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  1. Hi all Any mod to light up the shadow alongside map borders ? Or to disable it ? My annoyance is you can build the tile next the border, but you can never see what you have built, because the shade is so dark. Personnaly I would prefer clear edges but seeing all my stuff in space, a lot more than how it is vanilla. Thanks in advance to any moder that would take the time Have a nice day !
  2. Only for players who like temporary setup, as magma biome is limited. And spread. So depending on the gameplay Personnaly I aim for perpetual setup only.
  3. Yup I know, was already regular on the forum when it has been posted. But I was believing... This bug once again came back to me, while I was setting up a volcano heat system.. In other words I was hoping things to go better ^^ It brings mess.
  4. Check the last patch (371951). Should be solved.
  5. I allow me to tag Klei then, because this bug is rather brutal... And none of the bug report or the quoted topic get any answer (since June for the bug report). @Ipsquiggle @klei.ruby Is this bug added to your roadmap ?
  6. Ooo pretty

    A bug report is opened for this. It has already been upped few times on the forum, so no worry atm.
  7. I can't stop dreaming about more useful Moos. I'm lovin' them and ranching them all the time, but as said only for challenge, when no more stuff is really needed.
  8. I rely on your experience then, I've never touched it
  9. With much more GPU requirement for sure, but with as much CPU calculation as ONI, not so easy to find one I think.
  10. I think flooded electrolysers are the only solution so far to get 100% production uptime.
  11. As far as I noticed they stay inside the machine until they reach adult size. Which is a bit disappointing as you gain incubation time with the incubator, but then you loose 5 cycles over the full efficiency if not taken out by a dup.
  12. Well I've done something similar, using gold volcano. Indeed I needed this chandelier to disappear because that was on my path to build solar panels area. I've been mopping gold for hours, then dropping it on the bottom of this stuff. It takes so much time, I would never do it again. Others smaller chandeliers are annoying too so I had to bypass them. I agree with the OP...
  13. @f4rtux Hi ! Don't you think would be a good idea to add max age for each critter ? I missed it few times, and others on the french discord also, so I think could be useful thanks a lot ! EDIT : ok my bad you see it into the life cycle, in second. Also when using phone like me it's quite uneasy to see the pop-up for cycle value. Then the way it's displayed (for example 60000 sec under the adult hatch image) can lead to think that the critter will stay in adult form for 60000 sec, but it doesn't take the 5 cycles (3000 sec) while baby into account. EDIT n°2 : is there a reason why the pip have 98% chance for a pip egg, considering there's no other pip egg type ? Usually this percent is used for mixed eggs. I suspect it's because there's a chance for the pip to do not lay any egg at the end of his reproduction cycle, but if it is, it makes the report a bit unclear from my point of view. EDIT n°3 ! : I think the image for natural gas input, when looking under NG generator, needs the standard gas symbol you use
  14. I got some like this, by accident, and each time they break the first/second/third time a dup walk across. The liquid runs down.
  15. Hi ! I tried the @Yunru set-up : the 6th MOGOM. My issue is dups are mopping so fast that 360kg of polluted water isn't enough to give enough time for the liquid to overflow the dup. Everything is working fine except this. The dup comes. He mops the pH²O. The liquid sensor triggers On, so flow comes In. But a lot of time before the pH²O falls on the door, mopping is finished, order has been closed, and dup is already leaving the chamber. Anything I'm missing ? My automation is a bit different for the bottle dropping because I just want to enable or disable access depending on the pressure. Thanks folks
  16. When it changes to petroleum, it breaks the pipe.
  17. Yup I was referring to piped O2, not ambiant O2, sorry for the misleading advice.
  18. Mmmh nop. Mines are ambiant temp. Double check your O2 provisionning or surrounding tiles.
  19. Hi This sweeper has swept rego for hundreds of cycle. But this time the system decides to stop working : (the conveyor isn't in "sweep only") No automation, in case you're wondering. The reload doesn't change. Rebuilding the sweeper changes nothing. Had to rebuild the conveyor to make it work again. Save joined. Feel free to test yourself, I've reload 4 times this save, it never works until I rebuild the loader. By OxCD's Downtown.sav
  20. Yep but what about the ph2o produced (indeed my setup is for po2 => puft) ? Isn't it supposed to off-gas more if I have two bottes instead of one ?
  21. Don't you think two ph2o bottles can produce faster than one ? As complicated as it is, it seems my setup is working fine. I'm afraid to fiddle with it again ^^
  22. Wououuuu thanks Gonna give a try. EDIT : schedule back to normal. Perfect, thanks !
  23. I will think about the valve, that's a good idea If I find space for it... If I get you're advice, it changes my setup to the one I started with, above. I've followed Yunru's setup but wasn't able to make it work...