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  1. Up on this one. Now same bug appear with my food conveyor receptacle. Instead of moving the food from receptacle to fridges, sweepers do nothing, so my food stayed on the rail, and just rot into my base o2. Ok since I rebuilt the receptacle it brings some precious polluted dirt (rot pile), but hey, at the price of starvation, it not worth it ^^ Also it could happen at many different sites. I've same centralized storage for many ressources, and at time it appeared to me that nearly every receptacle were bugged. My whole rail system was congested... Thanks in advance for your action !
  2. Many thanks for those clarification That's what I thought. I didn't think about 2 door atop of the other, so I've successfully managed, not so easily, another door with another waterlock on the other side of the room Thanks again !
  3. Hi ! I've tried to set a checkpoint for my dups. It needs an active signal to allow them to pass. I chose the checkpoint instead of the door because even I don't want to let them to go in when it's inactive, I want them able to go out of this room if there were already in, even when it's inactive. Because a door is locked when it's inactive, they cannot go out. But it seems I have an issue, and I don't know if it's a bug or a game mechanism. Dups who want to go in, even the checkpoint is inactive, just stay at the door. And they could stay like this until the end of the working day... It seems they are waiting the checkpoint to turn "enabled". Any information that I don't have ? Otherwise, I'll have to set 2 doors... one to go in, and one to go out, always enabled... But it will be harder to do than to say because I need a waterlock and I don't have enough space :-/ any other idea ? Thanks a lot
  4. Wow thanks I didn't know. But is there a way to automate this ? I mean if seeds are moved automatically by a sweeper to my compost room, will the sweeper into this room automatically fill compost with seeds from the conveyor receptacle ? EDIT : I've tried in Sandbox mode, it doesn't... The seed stay in the receptacle (I've set my priority in order, if someone wonder). So except if I'm mistaken, it has to be done manually by clicking on the seed.
  5. Hi all. Tiny topic that should end quickly : Anything to do with plant seeds ? Since harvested plant can release a seed, and because there is many in the map, plus those given through the printer, I have hundreds of each cultivable seeds (bristle berries, pincha, lily, etc...). I would think about composting them, cooking them, or any other idea, that could make them (even) a bit more useful than just... taking up a storage... As far as I know, nothing to do, at all :-/ Thanks ONI community ! Antoine
  6. @Denisetwin how much water did you put at the left ? If you put 600kg, it should be ok with your 200kg o2. But if you put more, you should think about adding a bit more o2.
  7. @mathmanican last time I tried it in sandbox mode. It was working really well. Today i've added this setup to my normal game. It took me few hours, including some mistakes I've made, then to be corrected. Also, following @Sigma Cypher return, i've only put 600kg water at the left. And 800kg at the right, as designed. I unconstruct gas pipes before the vacuum, so i was sure to only have 200kg O2 & the water into each turbine room. Then I had an issue. For the center hot petro room. I've added 0,1g of chlorine into this room and the refinery room below. That conclude with 2400 mcg per tile. Thanks again @Sigma Cypher for the valve tip. I've closed it, added the petro at 523'C, then inside the room the petro temp quickly fall to 320'C, and it was still going lower. For your investigation, the tiny amount of Chlorine was at 12'C, and tempshift plates were granite at 12'C also. After a reload, I tried to heat up plates by using steel aquatuner just above, until overheating. No success. Only 2'C more. So i've replaced granite plates for diamond plates. Those were at 27'C. I think the temp difference didn't help a lot, but i'm guessing heat capacity did. If I'm correct diamond has far lower heat capacity than granite. That allowed my petro to do not go lower than 400'C So my petro fall down from 523C to 405C approximately, and then tepidizer were started and now the beast is running as expected : full charge. I've seen many steam turbine setup on this forum, but this is by far the only one that really get my interest (to be built). I like the way it's not using any mechanical stuff, including door compression... only dealing with gas pression and temperature, manipulating physics results from the turbine against itself. Free 4kw, and already thinking into more of this one. Thanks again a lot for your work and imagination @mathmanican ! If I'm correct about the plates materials, maybe you should add this info into your first / main post ?
  8. I was about to say the same. I'm mostly playing "legit" ONI, but still I'm having guilty pleasure to see how you all are dissecting what was simple game mechanics into pure exploit ^^
  9. This is growing so fast maybe you should post it under bug tracker forum.
  10. I was about to say that, but in a poor english, as the froggy I am ! I've the exact same processus. Some hydrogen locked-up into vent steam chamber, and hydrogen pressure's keeping getting higher and higher. I had to stick a pump just below the vent to kick-out excess hydrogen pressure. Also same kind of process actually exploited into some specific SPOM, allowing the setup to generate more hydrogen (and less oxygen) than expected from an electrolyzer.
  11. This does seem crazy. Knowing those many interesting cases study you have already done on steam turbine, I cannot wait to see what you're going to explore with it especially. That could bring a new dimension to its potential. However, careful, if your discovery and set-ups are too much exploit, we can consider a patch from the devs that could change flow mechanics ahah.
  12. Hi. I think should better go under "suggestion" topic, as it's about ergonomics & gameplay. Doesn't seems to be a bug.
  13. Hi. Critters can be stuck into tiles as dups can be, so it just seems to be a game design, rather than a bug. I think you better should post your point of view under "suggestion" topic.
  14. Hi. I've submitted the same few days ago.
  15. Yep. Submitted few days ago into Bug tracker. For me auto-sweepers stop moving stuff from conveyor receptacle to container. Rebuilding the receptacle solve the issue. Still it's pretty contraining.