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  1. This is all opinion. What is fact is how the power grid works in the game (in its current state, which could change with any update). Key things to pay attention to are what generates power, what consumes power, how wire load is computed, etc... From there, the sky is the limit. If you come up with a fun design that uses the mechanics of the game to do something amazing, great! If it makes other people mad and claim you are using things in an unintended way, remember that they can have an opinion. Their opinions do not change the facts about the game. @demmeister The point to the tutorial is how to deal with extremely large power loads, and ignore the 20kW limit and/or completely ignore heavy watt wire. One option is to build a 50kW backbone,which is probably more than enough for most people. Another option is to learn how to separate power grids, use the game's rules around power, and send all power through regular wires. If that sounds fun, then you'll find a lot of information on the forums relate to this. If it sounds gimmicky, then skip it all.
  2. When you write such a spreadsheet, and then discover things don't match up, it can lead to bug chasing and physics abusing. Fun times to be had. However, then you have to keep track of all the little bugs that haven't been fixed, to make sure your spreadsheet predicts correctly. These tiny bugs add up. If you ever decide to make such spreadsheet and want help tracking down errors, feel free to post and ask.
  3. I'm with you. Sometimes it's simpler to just reset the entire colony. "NO!!! My kid tapped my arm while I was laying pipes. Now my liquids have crossed paths, and I can't fix it unless I deconstruct the entire build... Time to start a new colony." On a more serious note, as @Saturnus mentioned, you can achieve many of the same functionalities that you get with pliers by careful planning. But it's a pain and just not fun to do after a few times. Same with the simple pip planting rules. Yes, I can build a nice natural farm by making my own tiles in lots of legitimate ways. But anyone who has taken the time to do this at great lengths knows the pain. In steps another useful mod. I do find the inconsistency of the current system to be my biggest complaint. If we can insta connect, why not insta break? In the end, the devs made a choice, and I get to make my choice to include pliers. I probably won't play without it.
  4. Dig out everything first with an S pattern. The return later and build ladders.
  5. This entire thread makes me think of the description of why time works the way it does in Doctor Who. "People assume that mining is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, mine-y, whimey stuff." That should fully explain it.
  6. This seems to explicitly be described as not allowed in their terms of service. I'm not a lawyer though, and I have no clue what @JoeW would say.
  7. Using the search string "" in combination with anything else you are looking for can yield quite a bit. My guess is you've eventually stumbled on most things that are known (I try to include lots of references in my posts). I spent a great deal of time with liquid flow, and @TripleM999 basically completely cracked gas flow in the post above. There are some interesting interactions with convection in liquid that I have seen briefly displayed, but I don't know about numbers. You can get heat to move upwards really quickly in liquid... I spent most of my time with material flow, not heat flow. If you haven't yet studied partial melting/evaporation (flaking), make sure you get a good education on those before you start trying to optimize contraptions. I look forward to seeing what you discover.
  8. As few as possible. I'm actually scared of heights, and physically get ill when I go up ladders. Found out in college when I went wall climbing and spent the next 4 hours recovering from a panic attack.
  9. I play on LInux. My bug report involves pictures from a Linux machine.
  10. Wishful thinking. It will hit you one day and you'll be pretty ticked when it does as your base implodes because of a power outage. It took me 1000 hours of play before I noticed it happen regularly and could identify the problem. Prior to that I figured it was just something stupid I did (not a glitch in the game). Now I can recreate the bug at will whenever I want, and also have it appear when I don't want. It's an annoying little bugger. You've been warned. FYI, it has nothing to do with smart batteries, and everything to do with power shutoffs. The hysteresis on the battery is the reason why it never resets, which is why it becomes a problem. The bug still occurs with the timer solution, it just resets every second so no problems arise. I know @nakomaru tested it in the last month to verify that the bug still exists. You can find a several year history of potential workarounds for this bug, ranging from water clocks to complicated automation systems, and more. It just requires a little google magic to search the forums (check my signature line). @TheMule provided you with a great starting point too tap into this history. The timer fix is quite simple, and allows batteries to work both directions (a plus in my opinion). @nakomaru, was the timer addition your creation? I don't think I've seen that workaround till you posted on the thread last month. It was ingenious, whoever thought of it. Very elegant and simple.
  11. My sanity requires halving the mass and storing the offending offgassing material. Losing half the mass is a cost I'm willing to pay. I'm happy that the devs have removed most of the mass creation mechanics that previously were in the game. The build/unbuild issue where you get free steel and diamond is currently an issue. If mass gets destroyed, I'm with you that the geysers/pips constantly adding mass to the world should more than compensate for this.
  12. My main goal is to build crazy contraptions. There are so many different ways to play this game. My DST time in game is over 1000 hours. My ONI time in game is over 2000 hours. My ONI forum time is ..... Is ONI worth getting coming from DS & DST? Yes
  13. Poor Ada. I see a recurring theme @nakomaru. I wonder if dead dupes can get the sopping wet/soggy feet debuff... Hmm... More testing required.
  14. Rush toilets and sink. You can build them by cycle 4 and then disable and ignore the outhouse before dirt or PW ever leaves. A long snake of pipes can store contaminated PW until you get a liquid storage tank or hydroponic tile built to eat the dupes pee.
  15. A priority 1 ladder construction order blocks them from pathing to that spot at night. No need for a rancher to move them. Just block off all ceiling spots you dont want them to sleep at and they will move to your desired containment room. Close the door when they enter and done. Way faster than a priority 9 compactor to collect metal ore.
  16. I wonder if this bug is related to the recent fix to the flaking fountain.
  17. This reminds me of a glitch that I've seen people post about infinite storage areas on reddit. Once you pass a certain mass then things start duplicating. The times I've explored it I noticed two masses occupying the same tile. I'll play with this when I have some time. This instance occurred with relatively low masses to start with. Defintely worth tracking down.
  18. I build one and set it to only accept seeds with priority 9. Then I proceed to strip mine every last bit of off-gassing stuff.
  19. Just upgrade your bathrooms by cycle 4 and never empty your initial ones. The germs never enter your world. Problem solved in a different way.
  20. There are many archived builds that do this. Enter " morb" into Google and you'll find all kinds of great stuff.