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  1. Will along with the radioactivity come chemical burns?
  2. I think it's the machine that does the nuclear research, as well as the Telescope and similar ones so just like the Telescope has the virtual planetarium, this machine must be one of the parts. @TripleM999 He took the words out of my mouth.
  3. by the standard of appearance it is part of this main machine, since they combine in design, so it doesn’t seem to be something that can be used alone or separately, as was said, I believe it is used to connect another machine that didn’t appear in the trailer when I saw it I thought it was an xD directional fan
  4. maybe I should not say this, but I so anxious to get out a beta and @watermelen671mine it all xD __ in reality I think it’s a specie of glass drywall, since when the camera goes up you can see that there are different sizes and behind the new construction there, and it’s also repeated in glass blocks just above @GnyoR
  5. someone must have already posted this, but even so, I will post xD
  6. a suggestion I would give would be that they fall into a black hole xD
  7. when you move the camera toward a hydrogen generator it happens with the background in one image, in the other a gas "bottleneck" is occurring as it passes through the interrupted gas, even when there is no reason to "jam"
  8. hahaha in fact this update should not be called QoL2, but rather FaO (Fix and optimizations) joking apart xD
  9. Tytan


    no, because automatically when the suit gets oxygen it is possible to see in the meter that it is gradually disappearing, and as soon as the next oxygen pack arrives the same thing happens until it is empty, it never accumulates and empties itself, just see how it looks like it's disabled and the ones on the side do not have the same effect
  10. Already Destroyer, rebuild, o also tried in debug, i rebooted, deactivated, deactivated and It continues the same way Sorry for recording VID_20181219_000143.mp4
  11. tá na hora de uma att a muito tempo ein?