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  2. as you a player i think you should not worry about that, also its just a discussion in here, they easily may not add this
  3. but if adding multi dupes to multiplayer then what use it would be about other players?
  4. in support i mean they added harmony what makes easier inject/hook dlls to game, including the simple mod button at main screen with mod menu. not every game makes that. if you talk about c# what they use then that is not support, its unity default code, you can mod almost any game this way what made in unity anyway what it means they accept that we peek they code when make mods but you still not allowed share they code at public
  5. you are allowed make mods, like you see developers even support that by added mod support to the game, but you not allowed share they code in public. soo if you need mod Simdll for your own needs then go ahead
  6. it is confusing yes for new players but as you figured out that now, then i dont see really a problem . its game after all where is your adventure spirit
  7. have you think ed about run exe file directly in game folder instead off running at steam?
  8. like most games there is single mode and multiplayer at same game. noone here really talk about full multiplayer only
  9. we talk about multiplayer here, why it should be exactly same?
  10. if you notice you can manually control dupes in game too by move them to specific place . if automation turn off then dupes will todo nothing. they could add just 1 dupe at multiplayer and you use that manually
  11. there is one thing tho, multiplayer needs server, that also means they need keep this up what also leads monthly payment
  12. there is methods like its done inside harmony self but it may take soo much your time that i think myself it not worth time. also when they change Simdll you need start over. mod inside c# its much easier than go inside c++
  13. my question is why you need mod SimDLL, as noone needed this before why suddenly you need that?