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  1. How it was not helpfull? Without discussion he not also tell that this feature can be as optional. Kid go play tetris .
  2. Its not about you but about those people who hit already they limit. 10 fps loss for them at end game may mean that they cant play anymore that save file
  3. Yeah . Freeze is that what kills 2-3 seconds and it really pisses me off. Because its possible see with eye.
  4. Oh man. graficks comes also from cpu . Its not only pathfinding . If it would be that easy we would see much higer gpu usage and less cpu usage.
  5. to you have a idea what you asking for? i hope you have 2x more powerful pc than intel 12 series CPU. or to you invented a way that game can now fully run at multicores oni disables by default allot stuff what is out off screen, what you asking makes huge performance drop in game
  6. Mineral oil is non conducting, we to have already crude oil and from that made the Mineral oil, they could add that as new element
  7. i hope soo because that freezing bug is main issue currently for hit 100 sec, if they fixed that then yes that is huge performance jump tho, from 111 sec to the 102 sec. that what i call they actually change something big at game
  8. you can play this game with very old pc but thing is that with new ones you can play longer aka bigger map more items and soo on. if you use to play like this then its ok.
  9. well yes that is true but for time that test is for100 sec problem with fps is that its jump too much, scroll to some other location you may get totally differed results
  10. there is something in game what does use multithread if its Simdll then you should not worry too much about calculations, my biggest concerns is still the drawing part what is used mostly in one core
  11. I have problem too. How i can test that in epic games
  12. You can run this game kind off ok at intel 12-i3 That should be lowest price what you can get run ok the ONI at same or even better than 5800x. But i3 have not many cores soo you cant todo much other stuff at same time without loosing performance.