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  1. looks nice farms compared my small ones, but i guess 6 dupes not need big ones anyway
  2. my point is there is already programs for that , if im not mistaken then even windows 10 its in build, called oneDrive im self using years now the Megasync cloud, can easily auto sync any folder what i select including game save folder
  3. epic gives every week free games. that is one off reason why im using that
  4. everyone have also own opinion, you don't need protect here anyone they work for money
  5. had to agree with you. in some cases cloud is good like save backup but other than that not see point at all. i think developers waste time for adding that. unless if they learning the cloud stuff for them self. i have could sync app in my pc what can sync any folder what i select. i just don't see point off this feature in game atm
  6. as far i know some stuff may cause game crash if they go off map coordinates
  7. no because there is soo many good games in market
  8. is that a dupe prisoner? as it seems there nowhere to escape just drop there hot magma and take away his torture
  9. we not know how much code they needed change for this upcoming DLC.
  10. in my map i have 3 AETN, those are enoh for my current needs , maybe you find them more aswell but i not guarantee that
  11. there is mod what enables build the AETN self. if use that then i quess you can build more these for cooling. mod name is BuildableAETN
  12. AETN have cooling limit you just cant cool down huge mass at same time
  13. sometime ago i hunt 2 years the network exploit in app. hackers know how todo that and they trolling with that at every year , they not todo that everyday because they not wanted that its been fixed . so i just needed wait how exactly they todo that by using debug. because code was so big it was impossible track by self this down
  14. maybe he using and want cool down too much at same time or that surrounding area is vacuum