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  1. Thanks guys ! Better late than never One less on the checklist ^^
  2. Is that an additional information or is it related to my comment ? Because I see no link between your info and my request. Well when dreckos/slicksters are not starving (raised normally and fed with basic food), as far as I know the 98%-2% ratio is in application. So in that case it affects occasionally "basic" ranchs with an undesired egg type. As explained I would like to see this changed for 100%-0% ratio but so far that wasn't the main purpose of my post. With pips, keeping 98/2 would mess up many actual full-automated ranchs, where eggs are not yet filtered by type. Does your comment mean that base breeding chance is actually 100%-0% for pips ? (it's a real question, I haven't tested the update yet).
  3. For the new critter versions. Can you please set the breeding chance base to 100%-0% if we don't use a modifier ? Otherwise, as there was only one kind of egg for both pip and pokeshell before this update, every fully automated ranch will need a rework to filter eggs type in case of we hit the 2% (if we take as example drecko's base breeding chance, 98%-2%). It will need an additional filter on rail system. That may especially hurt people like me who are already playing very tiny map for some very-known reasons, and don't have that much space available, or even no space at all, which indeed is my case. Aside of that, I would appreciate to see this 100%-0% becoming the base breeding chance for other critters as well, thinking about drecko, slickster, puft, etc... That would slightly lighten the heavyness of ranching, of some ranch type at least. That will not simplify designs, that may only help to reduce the tediousness of having multiple conveyor shutoffs to manage eggs. An idea if you want to keep the low-chance randomness, make it that way for wild critter only. Having 98%-2% may allow few players to find by surprise a glossy drecko wild, if lucky enough. Why not even increasing the 2% a bit to allow more wild diversity ? Still, my wish would be first to see the percent relative to an abandonned modifier beeing deep 0% for tamed critters. Make it a bit more tedious please
  4. I had bit of a different list in my head when it comes to 'really old' bugs. I mean any fix is more than welcomed, and is helping keeping this game so far ahead in my love chart, but still, some are so old that I don't even remember to have played without. Apart of that, does anyone noticed any reliability differences on delay gates with very-late game (heavy load saves) ? And/or does anyone know if Fast Track was able to do so ?
  5. Huh. My english didn't help me there. I completely forgot what the gas range (building) was, So I was thinking about any gas, somewhere, somewhat, beeing moved at a different range... so in my head it was a change in gas moving core mecanism. But yeah, as simple as your answer was, it lights me up know. Thanks !
  6. Is Fast Track still going to be a thing after Klei release the ongoing update ? I mean it seems they have implemented (some ? all ?) features from this mod, so is it still going to be complementary, or will it be deprecated soon ?
  7. Just for the sake of detail, while the range (1) of the burst does hit tiles behind the impact location, it does not damage buildings.
  8. They can't add every single language in the globe. So they have chosen. There's a lot of languages spoken much wider than Turkish which haven't been added neither, like Hindi, Spanish or French. They may have selected currents because they have advantageous contracts with translation agency, or internal ressources, or historic affinities with some countries, or else. You'll probably never know nor hear from them about it. Even less here, on an open forum. FYI, workshop is only community-made. Klei almost never natively implements stuff from modders.
  9. Clicking "disable repair" then back to "enable repair" used to repair stuff while debug mode is Active. I see no reason why it would have changed so you should try.
  10. It's not a true 100%, by experience. My actual save is a mini-base. So limited space cause limited amount of transformers. I had to use the W sensor to protect some circuit part. Most of the time, it has worked as expected. But I've seen two or three times some overloads in a hundred of cycle. I think a stuttering of the W sensor is caused when the isolated circuit is connected back, if this circuit leads to another cut. W sensor keeps beeing turned On and Off, and for a few tics game may consider it is enough to overload. It "appears" that I've solved my issue (no more overload), by using another W sensor. The first one cuts the machine from the circuit if total wattage goes over 2kW, and the second one connects it back when total wattage goes under the threshold for the isolated circuit to work without being stopped again. Hard to explain for me in English, not sure I'm clear, so better use an example. I've a tepidizer (940w) behind the switch. It's turned on - after some time, power line goes over 2kW - first W sensor cut the circuit powering the tepidizer - power supply line goes back between 1070W and 2kW (still not enough for the tepidizer to be connected back, or it will trip again) - second W sensor is waiting for the power supply line to go at least to 1060W or below to power On the tepidizer. It worked for me that way, for hundreds cycles (at least in a not too laggy save ; lags can ruin unexpectedly many things in ONI). However, if dups do have free access to wiring for repair operation, it's not necessarily a must have as overloading seems to be pretty rare. In my case, wiring wasn't easily accessible at all, and I'm clearly allergic to any damage on anything I build, so that was my solution.
  11. I don't exactly get the point but you might find helping stuff there :
  12. A leaky oil fissure at max output (which is almost never the case), needs -155kDTU/s to freeze the oil. An oil well, always at max output, needs -732kDTU/s to freeze the oil. That's at least more than 4 times a better reason to have an oil reservoir rather than a fissure, if you're afraid of the oil freezing. Again, the idea behind this object is good. Just the average output, is too low to be consistent over many other things. Same talk on carbon dioxide vent, infectious polluted oxygen vent, carbon dioxide geyser & hot polluted oxygen vent.
  13. I don't agree, but at least some people feel they find an interest into those. Even if in my pov the idea is biased. Following your words, the thing you're interested into is the heat from the fissure. There's tons of better way to get heat. At max output, a fissure brings 100kDTU/s (from 327°C to 80°C, let's say). But at min, it's 400DTU/s... There's lot of situations between those two where you'll find it mostly useless, especially again because there's many other way to get decent amount of heat from a controlled interface. And for the oil as consumable... At its max output, it's a eighth of a petroleum gen. Which... is almost inconsistent. Infectious polluted oxygen vent is a joke atm. At its max output, you'll feed less than two pufts. So for a decent ranch, you'll need additional input(s) anyway. And for the heat... At its best, it'll give around 5kDTU/s. Which is almost nothing. Do not forget that I'm not bringing an opinion to the geyser/fissure/vent itself, but to the output.
  14. Good point. Agreed. I also would like to see more variations when it comes to both average output and temperature. And above all, I would like to see a rework of many geysers, like the carbon dioxide vent, the infectious polluted oxygen vent, or the leaky oil fissure. Outputs are too low, there's no point of taming those during mid/late game. There's always a lot of better solutions for any of these purposes. It just gets you a bit busy in very late game, when you don't have that much to do anymore, for some additional fun. But what is the point of having something that useless into the game ?