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  1. well, i not say that its not the bug. i just say what may cause this. i never self see that in my setups but then again i never build like that either
  2. it can be that he jumps to over one tile, as you have corner at there
  3. you dont need replace window as far i know , but i posted already in other thread , that i added reactor to inside and then let it blow up. that fill break the class
  4. can be that he use app like virtualbox , not sure why anyone even want todo that. but if you have really that low memory in pc then im not even sure how you are able run this game smoothly
  5. but thing is you can keep all also sealed as that for walls is. yes there is allot CO2 in DLC, i have tons off that in my second asteroid, atm they in freeze point soo they as solid , also that maybe kives you idea cool the CO2 down what makes trouble
  6. i dont know. for me seems atm DLC mutch easier than base game, if talking heat, my problem usually is more like where i get it more as i run it out ,LOL but im guessing not many played to 7000 cycles
  7. can you show image that it not work? radiation calculated by % in default . i to see that normal is 3 layers what should take away most off radiation
  8. i see that all menus have some sort lag when open those not only this specific one, but it happens when you already played sometime as for beginning everything seems just fine
  9. interesting is that i have similar in my new game what i started, i think they change this , because i not seen it before like this
  10. but you started bug report with lagging , as i see its happens sometime now in game even with base game what you use in December , if they fixed that then its nice. but as i not use testing branch soo i need wait and see end result. main reason why it happened is that one save file info was/is in constant loop , what should really only read 1 time and that causes freeze/lag or whatever you call it
  11. there is no fully merge code yet as far i know dlc and base game have two different game codes. merge happens after they finish base game testing for harmony 2. at least that what i understand
  12. interesting as it should,depleted uranium should todo that aswell have you try that? also you need keep it mind that if you have huge radiation then 1 tile protection is not en-oh