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  1. I do appreciate this topic as this question also popped-up to me. As an alternate way, you can completely avoid scanner and build water clock system that allow you to time exactly when the rocket will return. Could be a manual system, where you choose when your rocket is taking off, so you set the timer manually every time, or could be a cyclic system, when the rocket is set for "auto-launch", and then you use the output automation port of the rocket to start the clock, which have always the same length.
  2. Mmmh so an AT with supercoolant ? So you do have access to space material ? That's not what I get from your original post.
  3. The thing is cooling down the sour gas to methane (as I guess your goal is to get NG from crude oil, considering the fact that sour gas is useless by itself). Then it's doable using thermo-regulator and hydrogen, but will not be power efficient I guess. You'll spend a lot more power for the refinery and for thermo-regulators than the power you'll get from the NG generators supplied.
  4. The best formal descriptions you can get are, I think, from this website : https://oni-db.com/details/prickleflower
  5. Hi all Any mod to light up the shadow alongside map borders ? Or to disable it ? My annoyance is you can build the tile next the border, but you can never see what you have built, because the shade is so dark. Personnaly I would prefer clear edges but seeing all my stuff in space, a lot more than how it is vanilla. Thanks in advance to any moder that would take the time Have a nice day !
  6. Only for players who like temporary setup, as magma biome is limited. And spread. So depending on the gameplay Personnaly I aim for perpetual setup only.
  7. Yup I know, was already regular on the forum when it has been posted. But I was believing... This bug once again came back to me, while I was setting up a volcano heat system.. In other words I was hoping things to go better ^^ It brings mess.
  8. Check the last patch (371951). Should be solved.
  9. I allow me to tag Klei then, because this bug is rather brutal... And none of the bug report or the quoted topic get any answer (since June for the bug report). @Ipsquiggle @klei.ruby Is this bug added to your roadmap ?
  10. Ooo pretty

    A bug report is opened for this. It has already been upped few times on the forum, so no worry atm.
  11. I can't stop dreaming about more useful Moos. I'm lovin' them and ranching them all the time, but as said only for challenge, when no more stuff is really needed.
  12. I rely on your experience then, I've never touched it
  13. With much more GPU requirement for sure, but with as much CPU calculation as ONI, not so easy to find one I think.
  14. I think flooded electrolysers are the only solution so far to get 100% production uptime.