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  1. "the radioactive asteroid field should have more mass & uranium ore content, and that solid CO2 in many of the fields should be replaced with something at least a little more useful, like the Ice" I agree with Electroely the uranium ore recovery should be at least equal or more than a full usage of one research nuclear reactor. I still think that all materials should be available through POIs including niobium. The amount can be tiny but the option is good to have for some. It takes a lot of cycles to cool down niobium asteroid in order to get access to the volcano. Even if there is an easy, alternative way, players will still go for full development of all asteroids when there is not much left to do on the main asteroid.
  2. Space research: Orbital research station animation is cool, I would not like to loose it. The current status is perfectly ok but if to change it - I think the idea with databanks is good. Dups collect databanks by: exploring the space, every new celestial body discovered (by telescope, landing on a planet, etc.) awards some databanks. One can still use orbital flight to collect databanks but it will yield diminishing results. And then there is another building that converts the databanks into orbital research points. We have already this building - the space research station (the old one). Nuclear research: I like the old design station and the mechanic is ok. It can be split in two parts - nuclear research with old building (the green one) and material research with the new station. So you do all basic things with the new station and when it is high tier/nuclear only related, it can be done with old one. Again it is not critical and may not require any changes to the current model. Now that the conveyor chute moved to the right place (not requiring either nuclear or space research) there are no major drawbacks to focus on.
  3. animal mutations bio module for rockets and possibility to collect bio materials from the space POIs (mainly I am looking for worts but also it will be good to get some animals that were not worldgen - like we did not get pips in the Classic start but we could get them from one of the POIs passive sources of radiation for mutant farms radioactive waste management (it can be combined with above - let's say we can process the waste to become solid tiles at normal temperature with a long time of half decay - or make shift plates from this material) command module automation, signal transmission
  4. It was reported by one player on steam; he had a similar problem and had enough disk space until he realized that saves were done on another disk which was almost full!!!! I also had saves on another disk (I had like 4 disks at once on one PC - a mixture of HDD and SSD). When the disk had bad sectors I experienced the problem (I do understand you have SSD but not HDD I had but still).
  5. I believe with the recent update this topic becomes outdated Now, hurray, we have renewable source of all ores including Uranium
  6. About your idea to use it for a rocket engine. You probably know or got to the point - but chlorine is used in rocket fuel production!!!! you get hydrazine, salt and water (all can be used for game purposes) from urea (or ammonia) and salts hydrazine is used as a component in rocket fuel. So to say the hydrogen rocket in the game is equal to hydrozyne rocket in reality. The only problem is that Cl is not used up in this reaction. But it can be in the game mechanics..... It can be a great idea to use hydrazine in hydrogen rockets as the temperature range is +2 - +114C (so it is liquid at normal temperature). So an alternative scenario is possible for hydrogen rockets - similar to oxygen part (fertilizer, oxylite, lox). thinking about in-game implementation I think a new chemical reactor is to be introduced in the game which processes materials for example here, you can pipe-in polluted water, bleach stone and pump-in chlorine to get an alternative to hydrogen fuel which can be pumped into a rocket. As byproducts you may get salt and clean water. Ammonium Perchlorate(NH4ClO4) idea is also perfectly viable..... it was used on small/earlier version rockets - solid fuel type.... actually there is not need for a new building - we have one already - the forge! so just one more receipt to add it works similar to super coolant production, for example but this time you add p water, bleach stone and chlorine (bottled) and get new fuel for rocket engine, salt and water (can be spilled out or steam like). however, it cannot be really automated - a lot of bottles but then a player does not need to deal with isoresin for a while and liquid hydrogen.
  7. Hi, Babba, I have one more usage to add - I really like chorine for DLC for one major thing - free sand!!! and as an added bonus a happy smile of dup faces when they use table salt. As there are not meteors and sand is still in high demand. I make a room and then plant dasha saltvine by pips. No maintenance needed - the plants consume all chlorine a vent produces, grow and then drop salt without any dup intervention; then the salt can be processed into table salt and sand. here we are; there is a mod for pip planting on any tiles but this can be done with proper planning and preserving some natural tiles for the pip planting. Dasha saltvine plants drop the salt after several cycles, it can be automated to pick up salt for processing further. As you can see some plants are not growing as it is not enough chlorine for them. Puffs can be in the same room and produce bleach stone (you also can automate collection but rails should be in walls to prevent chlrorine vapours from transportating the bleach stone. all my puffs are wild - the printing pod is there; when I got a puff egg or baby I print it on this pod And to add - I really like to plant dasha saltvine at the bottom of the base to clean air from chlorine - see on the bottom right - just one natural dasha saltvine completely remove any traces of chlorine in my base. I collect CO2 for slickster feeding at the bottom right.... you may want to mutate dasha to increase its temperature top to above 60C of chlorine vent. Alternatively some cooling will be required (but it is minor as chlorine does not propagate/accumulate temperature well. I did not chill the room for like 1000+ cycles.
  8. I thought about some people who want to make the game harder (I am not a part of this group, I actually think that the game offers enough problems to overcome). Clearly there is a group of people like that but I cannot estimate the size. One obvious option will be to have more options at the game start (like in DST you have more than dozens of options that you can change to alternate the game to your liking). All options may have an extra - above the hardest setting - let's call it impossible (I have never played for ALL options set to the current hardest level by the way). Another option came to my mind (it is implemented in many games) - just have preset options (like survival? no chance) with maps that are not "ideal" (those preset options may change game mechanics to make it way harder - like bacteria and radiation start killing, all mechanism require 3-5 times more resources to operate/produce per unit (like launcher will need much more bolts to send parcels, research stations will need more materials, no water vents or reduced in the number or output, etc.), rockets will have one hex less travel distance so you need to build hydrogen/radbolt to reach remote asteroids, 100 times more radbolts to fill up the rocket), no farming or severely reduced farming in space hexes, etc. This group may create a new thread and exchange ideas how they want this special regime to be.... and Klei may consider to implement the technical plan in the game or modders will make such mod for sure.
  9. If to vote, I would go for the old design; it is not critical obviously.
  10. "It is definitely a problem with my machine. Playing on Geforce Now everything is fine." I had save problems in the past: 1. Cloud savings - bad internet connection 2. The game got frozen with the message window you had, I waited for like 15 minutes and finally it saved the file. But this was on like 4000 cycles, you have 50 cycles in the last play.... 3. I had bad sectors on my HD (old HD but not SSD) that prevented me from normal saving and not only ONI. As I understand it is a problem not only with autosave but also when you try to make a save.
  11. I have just tested in the sandbox. Room -9C, CO2, Food +20C -> counted as refrigerated (so only surrounded temperature is taken into consideration, this is what you complain/concern about) Room 22C, CO2, Food -100C -> deep frozen; hmm, you are right. so it takes food temperature rather than surrounding temperature. When food temperature reached -18C, the status changed to frozen (again the food temperature rather than surrounding). If you put cold food into warm places, it register food temperature as the reference point if you put warm food, then it will take surrounding temperature. Probably the algorithm works like (min(T(object), T(surrounding at the tile)) = RT; if RT< Freeze => status=frozen So it may not be a bug but just what devs wanted but obviously it should be described/clarified. Like the reference temperature to determine the food spoilage rate is calculated as a minimum of either food itself or the temperature of the tile which the food is at. refrigerator is just one small room located in a bigger storage room; if Klei have an exceptional mechanic for it, then it can be kept as it is.
  12. I think majority of people really like the old rocketry and this is why the vanilla game has so much support from the players. I love the new update and the way it is done. Now we have ALL renewable sources and an interesting way (for some) to collect them, also it makes petrol rockets needed (may be even hydrogen); in fact all rockets gain more usage. I saw your suggestions for dups to collect resources through manual mining in jet suits. People got concerned about micromanaging aspects of this idea. I also saw your complaint that interplanetary launchers are too powerful and render rockets useless. Now you are saying the rockets are too powerful and make dup labor useless? or it is an incorrect interpretation of your ideas? Two camps - some people like building aspects of the game, want to automate every process. So they undertake a project, complete it and move to the next one. some like sim option, so one can manage dups (like space sims), see how they react to different conditions (stress, cold, heat, bacterias) yes, it is generating on worldgen, so all players have to start again. This should not be a problem - we are in a testing stage so every one is aware of it. Klei could make a random/dynamic option instead OR additional to this. Klei knows how difficult it is for them and player computers. If "instead", the first group of people will not be happy as you cannot automate it (even now it is hard to automate until we have pilot panel reworked with more option to pause the rocket at some space map tiles). You also will loose predictability to collect needed ore (for example, uranium ore) to sustain your nuclear plant. if "additional", then it may be a good addition, let's say a minable comet traveling slowly through the map. But there will be people who will be against the POIs as there are comets for renewable resources. They will say, there is an easy solution as POIs are stationed and they do not go for comets so they like the idea as it is a bit harder for them. They will ask to remove POIs option. Again a conflict of these camps.
  13. interesting idea; can you share your setup with beetas? you need to feed them with uranium ore constantly or the hive will die? The problem you mention; what if you put a thin layer of supercoolant and then the beetas should not enter the tile with the thin layer of liquid and you get the radbolts traveling through the tiles?
  14. you are right; this is how it is now; I refer how it will be if Klei changes it to accommodate some player requests for food rather than surrounded temperature reference point for spoilage....
  15. It was clarified that it is a surrounding temperature matters rather than the object temperature by Klei. I do not know how difficult and mainly processor consuming to route it to the object temperature. The game play will slightly change but not to a major extend - you will have spoilage going till the object temperature goes below -18C. So you will always have a bit spoiled food. On another hand, if you move it by conveyor from the cold place it may remain fresh for longer as it may still have frozen temperature. So it will be hydrogen filled storages to drop temperature fast and to very low. And yes, vacuum then will go. You will succeed in getting rid off one simple food storage option. Then it will change mechanics in refrigerator - the food in refrigerator gets spoiled at fast rate till the temperature of this food drops to 2C. You need to take into calculation all mass /temperature exchange also. So the new coming into the fridge food may warm up already fridged food and get it spoiled. Atmosuits, I am happy it made you thinking for details. It was no brainer for me but I did not feel to dig into that: 1. Yes, you need spare ones, I have just added 2 more, no precise calculation is needed. It may be more scientific for some - like calculate the distance from the checkpoint to the building to repair or move repair unit closer to the checkpoint. You may run without any spares, it will be just some small windows of downtime for suit repairs (I have priority 9 for repair and suit storage module - it is done quickly and does not create much downtime in my case). 2. That one is easy - you clearly want to avoid situation when you cannot get access to the suit repair unit if the last suit is down; so it is before the check point. 3. You will not squeeze the forge into the rocket - it is simply not necessary but you may have spare materials to build one at the destination point + some spare parts for repair or one-two extra suits. More like a micromanagement for me that a real strategic decision. 4. Yes, I grow thimble reeds at each asteroid except the niobium one but the main reason is seeds that I use for fish ponds. I extensively use CO2 rockets as taxi and just loaded reeds to the rocket internal bin. so I accept your point - it enriched the game for you when you thought and managed all the issues above. I am glad that there are options though and one is to turn it off.