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  1. Hi For the canister emptier, it seems that the "auto-bottle" status (enabled/disabled) isn't copied when using the "copy settings" feature. Checked gases & priority are. Thanks
  2. You are in a place where ONI fans are swarming, behind each corner. Arguments should be pretty orientated, I must say ^^ May this topic help you to judge what an addiction is ?
  3. I was talking only about the heat outcome from cooling by 14°C different liquid at different heat capacity. I was not including wattage usage/relation, or incorrect t° management (which can lead to reach min or max liquid t°). @Nightinggale your first paragraph, if I get it correctly, does confirm what I've previously said. With aquatuner, because you're decreasing temp at a fixed value, you'll delete more heat if heat capacity is higher. Isn't it ?
  4. The heat capacity matter as it retains more or less heat per kg. So because you're decreasing temp at a fixed value, you'll delete more heat if heat capacity is higher. Still I agree it doesn't change wattage. Nevertheless I would appreciate a confirmation from better physicians than me, even if it sounds logical to my ears. We're a bit off-topic, but not that much, as the OP is still about optimisation around aquatuner.
  5. Really like this one. Way better than chained aquatuner as I'm actually doing.
  6. Thanks but by convention I'm playing no mod & no glitch rules The sweeper is just here to feed ranched shove voles.
  7. I'm actually doing this, approximately. All the rego is moved into a steam chamber. That way, it's free energy using the steam turbine, until the rego reach 125° (set t°). Secondly, indeed, it allows me to pile up all those tons of rego. As far as I've seen, dups are dropping off rego regularly. I don't know how to check how much I have, but surely I've hundred tons, and probably thousand tons. MAYBE, the tile type I'm using (metal tile here) gives something different than a rock tile. Still need to be tested.
  8. Yup, @Sasza22 gave me an option the day I've post this. With a single-way door atop the automated door. Like @Saturnus have just demonstrated few minutes ago. It does really fit the needs, so it's been like this last 1000 cycles, and it has always worked as expected Thanks all for your help !
  9. Have a look on the link I've provided above. Most of us are aware of that. You can even use a clock. It's the most related purpose. And even more, not only say active or inactive, you can set it to be active for a defined cycle percent timer. That's the point of this (those) topic(s). To alert Klei that dups manual switches are not used at all because we have many alternative that do not require dup interaction. So they should, or should not, change that, to equalize automation triggers. Require dup for every change, do not require dup whatever change is made, or keep it as it is.
  10. FYI, after a reload, gold pops-up
  11. Discussed recently under the following. Opinions are differing.
  12. It seems that the OP wants the temperature exchange to be quick from left side to right side (or the opposite). It could explain continuous metal tile line. Interrupting the continuity with an Hydrogen tile will slow down t° transfer as hydrogen isn't as much conductive. Personally, I would opt for @Neotuck idea, in the case I've mentionned above.
  13. Good to hear. It does fit me, and applies to me, as I'm actually building a big setup for 3x (petroleum+LOX) and 2x (hydrogen+LOX)
  14. Hi. Here I had a solar panel. I've set an order to build heavy conductive wire, behind the panel base. I precise : panel was still built at this time. Gold has been delivered by dups, then I've decided to cancel the build. This action buried my gold into the solar panel (same cracking overlay on the panel base). So I've tried to unbuild the solar panel, thinking about it will get back my gold, but it doesn't work. This gold ended up buried INTO the space. The panel building order is my last action before the screenshot, not bug relative. Regards