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  1. seems like something a skill master in programing would overknow about or overflow around
  2. Mom pockeshell is not gonna be very happy about her egg being stolen....
  3. things like that only happen to meep, never let him touch a rocket or outer space.
  4. what about an RTG, a radioactive thermoelectric generator, it would generate lots of radiation by using uranium, maybe a bit of power since these in real life are used to generate power but if there is a leak they can emit radiation.
  5. It think they enrich phosphorus from phosphorite, by breaking part of the phosphorus to enrich the other part, then the radioactive isotope of phosphorus turns into radiation, the atmosphere they cool is used like heavy water in reactors to moderate neutrons.
  6. erm, i feared this will happen, they take a bit of time to make, i may make a small solid oxidizer tank next, as for the delivery you can go to your closest delivery company and say the secret words.
  7. Gulp fish store polluted water inside of them, when they transform it into water that water is stored for a while inside of them, when the water inside is enough they just let it out, when they die with water or polluted water inside they drop them in bottles. Maybe raise the temperature a bit if you can, they will still have more chances of gulp fry eggs when they are less than 5° Celsius, a bit finicky but kinda worth it.
  8. ¿enjoying your new rocket? mae, you just now need a solid oxidizer tank and solo spacefarer nosecone. ¡Small petroleum rocket now available at your local intergalactic store for only 200 refined metal and 5 D (dupe coins)! "commercials music starts playing" (Please don't buy, this took so much time to make) it's 90% recycled materials. call at 000 000 0000 to buy your very own small petroleum rocket.(please not) Disclaimer: fuel not included, it is not able to fly, does not obey laws of physics, may cause irritation, eventual overheating and possibly death, blueberry pi corporation is not responsible for any injury that the toy may cause to the user.
  9. the mist would be a liquid very volatile, it would evaporate at normal temperatures (for your base) and would have a very small specific heat capacity changing temperature quickly, the spiders could generate a tiny amount of heat that would boil the liquid into mist.
  10. ashkan has made a snowman with stuff that he has found, what he doesn't know is that he used some enriched uranium in his snowman. have some snow man in the start of the summer or start of winter in the south hemisphere.
  11. for your answer about the snowman i've made this crushed ice man. enjoy.
  12. oh yeah if found where the crushed ice came from when i looked at a new world with the same seed in sandbox mode, it's very rare, thanks degr for shining a light into this mystery.
  13. it's where the blocks of ice and crushed ice formed, thank you.