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  1. +1 same problem; still exists as of today The beacon behaves strangely. I put one beacon at the bottom of the map and it works - have layers of tiles above it filled with construction/buildings I have one in the building close to the surface and it was working but suddenly it stopped working after several parcels received. Another one which crashes the game was built at the surface - no obstruction to the view but it does not work. When I tried to deconstruct the game crashes every time.
  2. I am wondering how fire was used to control reactions??? Fire getting too big? if you mean fire="a process in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air and typically give out bright light, heat, and smoke; combustion or burning" then it is wrong - there is no fire as such while normal reactor operations. if you mean fire=heat ... There were two explosions in Chernobyl. The first one (the bigger one) was the steam one due to overpressure=overheat (no fire, just overheat due to nuclear reactions that have nothing to do with oxygen). The second one was the fire - when the shield was broken by the first explosion air = oxygen made its way to very hot graphite. The problem was not with the pumps (they were switched off as per the plan to test the regime, there is always the second loop of power supply -diesel generators that pick up when needed - actually they failed at Fukisuma but not Chernobyl). The guy in charge switched off the automatic emergency system that would have brought the control rods into the working chamber to slow down the reaction and consequently overheating. If the emergency system had not been MANUALLY switched off, the reactor would have cooled down and it would have required 24 hours or so to bring it back online. The guy could loose his compensation or job but no disaster would have happened. Human factor/mistake. The problem is not due to design - one may argue about the positive void coefficient associated with RBMK but Fukusima had another design but it did not help. The problem with idiots (who consider themselves to be very smart) that no matter what will break safety barriers.
  3. the design for cargo loading/unloading is bad or broken and now even mixed with internal ports. It also does not allow you to load until the cargo module is fully unloaded. I had terrible time transporting gases. It would be good to have a separate building for internal ports which connects to the rocket platform but has three input/outputs (gas/liquid/solid). It will be good to have a menu for other cargo building - loading/unloading/auto regimes. Currently the orbital parcel sender may render rocket cargo hauling obsolete. I did the automation with a simple timer (just connect the auto-output with input for launch through a filter) - sometimes I used two filters to exceed 200sec limit. The timing (300 sec for my metal transportation trips) was enough to completely load/unload the cargo module, bring more food/oxylite/dirt, remove waste from the habitat module. As I recall I was unloading metal and loading Sulphur/Salt also so that could be a reason for extra time required.
  4. The boss fight in ONi could be the ultimate asteroid: Imagine 22 un-dug geysers, each spawning a difference substance at a different temperature, within 50x50 tiles + permanent asteroid regolith rain + max radiation and max all germ types + special music + mythical object to discover and the world base temperature regularly alternating between -100 and +1000C. It sounds like a great challenge to overcome. And finally when you kill the boss, you learn that the boss was the result of mutation of the young scientist whom the game refers to...
  5. Yes, it is the airlock door mode. One can use the standard door and have a pump at the bottom to pump out any water leaking while the door opens. Thanks. Here is the final look. Extracted all graphite. The ocean should be great for fish farming but they warm up the water. I had about 100 fishes and temperature started raising so the cool polluted water vent was great to have in the biome.
  6. I tried diagonal building but the pressure worked laterally also and broke the tile after a while (just held for several cycles). The trick is probably to have the blob of air!!! Having the underwater base removes the need for the transit tube. Once in a while dupes can move to the surface using the ladder.
  7. It is a bit of challenge to mine graphite. The water pressure is so high it breaks the transit tube connector tile. I did not experiment to install multiple connectors to drop pressure on each one but simply refused the idea to use the transit tube. I used robominers but finally built an undersea mini-base.
  8. When I was playing I explored all but the 7th planet with the steam engine rocket. Then for transportation missions I used CO2. To transport water from the ocean world I chill it to ice and then move it via internal cargo storages - 40-60t at once. It did chill the habitat but then I alternate with moving hot metal from pip asteroid so the temperature balanced out. How I moved between the starting world and the ocean asteroid in CO2 rocket? I had an intermediary stop at moo asteroid for a fast refuel. I am playing Valheim nowdays.
  9. You mentioned that but I do not think Klei has plans for multiplayer/coop in ONI. In the DLC setup it may be practicable as some players may start at different asteroids and then visit each other when rockets are built or even trade/exchange resources. So there is a similar game we played in coop (Satisfactory). It is also in the EA. Though Klei did not want to do DS as a multiplayer game and then they released DST. We had great fun with my friend especially when were going for boss fight. We discussed tactics first and when we started everything went differently/unplanned. A lot of screaming and cursing but at the end we were laughing no matter if the boss was dead or all our dupes were dead.
  10. Trust me; I have a strong allergy for some food and I know what I should not take though I love some of this food (some I have never tried but I know it will be allergic based on its ingredients). So once in a while I try a spoon for 5 minutes enjoyment to spend two hours in a bed later. And yes, sometimes it is easier to say you do not like it then go into lengthy explanation why you cannot eat it. There is no right way to play ONI but only the way you have the most fun in. I play coop in DST with my friend and the game play style is very different. Splitting the tasks allowed both of us to enjoy the game in his own way.
  11. stats are only reflection of reality. In fact all we see and feel is just a reflection but not a reality. But the numbers provide a good reference point to base your judgement upon. Even this situation shows that we see the same numbers but everyone see a different subjective story behind the numbers. I used the numbers to indicate that not all players are happy about the DLC and I am not alone in my view. About your food example, you do realize that people may not judge based on taste but how it looks like. One can say the taste is only matter. Some pay attention to smell and how it looks like. In this particular example, imagine that you offered me a dish with some species I have an allergy for. When you told me about this I said "I do not like it, I do not even need to taste it" (the food taste can be good but no matter I will feel bad about it vomiting in my bed if I eat it). I have an allergy for dupes dying and when the player cannot cure it. It does not matter the sauce it will be under. I know the base dish/game well enough to avoid "dead dup from radiation" sauce. People rely on some knowledge without always testing it - in fact it is the most of the time. Do not touch naked wires - have any one tried to check what will happen if you touch, do no use narcotics - some tested and plenty of other examples. Of course, promises and expectations are very different but they are walking close by. Expectations are based on promises (real or imagined), on past experience (this where Klei delivered well above) or other references. I do not recall Klei to promise delivering anything they did not do; however, they built expectations through their outstanding performance. There is a curse of overachievers and that what really moves something outside the commonly accepted boundaries.
  12. Well, I read comments on the forum before I started r/a and learned that: Dups are dying without any means to treat them. Ok it was corrected later on but what devs were thinking releasing such in the first place? There are internal testers and there is a simple common sense. They have already made a similar mistake in the past when dupes were dying of diseases, they scaled it down and now again. Why some people do not like to play with dead dupes and stop playing the game - this question should be discussed before repeating exactly the same mistake (or not mistake - depends on proportion of people who like one way or another).. Yes, they rely on experimental branch testers but they have some limits. If the game are too buggy, have some not well thought features the testers will switch to another game (this what is happening to some extend). What do you want to say? Do not trust what is written on the forum and check everything yourself? Then what the forum is good for? There are millions of games in the universe, I do not try all of them, I rely on other sources including the ratings/references/recommendations. The logic is simple - people provided some features on the new update, I did not like how it sounded - I pointed that some players including myself would not like such things (it looks like devs have already changed it meaning that I was not solo and MANY players did not like it so Klei was fast enough to correct it). I had enough in-game disappointment when I did not check forums but (for example) flew to Moo planet to be vastly disappointed that there is nothing there which can be a remotely interesting (at least it is my opinion). Klei through the years built some expectations, the expectations may not match reality. My duty is to say what I like or do not like (as well as any can do the same) to devs. It is up to devs to correct it or leave it as it is. I do not understand some forum fanatics jumping over and trying to protect Klei (not your case, for clarity). Opinions vary and everyone has rights to express his/her opinion. What did I write untrue? I stated my own feelings not implying it will be applicable for everyone. My tone was no where close to be rude (it was aggressive in a good way - some may associate aggressiveness with a bad thing but it has other meanings and one is to be assertive/getting things done). Yes, it was clear for me that I do not like to play a game where dupes will die without any reasonable means to save them. Even though Klei corrected it, my perception is still getting worse as they should not release such even for Beta tests. The r/a was not the only point for me but it was the last straw. Rocket update was not done properly in my view, maps are too small, etc. I still like the vanilla game and my expectation was that they could build on it very nicely but this is my opinion and you may not agree on that. Stats are stats. You can trust them, you can hate them but they do exist. There are hundreds of recommendations and I do trust them. I like steam recommendations as I mentioned you cannot fabricate them (one per game bought). No matter how old is game - the point is most of this recommendations (or dis-recommendations) are coming from people who already played ONI (for years). One would expect already high score as the players have already been filtered - the ones who liked ONI and bought DLC. There is a high probability that the one who likes ONI will like DLC but this is not the case. I would see it as a troublesome signal but again it is up to Klei marketing team to decide take the numbers into account or not. Cyberpunk has nothing close to ONI (one thing in common though the devs also created my favorite games. I did not buy Cyberpunk but was waiting for the release). It was just an example how things can get ugly fast and also about managing expectations. Klei raised the bar high. I still have full respect to them though I am disappointed with recent decisions. Ok, good thing we have only one disagreement. Let's go over it. I wrote a reply to Sakura - aggressive is not necessary bad. If you like assertive better, we can use this one. Now let see the wording in the message. It is nowhere close to be rude. I am just venting out my frustration about the recent changes or what has not been done - the things that many players were asking (not only me). Of course, there are many devs in the world who do not care about player feedback "take it or leave it" approach may also be a way for devs. However, I would not waste my time to write anything to such developers. Klei is a different story. I hope that they pay attention to this extended "fight" and may do some changes and finally all of us will win: players who defend Klei, players who desperately want some changes, Klei itself for making the game better. I do not take it personally as even negative feedback serves well in the story - create more force for Klei to look seriously at the issues (and here is my assertive way to get things done). Unless someone goes personal and then this goes outside of this little game and I can play offside also.
  13. This clearly comes to another level - the scholars, are you coming from Dota? Go and do your homework first. Do not bother grown up people with your nonsense. I read one post in the stream chat, a person complained that he went to Klei forum asking some help and got engaged with two fanatics (obviously not working for Klei) who "protected" Klei properties without given any thoughts. It looks like I know the nicknames by now.
  14. Pether, you do realize that when the product is finished it is already too late to be mad. It is good to be mad while EA as the developers may tweak the product to fit a broader player group; hence, sell more copies and get more money at the end. Look at Cyberpunk 2077 story. They have at least two legal cases (one in US and one in Europe) for misleading marketing, broken promises, delivering unfinished product but it does not help majority of players who bought the game - too late. Regarding the style. I doubt there are sissy in the marketing department of Klei. It is good to have a negative comment on your product while it is being still under development - you have plenty of time to change it or not (if you see that it does bother only a negligible segment of your market). It is much worse when customers calmly work away. I indicated the problems (offered some solutions but obviously could be other options), it is up to Klei to decide to check what changes are to be made, how big is the group of customers who want these or another changes, how many man-hours to spend on one or another problem. Players were asking calmly for years for Moo reproduction in the vanilla game. I do not think it is difficult to implement. It became an anecdote of ONI (people may not need it anymore but just do not understand why it was not done properly at the first place).
  15. One can question the numbers but they exist. Is it statistically viable? Well the ONI player population is relatively small (and of ones who bought the DLC is even smaller), so the numbers are quite accurate. If you were close to marketing, I would go into explanation about focus groups and random samples. If you imply that the game is not finished yet, many games are in ongoing update stage (so they evolve constantly) so the current review snapshot depicts the current game status and changes drastically with new updates. Here we have two different versions: ONI and stand alone DLC and people see them as two different games; so there is no statistical effect to the vanilla game. The steam recommendations are good in a sense that only person who bought a game may leave ONE comment either positive or negative. One cannot post multiple recommendations and hence shift the balance one way or another. Many will not bother with either positive or negative feedback. There is no sense to argue whether they like or dislike the DLC. I did not get you about your point. I thought that you (as an intelligent person) want to apologize that you misread my stat post but "imagine superiority"...