding tiles are one gas (like CO2) while the gas over the vent is another (like steam). You also happen to be outputing >5kg/s liquid (when fully running) which means that partial evaporation is occurring in your build as well.
  9. When you have more than one gas in an environment, all kinds of deletion takes place (not just steam). My suggestion would be to separate the CO2 environment from the steam environment (not ideal, but avoids all kinds of mass deletion issues). You can add your issue to this bug report. It's been known for a while (and got worse when the philosopher stone and matter conversion were eliminated). It would not surprise me if a change to the gas flow mechanics, while it works wonderfully in a single gas climate, now causes more mass deletion problems in multi-gas environments. @klei.ruby, you might be interested in the issue above. Maybe the fix to temp-swapping has increased the rate at which mass deletion events occur.
  10. Here's a discussion topic to address any issues that people find with steam turbines. Please note that this fix can and will affect any build in the past that had cold low mass next to hot high mass gas. Sour gas boilers may produce extra heat now that you have to delete with a turbine. There could be systems that have been running for a year that completely break because of this fix (as you were unintentionally destroying massive amounts of heat). If your player made machines start breaking, or a YouTube video's creation no longer works, there is a good chance this bug fix restored the proper order of things (and the old creation was a bug offender).
  11. The update today fixes a temp-swap bug that was the cause of the steam turbine heat deletion bug (a huge thanks to all those who helped track things down). @Tonyroid's solution (put the liquid vent in, or over, a layer of liquid), which can delete steam mass, is no longer needed. The new update should allow you to build a steam turbine any way you want to avoid massive heat deletion.* That's right. Any design should work. You can pick the amount of steam you want (low pressure steam means quick temperature changes, high pressure steam means slow temperature changes). You can put in 2kg/tile, 20kg/tile, 200kg/tile, 2000kg/tile, 20000kg/tile, whatever, and the temp swap bug won't destroy your heat. The key problem in the past was having a tiny bit of incoming cool steam near 100C resetting the temperature of hot 1000kg steam (huge heat loss). *There are a few caveats you may want to design around, if you want to fine tune your designs. Mass deletion can occur if the liquid vent drips the incoming 95C water into liquid. Personally, I have seen this occur only on save/load. i plan to avoid dripping into liquid. A phase change bug applies the energy lost in changing water to steam to every hot tile that contributes to the phase change. If all 4 sides of the vent are surrounded by hot tiles (such as a metal tile on 2 sides, and steam on the other two), then you will loose the energy from phase changing the water 4 times, (instead of 1 time). Possible fix: Surround the vent on 3 sides by insulated tiles, and use a tempshift plate or bridge to deliver the heat needed to phase change. FYI, this bug appears to affect liquid boilers (so crude to petro, and petro to sour gas are affected as well). A gas flow bug can amplify changes in temperature. It seems to be directly related to the reason why left-to-right liquid flow heat exchangers are bugged. This bug may get you an extra 2% free heat, with the effect being more pronounced the higher the mass). The extra 2% may be easily magnified to be much more, with an appropriate design. Examples. Here is an example from @Manarz that works (and worked great before the temp-swap bug was fixed) Note that the regular tile to the right of the tuner (along with the conveyor bridge behind the insulated tile) were placed as done to avoid the temp-swap bug. We can now delete both the regular tile and conveyor bridge, and pop a tempshift plate above the insulated tile, or various other methods, to deliver heat to the vent for phase changes. (Avoid Mass Deletion) The liquid under the aquatuner still helps rapidly distributed heat away from the tuner, but tiles keep the liquid vent away from the petro. (Avoid Phase Change Bug) Note how three tiles surrounding the vent are insulated. Lot of configurations are possible. (Avoid Gas Flow Bug) This design does not try to abuse the gas flow bug intentionally. Low volume steam also means you won't have as much issues with it (as the bug applies to a small percentage of moved steam). In most turbine setups, this bug will result in extra heat being added. Here is another example, though the turbine on the right suffers from the phase change bug. Increasing the steam level causes a very minor increase in temp (the gas-flow bug). If you really want petro on your aquatuner, then just pop an airflow tile down, or move the insulated tile from above the vent to the left of the vent.
  12. When I used debug's Ctrl+F4 mop command, I found that the liquid in your infinite liquid chamber had 2 tiles of liquid in it. I had to mop it twice. I've never seen that before. I wonder if you passed some "maximum" storage amount, and then the game made another tile, and then things started going wonky. I did not see infinite growth of the liquid when I opened the game. I noticed you have several mods install. First thing I would do is uninstall all mods, try to replicate the bug when no mods are installed, and then add a new upload. Right now, this could be a mod issue (might not be).
  13. Of course. I'm glad you found the offending dupe. Here is a device you could use to take care of the issue (replace the hatch of course)