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  1. Mate, this IS the place for spoilers, templates, assets, WIP, as long as it's from Klei's work.
  2. And then, on his way to the printing pod to protest about the overpopulating critters in his swamp, he encounters a talking drecko, captive from rancher dupes. The drecko frees itself and stumbles upon Shrek who scares away the ranchers for good...except that now he has a singing drecko on his side, and it sings "There's no one here besiiides me. My problems are all gone, there's no one to deriiide meee...but you gotta have friends..."
  3. I would have thought of Cacopuft...'cause you know, it's got almost everything from this lad.
  4. It's starting to look good. I'd pick the 2nd option IMO. The horn looks much better, but the body feels way too slick. See if you can fix that, by playing a bit with its outline. Add a liiitle bit more scales as well where there aren't much, to keep it consistent. Overall, it makes me want to .
  5. I would like to agree on that though. The scales don't merge well with the body because of the sudden change of color, the horn could be given that "sprouting out" kind of look with the skin slightly protruding into the horn's base. Both the horn and the scales also seem to lack a black outline...else there is one, but it's barely visible.
  6. Why not just one single, big green eye instead of the usual three, if you catch my meaning?
  7. For a moment, I thought the dupe on the left was one of Watermelen's own dupes.
  8. It looks adorable, and more alluring than the vanilla Pip, oddly enough. I love that image btw It looks so happy!
  9. It looks cute with these leaves. Now it's missing orange leafy feet. BTW, is it me or its face feels funnily out of place?