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  1. and what is the chance to destroy the save? kkkkkkkkkkk
  2. yeah kkkk i see u on space, cowboy max spiegel
  3. kkkkkkkkkkk what a fright, I swear when I read the topic I thought you would want a saloon, I was already imagining the dupes shooting at each other
  4. I know someone must have already asked this question, but why on the menu are there machines that are not in the game? xD xD xD xD #edit will they be released in the game? or is it just easter eggs? to you what would be their function ??
  5. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni/ so they can see
  6. how are you using the mechanical surfboard and vertical wind tunnel? what is the layout of the new machines you are using?
  7. it would be interesting if you had missions to fulfill, like DS adventure mode, we could go into a cave or rocket trips and then the normal world would stop while the dupes would go on this new mission, so just imagine you have a new place totally new to build a base from 0 but from top to bottom, so if you wanted resources you would have to assign those resources to be stored, the return trip would be automatic would just send the rocket back since it left it stocked on the way out but ... what if you want to go to another planet? then you would put more fuel
  8. Atmo Suit Checkpoint and Duplicant Checkpoint with automation is totally different, if Atmo Suit Checkpoint has automation it can turn off or on checkpoit by automation and its effect is totally different because when it is disabled it does not prevent duplicates from passing it, it only prevents them from passing Using atmosuit, Duplicant Checkpoint prevents them from passing or not with automation, can you understand the difference? lowering the structure's priority doesn't work, because then they don't deliver to either the structure or Conveyor Loader, if I increase the Conveyor Loader's property they'll pick up everything they can, and if the structure has a very fast outflow of resources, they will spend more time supplying it than doing anything else, now if as I said he could send an automation signal, the duplicates would only fill him when he had no resources on the track, and oh yes, it would make sense to supply when it has no resources on the track and not when it is half-full, since it does not receive so many resources The idea of automation is to make it easy and cost effective, I'm working on it, and don't stop doing something just because I could do it in a more complicated way.
  9. Atmo Suit Checkpoint should have automation turned on, for example, let's say the biome I want the dupe to go to, but it has very high gas pressure, so I can plug in a gas sensor inside to see if pressure should turn off or on Atmo Suit Checkpoint. Conveyor Loader should send a green light when full or running so that you can, for example, shut down a structure if the rail is empty, to prevent a duplicate from choosing to insert the resource into the structure rather than the rail. and for God's sake, a rail filter, in the style of the gas and water filter xoxo
  10. is the syndrome is bigger than yours. no matter how much better you do a "smart guy" will do it and say that your are trash because his produces 1g more than yours, but aside from these "smart guys" the people here is a love, just like the pokeshells, just beware of the season of reproduction...... senão ficou claro, hu3 hu3 aqui, é nois
  11. enquanto isso meus dupes morrem de fome
  12. Screen and Gás

    when you move the camera toward a hydrogen generator it happens with the background in one image, in the other a gas "bottleneck" is occurring as it passes through the interrupted gas, even when there is no reason to "jam"
  13. Tem, não, assim como o oxigenio
  14. [Game Update] - 307409

    hahaha in fact this update should not be called QoL2, but rather FaO (Fix and optimizations) joking apart xD
  15. exosuit

    Already Destroyer, rebuild, o also tried in debug, i rebooted, deactivated, deactivated and It continues the same way Sorry for recording VID_20181219_000143.mp4
  16. exosuit

    no, because automatically when the suit gets oxygen it is possible to see in the meter that it is gradually disappearing, and as soon as the next oxygen pack arrives the same thing happens until it is empty, it never accumulates and empties itself, just see how it looks like it's disabled and the ones on the side do not have the same effect
  17. (abandoned) Always On Status

    just need to put the seasons, right?