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  1. "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Due to robbing you of your budget.
  2. Now O2 masks are in vanilla my airlock designs finally have a use! XD
  3. Why though? That's already exactly what happens for connecting pipes and wires. Why should the inverse be any different?
  4. Performance will remain low until release, because of all the debugging code running. Testing builds are worse than stable releases, so if you're struggle for performance, don't use the testing branch.
  5. Soon we'll have stowaway Pips for those with Big Terra starts! :P
  6. Not at all. Same as before, you just have to actually cool it (and thus build a cooler) before sticking it in a vacuum.
  7. Feedback: There is not a strong enough emote for how pleasing this is to hear.
  8. But... You're not going to, because that would require having more than just an opinion. Got it, subtext read.
  9. I feel unreasonably vindicated. Much love. Space stations man, space stations!
  10. In case it hasn't been pointed out, you can still replace the windows of a habitation module to escape the intended borders of a capsule.
  11. Respectfully, I disagree. With the variable max capacity it's in fact very useful.
  12. Notice how one says "through walls" and the other doesn't?
  13. The obvious solution seems to me to be to refer to the object's temperature rather than the cell's.
  14. Yeah but that includes stuff like jam, which would take years to go off, even unrefridgerated.