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  1. This may add to your fun.
  2. Someone apparently added the following comment to the wiki today, along with a reference to reddit. "Only 1 port requires 125 °C for the turbine to function. Therefore it is possible to create setup where a steam turbine accepts steam from 2 steam rooms where the temperature of one steam room is at 100 °C and the other above 125 °C. This effectively allows you to cool a room to 100 °C. " Let's see if it stays.... On a side note, this is false as well. You don't need two rooms. A single room will do, provided you just make sure that one port has 125C under it. That's it. This is the fact about how it works, and should be up at the top of the page when the explanation occurs of what is required to get the thing to work. There are lots of ways to abuse this fact to get a turbine to work. Two rooms is one way. There are so many more.
  3. You don't. But if you make a new page, and put it in the Guides section without changing other peoples stuff, you probably stand a better chance. If you instead open the liquid tepidizer page and try to include how it really works (turns on without any checks when connected to power, then after a brief moment runs checks before it turns off if too hot or not submerged), then you will probably enter on "exploit" realm. It's not an exploit, rather it's how the thing works, period. It's fact, not opinion. Currently, what you find on that page is statements such as "Due to temperature limit it is not suitable for steam creation" which is completely false. The "factual" pages in the wiki are more "opinion". Some do a decent job, lots of others post what someone "thinks" the buildings should do, not what they actually do. If you stick to a "guides" section, you probably have a ton more liberty. It would definitely be a much better place to put ONI University, than on the forums, but it does have the wiki issues. And, as much of the ONI University stuff includes exploit uses, I'm not sure how well it will be perceive over there. Statements such as "A Steam Turbine can not be powered by a Cool Steam Vent, as a Geyser generates steam which is only 110 °C." which are absolutely opinion and not fact (see here), abound in the wiki. And their abundance makes me very reluctant to contribute. Generally, when I get a new game and want to read a manual, I head to the corresponding wiki. Most of the time I find facts portrayed about the game. Not so with ONI....
  4. Check here for a recent post on it. I put a few links in that post (some date back to before the new steam turbine was created). Back in the days, you could use the steam turbine to both cool and heat, and with the update to the turbine you can cool down any steam to 95C. The first discussion on the new steam turbine has this info it. Many people call it a blatant exploit, so it doesn't get much attention.... Links to all the things I mentioned are in the recent post. Oh, on a side topic, it would be nice if the wiki kept info like this. However, I find that the wiki does not include useful ways to circumvent "designed" behavior. The turbine is "supposed" to cool steam above 125C. What the wiki lacks is the fact that the turbine only requires once cell under it to have 125C steam to work and suck up all other steam. Things like this are in general left off the wiki. I have no desire to add them myself, as many people see these as "exploits", and I don't really care to have a wiki editing war. I could make a huge list of things the wiki completely ignores, but I digress. For this reason, @BLACKBERREST3, I haven't bothered with contributing to the wiki. To much opinion is placed, in my opinion, on the facts about the game that are included/omitted from the wiki.
  5. Move it all over to the wiki? Then use the wiki tools to maintain it there, with links to the forum.....
  6. I posted about temp averaging and eating less than 2K steam, back when the new turbine came out. I also built a plan (Nov 2018), long before the new turbine came out, to circumvent this issue. All of these builds have been labeled as exploits by the community (no surprise). The November 2018 build left open the two sides, because people didn't like "port blocking". The new turbine reduced inflow when you block ports, so it's not really a problem. Being able to cool stuff way down to close to 100C was posted long ago. What I like, @Saturnus, about your recent posts on this topic are the recognition that you can greatly increase the temp of the material that comes in on one side of the turbine, provided you are willing to balance it on the other side. With 3 ports taking in 100C steam, you can get really hot steam through one port. This I have not been doing at all, but cooling stuff well below 125C I've been doing for quite a while (and stopped posting about it basically after the first few days it came out - due to exploit haters...) Or, you can trickle in tiny amounts of super heated steam to one vent, and let 3 other vents massively cool stuff below 125C. Or you don't have to trickle anything in. There are lots of options. Thanks for sharing. @Saturnus, I have enjoyed following your builds on the discord channel. It's great to see you are quite active over there.
  7. Please write more. This was my favorite read in a long time.
  8. They draw power from the batteries and dump it back into the system. Without them, your batteries will never discharge.
  9. Yep. It's ONI physis. This thread will get you started. Note the difference between debris ON a tile, and debris IN a tile, and compare both with tile-to-tile transfer. That should help you out. I'm not saying this is intuitive, but it is how the game works.
  10. That's pretty common. There are several bugs that have much more than a year of history, on which we have no feedback. I just remind myself often that this forum is not a 2-way communication (that's their intent). This quote is taken from JoeW: "The way we look at bug reports is that they are there so that we may we sift through them and fix them as appropriate based on priority and what were working on. If they are there, you know we know about them. But it's not meant to be a channel of communication." I don't expect them to comment. But I have noticed that they pay attention. They do read stuff here. They just have so much to work on that some things fall way down on the priority list. And the backlog of unacknowledged bugs is soooo large that it would be pointless now to even try to make a dent....
  11. Don't forget that mesh and airflow tiles act like debris, and the same kinds of things can happen with them. Place a mesh/airflow tile above an insulated tile and watch the fun happen.
  12. [Game Update] - 371502

    Yep. Always.
  13. I loved the video. You've got all consumers connected with regular wire, and filling batteries near them with power so you can easily automate things locally. I love the design. It addresses a question @Mullematsch asked long ago in the link below, and gives a nice local way to deal with the problem without long strings of automation wires moving all over the base. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Now if the power shutoff bug would just get fixed..... I don't think I've seen a build that uses flippers/switches in exactly this way.
  14. Stupid-simple waterlock

    Did you try 39kg of naptha, with 390 g of petro above it? Work got busy. I'm not as active. I'm also sad about possibly loosing @Saturnus...
  15. Stupid-simple waterlock

    Just change the "unlikely" to "likely", and we're good here. I make mistakes all the time. If you see something, just test it and post your results, as done above. If a dupe drops anything hot on a tiny blob of liquid, your liquid lock is mostly likely gonna vaporize. The larger the volume of liquid, the more time you have to correct the problem. Hence Viscogel in 100kg chunks, and naptha in 30kg chunks, make great options. Petro and crude in 300g chunks are way better than all forms of water in 30g chunks. A tempshift plate, with 30 kg of naptha in the bottom tile, can help cool 300g of petro very rapidly, as the 625 multiplier for liquid/liquid interchange, along with the boost from a tempshift plate, can help offset a 1000C debri drop. If all you have is two forms of water, then your lock is doomed as soon as something too hot, or too cold, passes through. BEWARE of -20C metal gifted to you through the printing pod. It will decimate simple liquid locks made out of some form of water.