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  1. @wachunga god dammit I was looking for this post, my own, when I saw Yunru's question, to link it here as you did, but I was frightfully unable to find it... Thanks to the bad searching tool What a magic trick you did xD
  2. They are in Vancouver ^^ Mistake or weird time zone reference ?
  3. My bad. Digging up to Partial Evaporation through Google leads me to the bug you've opened saying that heat could be created under some circumstances. I just thought this one was still topical and was needed for the sulfur purpose you talked about. That was the only explanation I could see to get what you have in mind with the duet flaking/sulfur. Now that you and the OP confirmed what I had in mind (no more heat creation when using flaking) before reading you, I think I'll need a deeper explanation as I really don't get how you're gonna use above duet...
  4. Ok so a glitch is needed... ? It goes against rule n°3.
  5. Isn't Sulfur mostly known for its "cooling" potential ? (as it results from oil-to-NG setup, so approx -160°C). Or you have something else in mind... ?
  6. So you'll loose one branch over the five available, but you can build the ceiling one tile down. Did you build the tile after it grows up, or the tile was there before ?
  7. Bridge here and here (it will gives Incomes and Outcomes to every pipe segments)
  8. FYI, you should not be able to use filter/buffer gate anyway, because of this I think you should consider water clocks until Klei decides to solve this big one.
  9. Touching opinion but it doesn't really change my feeling. Few bugs have already been solved by modders. Then if they're planning to solve some into the DLC, an update progress on the bug would be welcomed ("known issue", "solved", etc..). And don't forget that not everyone will buy it. A DLC is optionnal. So, if someone doesn't want it, he will get stuck with bugs into the game he has bought already ? Not the best way to promote the DLC. Finally, this content update they'll bring will come with its bunch of dedicated bugs, "normal" and not alarming, but it will also highly probably change some existing stuff/mechanics, bringing new bugs to existing ones for existing content. I'm afraid of all of that. That's why I didn't criticize the "work", but the "priority".
  10. The DLC can wait, but THIS, is the silence that keeps hurting a lot. And it has always been. I always liked, or loved, new content from updates, but I also always felt like existing content is neglected. Some bugs are so important that I cannot understand how it does not come as priority.
  11. If I may suggest, what I suggest is to post your suggestion into "suggestions" forum. https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/133-oxygen-not-included-suggestions-and-feedback/ But hey, that's just a suggestion after all.
  12. Could be linked to this and/or this