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  1. Yopyop ! Noob's comin' !! Knowing I'm mostly (almost only) playing ONI as video game. But hey, wait a minute, no AFK at all, & just bought this game in January, the 9th to be precise. So only 106 days ago. Not that bad, yeeeh ?
  2. @JohnFrancis Volcano average output : 866,66g/s. Not that much, huh ? Can I think in adding a valve to the oil input, to reduce the magma uses for boiling it ? In your setup, did you find any oil input threshold for the system to work as expected ?
  3. Many thanks for those advices It says only Volcano when i point it, so I think it's the regular one. I've already removed the O2 anyway. Pretty sure it will not help heat transfer I want as gases don't mix with liquid nor solid. Also i've removed the ore dropper, and just set a rail loop, as wolframite rail helps heat transfer a lot. And it will avoid regolith debris falling into the cooling chamber. A bit after my message here, the issue with offgassing pH2O pops-up to me... I've plenty of cold pH2O, that's why I thought about this first, but for sure I'll have to re-think it... Anyway many thanks again for your primary idea and setup, now it's my time to brainstorm my extended version
  4. @JohnFrancis First of all thanks for this very nice setup. I've decided to use it on my survival game. I've added clock trigger to be able to manually stop the process if needed. Also 2 others triggers, that can also stop the process, if the flow from somewhere isn't continuous. A element sensor to detect if there's oil shortage for any reason. and a liquid sensor to detect if there's magma shortage (still not analyzed the volcano, as I'm waiting to finish the setup before to dig it). Aslo, I've added a pH²O pool just below, for the conveyor system to sweep igneous rock. Then rails are travelling into this cold pool, and some gold metal tile than should also faster the heat exchange. For the igneous to come out of this as cold as possible. Everyone confirm that sweeper are working underwater, right ? ^^ I've never tried. The pool is ready, i'm waiting for me to be sure about the whole setup before to fill it. Aaaaand also, and that become a bit more tricky for me, I'm going to use the same method for melting my thousand tons of regolith. So, on the other side, I've established exactly the same kind of dropper. The regolith should melt into the magma, brigging the temp below the solidification point. But I've indeed some worries before to launch the setup. Firstly, when the magma will solidify, I'm not sure regolith falling from above will continue to bring the igneous rock temperature down. It will lay on the top of the blocks, do you think it's enough to exchange the heat ? I've added, behind, diamond tempshift plates. Do you think it will help ? The regolith which will stand on the top of the blocks, could be swept into the pool, then sent back to the dropper,in my idea. I was also thinking about letting O² into the melting zone. Maybe it could help heat transfer, but then the O² will probably sneak above, into the volcano room. Last worry, at the moment, if to much regolith melt into the magma, I think that could lead the magma basin to overflow, and burn my robo-miner, and my oil puddle to evaporate. So much worry before to start this out. If someone have some advices, or thoughts, that could help me to focus and to take as better decision as possible ^^ And yes, everything is just above my main base ahah. Was not planning to find a volcano so close, neither to build a setup that imposing. Good, I've plenty ceramic to use anyway ! hehe EDIT : and yes it's a big mess around. Many stuff, passive, or futur. I'm gonna clean and try to make it look good, I promise ! ^^ EDIT 2 : I know also, on the screenshot one tile is missing on the right magma corridor, and robo-miners (and doors behind) are missing. It's gonna wait for tomorrow
  5. Erase all those germs before to sieve it... ? There's no way to "filter" materials dups are using. So you'll not be able to chose the temp of the dirt neither, for example. If they are using 200 degree & germy dirt to fertilize your sleet wheats... then good luck with diarrhea & the air conditionning of your farm hehe. You can eventually set-up a conveyor system to sweep the germy dirt into a locked room, then set-up another conveyor system for you to be able to take it out for other uses if needed. But seems heavy for nothing, since it's far easier to remove germs from pH²O before the cleaning operation.
  6. I was about to report the same. Exactly same issue here, 4 months after this report.
  7. Hi I agree the change from raw mineral to ore metal as the currency to build any conveyor bridge, it makes it harder to support the build and also makes sense as rail was from ore metal. However, I don't get why conveyor bridges are so expensive. I mean, It allows a drop of one tile. Like any other bridges in this game. For automation, the wire and the bridge cost the same as it fill the same : one tile. Same for electric wire, conductive wire, pipe, gas pipe, etc... Only for conveyor system, bridge cost four times the rail price. Even it fills only one tile also. It feels excessive and illogical. Is my perception shared ? Or am I extrapolating ? Cheers !
  8. Quote "Ipsquiggle : • Late game lag is now completely managed by game processing. No fps drop, no slow-motion, no hiccup anymore. Have a good week-end everyone !" ... Would be a dream, yeeee. :-/ I gave up tonight. Too much, was too much. Even moving the camera is a pain, and I'm feeling like I'm watching slides. My laptop is out of cause, MSI, i7, gtx1070, RAM 16go, able to handle latest games all set at the highest. Klei is the only one to be able to do somethin'.
  9. Is it me or it's going worse since mk3 ? Same laptop, same save, very tiny differences as I'm now progressing wisely at cycle 1500, but the lag seems to be even bigger... :-/
  10. The steam page mention that cloud save is enabled. But there's no effect. Moving from a PC to another one with the same steam account, do not reveal the save to be copied from one to the other. I'm moving my save manually from day 1 (my day 1 ^^) EDIT : or I must say from day 2, since I thought it was working the first day ahah...
  11. Yup. Me too. But hey, changes, even big, are part of the deal, that's an early access
  12. Hi the commu I'm looking for a way to measure exactly an amount of water. I'll try to explain the situation. I've a pipe full of water. 10kgs packet / tile. Along this pipe, many spread liquid vents. My goal is to let pass, from the main pipe, only 1 or 2 100gs packets, to each liquid vent, at a precise automated timing. (I have the trigger already). I've tried, before each liquid vent, to put in a series, shut-off and valve. But undepending the order (who's first, who's next), I always eject 1 or 2 full 10kg packets, at the end. If the valve is before, it constantly provide the shut-off input with 100gs packets, so when the shut-off opens, it delivers 10kgs packets (if it was waiting off enough time to accumulate the 10kg, which is the case in my situation). If the valve is after, the shut-off provides 1 or 2 10kgs packets to the pipeline, and the valve slowly but surely let them pass at 100g/s, till the end. Does anyone have a way to let pass only 100g or 200g, when the trigger's ON ? I thought about a loop somewhere, that could only allow 100gs packets to be part of the usable flow, but I've no idea (yet) how to do it. Thanks in advance to the smart kind soul who's gonna help me Have a nice day everyone !
  13. Bof. Not fan of this idea. Love the free sandbox concept. Draw you own story & end, no ?
  14. This bug appears to me lastly. Coal generator threshold set to 50%, enalbed by smart batteries, conveyor receptacle full of coal, priority 4 for receptacle, 6 for coal gen, everything powered. The sweeper do not move the coal from receptacle to gen. Neither dups, they do not charge the gen. I tried to move to threshold from 50% to 100% and the sweeper filled the gen, once, then it never fills it again. The reload doesn't solve my issue. It just allows sweeper to fill again the gen if threshold manually set to 100%. I am in live branch. My friend also has a nearly similar issue. He's in updated preview branch. Still tiny base, 2 circuits each one powered by 2 coals gen. Each coal gen is set to priority 9, and no one's supplying the gen. He has to put them in red alert to force dups to supply. However, since I do not have preview branch, I cannot check his setup. But mine, definitely, was clearly functionnal. Here it is, both sav. The tiny one is from my friend (preview), the bigger is mine (live branch, so MK2).OxCD's Factory.sav Cachot spatial Invincible.sav
  15. Yup, definitely agree. The better you are at ONI, the more lag you get from achieving a well established base...
  16. It's game performance related. That's not especially depending on the machine, moreover with your configuration. That's probably not your PC which is lagging, that's the game itself. Go over 3000, 4000 or more cycles, plenty of dupes, and you will see what IS the Oni lag... that's known as the "end game", when you play at less than 10fps and when each auto-save take nearly 10 minutes. So you quit... I think it relies a lot on process game design, so only devs could do something on how the game is exploiting (or not) PC ressources.
  17. Hi It seems that liquid temp sensor, in my case at least, is not changing is status as expected. OxCD's Factory.sav Undepending if I select above or below, the sensor doesn't switch its status. If you're wondering, game has been un-paused while testing I was even playing when trying to force manually the sensor to turn off the shut-off, but couldn't succeed. Save joined ! Thanks
  18. It's also a good idea, but I think it depends. In early game, you production isn't constant, and any mistake has a probability to be deadly. Uncorrectly monitored, this feature could lead inexperienced player to sink because of something critical, even tiny, remaining unbuilt.
  19. [Game Update] - 324933

    Yououuuu THAT, is a very good idea ! And that, TOO !
  20. You have my full support against this mechanism. I prefer a thousand time that the game send me a "bruuu" when choosen material isn't available anymore, than switching by itself. Aaaaand I agree also. Too much scrolling, especially with critter feeders. Pleeeease post it under "suggestion" forum.
  21. Hi all I've finished all telescope researches, every single planet is discovered. At the moment, I even does not have any rocket in space. But dups are still using the telescope like they're still studying planets. I even have a gauge, that never fill at all. Does it sound like a bug or am I missing something ? Thanks Have a nice day !
  22. [Game Update] - 324351

    Spores is coming from floral scent ? I thought it was from zombie spores... ? Quite confused.
  23. Wall pot won't rotate

    @MadameHardy I agree that's not intuitive, but put your wall pot on this right wall. It will not rotate before you click, the ghost will not rotate after you set your order, but it will rotate when compeltely built. Clearly awkward, I know. And deserves its own bug report anyway
  24. Ah yes I remember you talking about this bug and those hidden benefits you can get from it... It makes me thinking more about this option, thanks for the tip