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  1. It's already implemented, saturn critter traps drop it on harvest after digesting a critter, it's more calorie dense than the meat from the critter but the food quality is lower and can't be cooked, you also use polluted water in the process. Also if the tree dropped plant meat, then it could eat itself when it wakes up.....
  2. The automatic broadcaster and receiver can be used in rockets, so we could detect when a rocket is 3 hexes away and send a signal to surface to do something, for example open the bunker doors in the regolith planetoid for the rocket and close them when it has arrived with the starmap location sensor set to give green when in the planetoid, so no more manual closing in meteor showers, and something similar if you want to use a gantry and not have it be destroyed.
  3. Thank you minespatch, i can't get myself to build the space fairing nose cone for now , it's just too intricate in shape and making cones in cardboard is hard, but... i got some new color pencils, drawing will be a bit mediocre due to pencils never making a solid color and the brighter colors getting contaminated by black or pencil in the drawing (mostly yellow) but it's something. Something..., something dusty is coming.
  4. Now introducing ¡The liquid cargo tank! with working storage for small things, shipping fluids have not been so easy, get yourself one, right now, to store all that swampy water. Call at 555 555 5555 to buy your very own liquid cargo tank. Disclaimer: The tank can store all fluids with the exception of nuclear waste and bosonic particles, do not under any circumstance store these fluids inside the tank or any fluid which could solidify or crystallize inside the storage, the tank is not bathtub and should not be exposed to bleach stone. The blueberry pi corporation is not responsible for deformations in the fabric of space and time due to the high pressure and mass concentrated in the super compressed container which holds the fluids inside the liquid cargo tank that could lead to neutron star/black hole formation. Blueberry pi corporation advises you to use the product with great care effectively, enjoy.
  5. What about saturn critter traps? The pip would get swallowed by the plant.
  6. Maybe all of those gassy moos floating in the gassy moonlet are behind some of this. *puts on tin foil top hat*
  7. I'm still gonna be sorry, anyways and i will thank you for the new knowledge, I have obtained, and as the worst thing you can have is a discussion with yourself, discussions with others are something that polish you into a better shape and make you wiser, if you take them in a good way. Thank you and have a good day.
  8. I am mostly a messenger and i haven't tried it myself but in theory it should be enough to make a pool of nuclear waste like 2 tiles high and make all tiles inside have a similar amount of waste, then you place a lid of airflow tiles on top, in the corners place tiles and deconstruct slowly the top compressing the waste into tiles with 2000 Kg, 1600 kg per tile is enough for 26-ish rads, now you can cool the nuclear waste to solidify it, when solid or liquid in the world nuclear waste does not generate any damage and doesn't change in mass, this would mostly work for plants that need cold to grow or can go down to 5 degrees for safety, like that meal wood or a bristle blossom. These natural tiles can be used to pip plant or place domesticated plants bellow, some mutations are worthwhile like your exuberants, super specialised if you can control the temperature or others. and they don't generate lag like shinebugs. for warmer plants you would need like a liquid or something to be contaminated with enough radioactive contaminants to produce 25 rads continuously, that would be more than 12500 contaminants per cycle and need to be replenished, enough radbolts can infect the liquid for growth. A radbolt leaves 500 contaminants when it travels through any medium except vacuum, you would need like 25 radbolts at the start of a cycle to keep the radiation up, a radbolt generator would only travel a maximum of 500 tiles from a generator at the max setting, radiation contaminants have a half life of a cycle so if there were 12500 in last cycle only 6250 would remain, without any bugs or exploits you would rely on the reactor of a bunch of shinebugs in a tile where the generator is, someone has already made a system like that, let me search for it. As i said it's cucumbersome but it may be worth it, more if we want to feed experiment 52-b (i wonder what experiment 52-a was...).
  9. These two features can go together. Mutated plant's radiation need can be met with solid nuclear waste or liquid waste from the reactor, the reactor is the best source of nuclear waste, it still is hard to organize your farms for the nuclear waste but the benefits from some mutations are really good, pips can plant in the solid nuclear waste, reducing the space of some farms, increasing calories per plant or lowering the temperature requirements of others. Maybe the system needs some work or a way to generate small amounts of radiation without a big space requirement.
  10. But the oxygen generation will mind, more so if a contaminated dupe delivers algae to an oxygen diffuser, an annoyance yes, but not deadly.
  11. I think that is wrong, wouldn't it be 10 cycles - 50% (grub grub rub) = 5 cycles - 50% (farmer's touch) = 2.5 cycles per harvest ? sorry if i'm wrong.
  12. They don't wash their hands with the oxygen mask or atmosuit on, this is gonna be changed in the next update, which is maybe tomorrow.
  13. If you want a good source of seeds try wild nosh sprouts, if you want to you can mutate them for faster growth, the pacu can eat nosh beans and the nosh sprout produces 12 in 84 cycles or 21 if exuberant or domestic, giving you about 0.125 beans per cycle or 0.5 seeds per cycle if exuberant or domestic, just mind the subzero temperatures.
  14. What if it's grown wild, oxygen production and water for free, if you use an exuberant (if they can mutate) ¡they will be as powerful as a domestic one but without the polluted water or sand needs!
  15. What about a lure with bleach stone (makes no sense i know, but it works) and a door, the gasy moos go inside to get to the lure and a door closes (critter sensor) when they are about to get it, the door to the outside closes and one to a sealed room opens, gassy moo enters and gets feed with harvested gas grass, the planetoid isn't very tall. Gas grass just grows outside even wild if you want, dupes harvest and the harvested gas grass goes to the gassy moo, if you want to you can mutate the gas grass for efficiency. if you only want the achievement just get him inside with the same method, they also drop meat like a shove vole and there is always like 20 flying around if i saw correctly. (i dont have the dlc, this is all compiled info from what i can see and dig info for). The regolith solar panel could have been a bug from a meteor falling in the regolith planetoid but getting into the dark sides where other planetoids are transferring itself to the other border in the super conductive planetoid, it's just a theory and probably has been fixed. do you have a regolith asteroid in your map? if not, do you have activated the tear opener, it makes a heavy meteor shower in the planetoid it resides after activated (i think).
  16. In the gassy moonlet gassy moo fall from the sky, as gassy mooteors which don't yield anything but the gassy moo in impact and a trail of natural gas when it goes through the "atmosphere". are you sure that the debris in the solar panel is not sand? if not then i'm wrong, sorry.
  17. Gas pumps don't generate heat, just the liquid ones, thats why it doesn't overheat in a near vacuum, but power could be a problem yes.
  18. when a rocket goes to a resource field or a space POI in round trip it just gets to the destination and comes back immediately, the drill cone doesn't dig, artifact modules don't collect anything, so you need to send the rocket one way then change the destination, things are still buggy so it might be that, the artifact module doesn't need power, maybe try another POI.
  19. I mean you could stick them inside a rocket if you want infinite oxygen and Infinite headaches oh the headaches.
  20. Coming up, we have a typical invasion. No more cleaning max and obey the morb overlords. (I may color it later).
  21. A new building for rockets that pipes its waste output to outer space, so a toilet but without a waste pipe.
  22. Automatic notifier 20 Cycle 84: Nikola: You know the view is pretty around here, the planetoid is beautiful except for some scars on the surface.... They've been digging for resources, overtime nothing will remain other than a dead crust. I really shouldn't think too much about it, it- it just sticks to me. Better enjoy the view, i wont see it ever again after we go. The microlab has completed the experiments, after some mishaps here and there, some good results, i saved some samples to add to my personal research, the time up here has not been the best really, stress has risen but it'll be fine, now it's time to land, hope for the best to not see Ren and a crew ready to capture me when i land, here we go. >orbiting growesta >decreasing orbit >landing *rocket exhaust increases then stops* Please dont be here, please dont be here, please, *exhales* ok nobody here, check on the egg, its fine and should hatch in 3 cycles, after that i need 10 slicksters happy at all times to get enough crude oil for the small petroleum engine, i need 4.5 cycles for all range, most things are ready, i just- ¡Nails! i need to tell Nails, they have to prepare and come here very quietly so nobody knows, i'll leave this here meanwhile i talk, They must be waiting. .... *grub grub chirps* .... *walking* Ren: Nails needs to be supervised, I don't really trust them. i just got them on our side so we can know what those traitors are doing, i need you to have an eye on them at all times, Liam by doing this you will completely gain my trust, i need my men in my side and i need a right hand to retain power and keep any doubt on these walls at bay, can i trust you on this?! Liam: yes sir, i will prove my abilities to serve you, count on me, they will never see it coming. Ren: great, now go and do your job and move on, we can't have anyone hearing about this.
  23. Automatic notifier 19 cycle 83: Nikola: great great great, i just talked to Nails and with my more convincing set of words got they to go for a slickster egg, oh i just realized, the rocket is gonna need more supplies if more people come in, ok i'm gonna keep y promise of making Nails wish come true, they might want Jones to come too, i'm gonna add a bit more supplies to be sure we can survive, now i need to get some more things ready to get out of here in the least amount of time possible. first get the engine researched, i prepared 5 wheezeworts to generate radbolts, it might be dangerous but i need that research. the first rocket is prepared to scan the sky and run some experiments in orbit, i have been collecting all the seeds from the planets flora and looking for a good opportunity to get the fauna ready, the storage of the eggs needs to be timed and careful we need all of them alive when we arrive, i'm gonna need to fly the first rocket sooner than planned, so many things but i'll make it, just need Nails to deliver the egg then i let them inside, hope that everything goes as planned. cycle 84: Nikola: the food is done, it should last enough to make a base in that planetoid its grub fruit preserve after all, i've started to research with a material study terminal, at the rate the radbolt generators are working it's gonna take 8 cycles, i'll be fine a bit of radiation wont hurt to much, tho the power drain from all of this is making me run a wood burner continuously but the carbon dioxide is gonna get consumed by the slicksters when they arrive, the space farer module is ready and the basic nose cone too, there is storage for gases, a trailblazer module and an orbital cargo bay, i'm just waiting for the slickster egg to arrive. ¡yes, yes, yes! ok Nails delivered the slickster egg and i gave them some grub fruit preserve and told them to visit me tomorrow to tell them the plan, i have the egg incubating rapidly and i had to give myself a ranching skill for it, some more days for the egg to hatch and make it happy to make more eggs, the time is limited so i'm gonna get into the first rocket to do the research and find my goal. automatic notifier 20 okay the tank is filled, destination set, orbit growestra for half a cycle, there is enough food, i got a little bit of plastic from a glossy drecko to run some tests in the orbital microlab, *inhales* it will be a short trip, there might not be a bathroom but i'm gonna be fine, telescope first then research, okay blast off *engine starts* *rocket flies into orbit* o- okay everything is fine, you are just in space, i'm in orbit, now two hex over to use the telescope, map charts are okay, small battery is charged, lets see... empty hex, empty hex, oxidized ore field... ¡a planetoid! it seems to be covered in a layer of rust and other biomes, the surface seems to be easily accessible, ok, the plan it's gonna work, now to the microlab *multi tool deconstructs* now there is space, there. Looks very professional, now orbital manual, insert plastic *beep**beep*beep*, and run test. *micro lab starts* there doesn't seems to be more manual labor- *micro lab starts opening* no, no stop. oh manual, ¡manual!, close the plastic container if opened, there, pull the lever, *lever slides*, now- *result container opens* *Nikola gets hit*, ouch!, get back into place metallic apparatus. >research porcentage: 10% *sigh* it's gonna be a long day, i'll stay here for a while, that's all for now Nikola out.
  24. What about squeaky puft farming, they are kinda complicated to farm but they are the only source of bleach stone. In principle it should only need, a ranch with the squeaky pufts and a prince puft to keep generating squeaky puft eggs, then the prince puft would lay a puft egg, this egg is placed in another room where it becomes a puft and the puft lays a price puft egg, this egg comes back to the ranch to keep the population of squeaky pufts. I have implemented this principle in a ranch but it needs further testing, you could give it a go.