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  1. It looks adorable, and more alluring than the vanilla Pip, oddly enough. I love that image btw It looks so happy!
  2. It looks cute with these leaves. Now it's missing orange leafy feet. BTW, is it me or its face feels funnily out of place?
  3. Plated Pacu. That's a good name for a metal morph in the end. I like it.
  4. Oh, well...I was just giving ideas for the name of the Metal Pacu, that's all.
  5. That's some high quality editing you did right there.
  6. Actually, she managed to get to the top, but her oxygen was at something like 10% or 7.5% remaining. Now she trained a bit her athletics and got the suit wearing skill, so she's not as slow anymore. I got a comment of someone pointing me out that if she was heavily wounded, it would have been worse...I don't want to know the end result.
  7. When your dupe is anemic and doesn't have the suit wearing skill.
  8. Nothing against you, but that word has once cursed my days on a Discord+Discourse server. At least the mods here seems cool, I guess?