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  1. Actually it heats up (a lot) 9 tiles below the rocket. The cone is 3x9.
  2. Ok it seems Blennus begins a work on his side to patch this. Indeed modding the solution seems to be the only way as Klei seems to do not take into account the heaviness of this bug.
  3. @gbudiman are you in live or testing branch ? I've reported a bug last month. It has been solved in testing branch. You can try this beta, or wait for the official release.
  4. That's not the incoming water which is boiling, that's the water stored inside the well. Try keeping enough NG pressure, & use 90°C crude oil from the well to cool the atmosphere. Or try flooding a bit the well, that should keep it at 90°C and prevent boiling.
  5. Hi ! The molten glass made by the glass forge reacts with the environnement. That makes us unable to extract molten glass without damaging pipe when forge is very slightly flooded, undepending piping material. Because a building soaking into a liquid exchange heat much more faster than into gas only. That way, we're unable to cool the forge using liquide on the floor. Also, a lot of heat is transmitted into the environement that way. I think it could be wise to copy the metal refinery property : the liquid inside should not react to environement, especially when it doesn't stay long inside the building, wich is almost every time the case with the forge. Thanks in advance for your action Have a nice day
  6. Ok so that recall mecanisms I know indeed but applying this to the glass forge is quite new. That does mean there's no way for us to cool the forge using liquid on the floor... ? Forges were made in ceramic, but I guess constructing those in insulation will not change anything. And the floor itself on my examples are insulation. And that doesn't take me out the fact that it deserves a bug report I think. Also, even if it's "well-known", I suspect many players to do not know it at all. That would make it a "well-studied" by few rather than "well-known" ^^
  7. Hi all I've noticed something during my games, also supported by the report of some players in the french Discord. I didn't know why there's interaction with the output pipe of the glass forge even when it shouldn't. I was just suspecting a mecanism to interfer illogically. So I've made the test below. 1st line : crude oil & forge at 48°C approx. 2nd line : crude oil & forge at 201°C approx 3rd line : crude oil & oxygen & forge at 49°C approx 4th line : oxygen & forge at 201°C approx 1st column : obisidian standard pipe 2nd column : ceramic insulated pipe 3rd column : insulation insulated pipe Let's start the test : Here it is, the ONLY pipes that do not break are those when there's no oil at the bottom. Even insulated insulation pipes break. So what I'm highly suspecting is crude oil is interacting with : or the content pipe segment, straight on the forge output, or with the content inside the forge before it leaves the forge. Here, I rather see a bug instead of a mecanism. Or at least, even if it's a mecanism, I would love to see it patched as it's a bug... Any opinion ? Does it deserve a bug report ? Thanks folks Glass forge bug.sav
  8. Klei, seriously, do you think it's a reasonable airlock ??? Pwaaaa ! Noooobs ! The hype is here, We're all ready to give a big welcome to this addon of what is already a masterpiece. I'm hopping up and down...
  9. Is your cooling system working ? How cold is your oxygen out ? An AETN uses surrounding gas to cool the atmosphere. But the design goal is to pump gas as soon it's out. So your AETN may not have time to cool a lot. Also, I'm wondering if, like wheezewort, an AETN isn't it cooling more efficiently when surrounding atmosphere is hydrogen ? (but I may be wrong, since AT/ST is out I've never used a single AETN, so it's far away in my head).
  10. This one, with the voles, is just annoying as hell. The simpliest ranch you have with voles, and many regolith go out of the ranch with this. This is so much fun and there's so much temptation of abusing it... I think there's a way to solve it, with the game trying first to push the new product above, but then not above again. At the top right instead, for example. Then at the center right, then bottom right, etc... Like a snail, Always getting larger. That could help to avoid this abuse.
  11. @SharraShimada I know how they are working against bug. I just assume the insolence to up this one, as I feel it gamebreaking and quite urgent, even my point of view on it may not be shared. It's been a month and half already for something that have so heavy consequences.
  12. Yup. Not a bug. Can sounds weird at first sight, but it just the result of game mechanisms.