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  1. @Saturnus, is this the post you were thinking of?
  2. Insulation Flaking

    Found another instance of this bug, in a mod. Thanks to @chromiumboy for the "Self-Sealing Airlocks" mod. Here's one of the comments in the steam workshop. @Ipsquiggle, I heard in another thread that you guys were trying to track this one down. Maybe @chromiumboy's mod interfaces with the right part of the code to help track this down, or maybe not. I don't even know if there is a bug report anymore for this bug (might have been hid). I'm hoping you already nailed it. Cheers. Best of luck with the final wrap ups.
  3. FYI. This one is tagged as fixed and should be gone with the update. Fingers are crossed they got it.
  4. Everyone draws a line somewhere at what "exploit" to use. We now know at least one side of where @Neotuck draws that line. If you want 1kg/s, then use gaseous matter conversion. Just convert the oxygen produced to hydrogen and use a single electrolyzer. Takes a lot less space.
  5. worst duplicants

    Thank you for the laugh. Thank you. LUMP...
  6. If I were to point out how matter conversion could affect this build, would you want to know? .... My hope is that the bug just gets fixed. I've played around a bunch with deodorizers, and they often trigger matter conversion. You could accidentally exploit it and massively reduce the sand requirement without knowing it. Or one could exploit it on purpose. The nice part about your build is that even without exploiting accidentally, you still beat hydolyzers.
  7. Give them a truth and a lie. Keep them on their toes. Start with the suggestion above and then tell them the optimal dig pattern. Image is thanks to @Kabrute.
  8. Can't get pass cycle 100

    I've tried. They generally make it to level 2 construction about 5 cycles later by the time they finish.
  9. And lots of recent feedback on the forums has pointed to the great hall being too easy to make. So will this change again at release? Who knows. They might completely change the entire great hall. Anyone got a crystal ball?
  10. If you wear some out of focus glasses, and zoom in to 300% or so, it helps. Here is the matter where the heat is stored.
  11. I was too slow to answer. My thoughts exactly.
  12. I think you could use a 3 door setup to trap the hot rocks INSIDE a door. This causes the heat transfer rate to multiply by 25 (might be better than your phosphorus). I got this idea from @JohnFrancis's post below. The link should take you straight to his comment where he has a picture of this setup. It took me quite a while playing ONI before I realized how rapidly solids trapped inside other solids transfer heat (there is a multiply by 25 factor). You can probably use this to your advantage to rapidly suck heat out of those igneous rocks and put it in your heat battery. Or I could just be completely wrong.
  13. "Ideally" is the key word. Unrealistic is my response. Without a preview branch to know what will or will not change, motivation to fix pages is very low. It takes a lot of time to put together nicely written stuff. Knowing I may have to throw it away in 3 weeks..... Let's move any discussion about the wiki over to the thread below. Agreed.
  14. When I first started playing, I used the wiki to get information. With most games I buy nowadays, I head to the wiki as my first go to. After learning that the ONI wiki was never up-to-date (somewhat frustrating), I found my way here. I wonder what percent of players start in the wiki before coming here? Should we be spending the next 3 weeks updating the wiki? For example, the "Guide/Piping" page hasn't been updated since the Rocketry update. This guide could easily be updated to include lots more useful stuff that forum enthusiasts know. As another example, @JohnFrancis could add his guides page with YouTube videos to a static place in the wiki. We could easily answer lots of questions by pointing to a common place on the wiki. For the newbies, this would also eliminate requiring them to read through 5 pages of comments (sometimes quite fun debates), and simplify their reading to a couple key paragraphs. Here is one reason I hope that we get a preview to the final update, as it would give motivation to update the wiki. Right now, I doubt anyone wants to sink a lot of time into a wiki, where we know that the game will have quite a few major changes in 3 weeks. The wiki is much more "searchable" than the forums. Because of this thread, I decided to update my profile with an example of how to search the forums and find just about anything, quickly.
  15. I'm doubting this. Next week we'll have another.