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  1. Nor is the "start new topic" the search function.
  2. For the same reason stated upthread... Not that I understood it. But as to why spend power? Because sometimes you need a reservoir of infinite size.
  3. I think we're all really over-thinking it, no?
  4. But but but! @mathmanican hasn't built a super-massive exploit machine out of it!
  5. I think you meant to wire the bottom input to the NOT's input, not its output?
  6. Couldn't you just tie a shut-off to a sensor so it only sends 1 packet every 2 ticks? ... Thinking about it, is there a reason a valve set to 50% doesn't work?
  7. I would, just so I can go: "What's powering the battery? The battery."
  8. I think we could, if we just use small enough numbers. But we're talking the likes of 1g packets. I might just set up another experiment with that, as it was my first build. The biggest problem is just the time it takes to confirm it's not just because of the difference in thermal mass.
  9. Alas, an abject failure. It must track it to too many digits.
  10. Here we go: Each of the tanks holds brine at 9.1c. There's a tepidizer keeping the oil at a minimum of 50c. The valve sends half of the output back to the input, to help maintain temperature. Let's see where it goes.
  11. Oh yes indeed. I'm working on a massively oversized one that doesn't have any external cooling as a proof-of-concept. ... It's taking a while to fill.
  12. Ah but that's the thing, it requires less cooling, because the temperatures are averaged and then rounded each time water enters the tank. For the record, both systems heated up enough to require the aquatuner to cool them. The left system needed it twice and was heading towards needing it a third time before the right even had it's second.
  13. automation help

    An alternative would be a 20 second buffer leading into a 10 second filter. This would cause any signal to generate a 10 second pulse, although any additional signals will extend the first. Hence why Tony's questions are so important.
  14. Results are in: A clear win for the storage tank. And that was with just ~2kDTU/s. Now excuse me while I continue to get distracted by Starsector.
  15. Just a simple test to see how many smart batteries of power having a full storage tank in your cooling system saves. Here's the initial setup: Each system will initially be full of brine at 9 degrees. Brine above 20 degrees will be sent to the aquatuner to be cooled. The left hand side is just a loop, while the right hand side has a full storage that the brine enters before circling the cooling loop/ The cycle is about to be 104, will update at cycle 154, and 204. EDIT: Overly optimistic, update at cycle 129