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  1. If you let PO2 be the bottom gas, then once it passes 2kg, you won't have anymore off gassing. So just put hydrogen or something else above the PO2, and you can use that build. You can also use something like this.
  2. Here's my signature (visible on deskop, but not phones). To search the ONI forums, use the full power of Google by adding "" to any search string. For example, to find a mechanical pipe filter that requires zero energy, try " mechanical pipe filter" This will return results for all of Klei forums, but will also search through archived posts and get you information that has been well known for years (while the forum search does not go through archived posts). The wiki often has great information, as well as points back to the posts where things are discovered. You'll also find a great group of people who are willing to help out over on discord.
  3. My only concern is "53.47%" I really wanted to see the math on this fact. Looks like a fun project.
  4. The bug occurs when liquids leave vents, and this build should prevent that issue. This build also prevents needing to set a flow valve at 5010g and prevents the loss of 10g of liquid at each flake. Nice concept! I love it. For those interested in learning more about said bug, here is the report.
  5. Here is a direct link to an aquatuner setup that will either heat or cool things, utilizing this bug. The link in the text works. Another bug is on the forums, namely that it removes the "/page/6/" from the code below, so it won't point to the right spot.
  6. @DaClown Glad to see you back. I have set exploring this bug off to the side, as the devs acknowledge the bug, they have actual code they can use to track it down, and so I'll trust them to fix it (or forever leave it as ONI lore).
  7. @wachunga I figure you'll want to know this is probably coming to base game soon.
  8. Direction does not matter. You can even get double duplication (1/8th on each side).
  9. Here is an exact configuration that results in duplication. There are probably more, but this one is quite simple to force. Each of the 4 supercoolant tiles start with 100kg of liquid. The water tiles are 30g each. Unpause the game and on the next tick exactly 12.5 kg of supercoolant appear in the right most water tile (having a water tile to the left where you can push the water is required, as well as having something different than what you wish to duplicate in the vacuum tile above the right bit of supercoolant - which is why I use beads and not waterfalls in my contraption). Here is the screenshot after letting the liquid settle. Notice the additional 12.5kg of magically created fluid. It's super simple to reproduce, which I hope means it will be easy to squash and remove from the game. Until then, this duplication device is so much simpler to use than the previous matter duplication bug that required a larger contraption to freeze/thaw stuff.
  10. I played around with this bug more to help you guys isolate what's going on. No mesh tile or vent is required to trigger the bug. I generated 12.4tons of supercoolant in a single cycle (a little over 20kg/s) with this contraption. The bug happens at the bottom of the beading supercoolant. There are three tiles on that same level. The left most tile has 60g of water, enough to force the water to flow right when it can. It appears that there is a race condition for control of the middle tile. Here is the sequence of events, every 4 ticks (0.8 seconds) Vacuum in middle tile 1/4 of water from left cell pushes into middle cell. Water stays there for one tick, while the supercoolant drops down. Duplication of exactly 1/8 of the liquid supercoolant to the right appears in the center tile. THIS IS THE BUG. So in this contraption, the beads fall around 132 kg. The duplication occurs every 0.8s (4 ticks), netting 132/0.8 = 20.625 kg/s of free liquid. I'm sure I can find ways to increase this rate. I hope this helps isolate the bug. For cross referencing purposes, here is the forum post relate to this.
  11. I can confirm that the bug exists in the base game (didn't test DLC). The airflow tile to the left of the top vent is required. Basically this tiny configuration gives a free 1.25kg/s geyser of any liquid you want, at the cost of running a pump full time. @EricKlei and @klei.ruby, this bug is a massive exploit (we'll have fun with it while it lasts) and is probably more critical than steam deletion. Happy (bug) hunting.
  12. @EricKlei or @klei.ruby, do we have enough examples in here for you to work on this? As said above which means the bug seems to require something to trigger it initially, and then from there it can be propagated to other things. Both @wachunga and @ghkbrew appear to be using the same save I provided, and then modifying things. The fact that it doesn't require the turbine is a great find ( @ghkbrew), and I'll see if I can reproduce it on several new saves. The temperature issue is also interesting @wachunga, and would explain why the timer issue gets things in the right temp range. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain why my manual switch on the original build didn't produce the bug. Perhaps the temp issue only matters once the bug hits. All the above seems to point to the physics/temperature simulation (maybe an interaction of the two). And it suggests that something else is happening in addition to the pseudocode provided by @EricKlei. A race condition, a deletion condition, a timing condition, or something, seems like it's off. Maybe someone accidentally touched a keyboard and added an extra 1 somewhere in the code before a commit went live. How many of you have been able to reproduce the bug reliably on your own from a fresh save? I'm pretty sure I can get the bug to happen at this point on any save.
  13. So we have an ONI Uncertainty Principle. I will test this again soon. I'm pretty sure on my slow potato computer I have been able to observe the pipes in the pipe overlay and still watch steam drop.