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  1. Damn I agree so much about automated vents and mechanized airlock... I didn't try live the bêta yet, but I really hope gas and liquid vents have a "closed" animation when those are disabled...
  2. And automating the loader is useless. The egg will be swept anyways, but it will just stay into the loader, not sent. I do advice any reader to do not try this at home
  3. You can bring back mug & percolator. That IS the real main goal of ONI. Coffee IS everything. The more mug you have, the more happy dups you get.
  4. @Oozinator mmmh. I don't get your reply neither Maybe beowulf2010 dig it correctly. Comment from the OP would help.
  5. I'm not one of them, but I really agree with modders here. Modding is taking every day a bigger and bigger value for ONI. New features, better UI, or correcting awkward mechanisms, they bring A LOT of very (very) good stuff. They also extend a lot the game lifetime. While Klei choose to do not natively integrate some of those undeniably good modification (could be because of the lack of time, human ressources, priority, project overall view, etc...), even if the community brought the idea and modders the "how-to-do-it", I really do think then they must take a very good care of modders. At least, keeping them in touch with any ressources or tools modification in advance, should be a high priority, so they don't feel left behind, or snubbed. They bring a consistent added value, and it's more-or-less free for Klei. And damn, some of them are really good. And I'm talking as someone who's playing mostly vanilla, only using UI, ergonomics, and world gen mods.
  6. @Oozinator PLPS... (PriceLess Post Scriptum)
  7. You'll get back your ore when you'll switch to conductive wire. However, back to the time when rail bridges needed raw mineral instead of metal ore, it costed 400kg. This number was kept after the change we know, from 400kg mineral to 400kg metal. But this is the only bridge that cost four times the standard line price. Liquid bridge is same price than liquid pipe, same for gas conduit. But for rails, it's much more expensive, although like other bridge it just steps over one tile only. I personnaly don't like this, but my suggestion when this change popped-up remains unsatisfied.
  8. As simple as it sounds, I've never thought about using a tepidizer to keep the AT producing heat where you want to. That's not the main point of this topic, but it made my day
  9. Dozens (hundred ?) ATs, I never used the second bridge, but I never had any overfilled loop. have I been lucky ? Or is it my way of setting it up ?
  10. Mmmh. Maybe, or maybe not. All things considered, maybe some irritation is involved ? Thanks for this one
  11. Yup, but you'll miss one molt, and lime is more usefull than food, especially when you have more than 7Mkcal ^^ At least, as you said, you get the choice.
  12. 9 tiles per transformer (including 3 tiles for the floor, so 3x3) 877 transfomers means 877x9 = 7 893 tiles Map size is 384x256 = 98 304 tiles That means it needs a steam room, which is filling up 8% of your map (more, because of neutronium snipping you've got less than 98 304 tiles total), and a single turbine on top, which is going to hoover the heat over 5 tiles only. Also you'll need 175 400kg of refined metal (better have a metal volcano). That definitely sounds... cosy.
  13. Hem, one turbine is removing 877.59 kDTU/s for 850W net positive power. So to keep one turbine up 100% max charge, 100% uptime, you would need 877 transformers. (I'm not even taking into account turbine cooling system to deal the 91.76 kDTU/s produced).
  14. Damn, at least my post raises some question ^^ So if @nakomaru and @Yalp are correct, there's not point keeping them alive past the adult transition, except if you wanna trad some Pdirt for some sand. Or having them laying more egg, for more lime... RIP fps.