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  1. When first learning about cyber security, I remember the lecturer said "the most secure system is a literal brick. Unfortunately, you also can't do much with a brick."
  2. It depends where you want maximum uwu at.
  3. Hatches in the door

    Another reason to favour doors over open-space ranches:
  4. Hatches in the door

    You can open the door periodically to let them feed (and lay eggs). As long as the door is open for around 40% of the day (but in multiple openings) each hatch should lay a single egg before dying.
  5. Hatches in the door

    Because open ranches aren't actually open. It'll keep track of how much space is available despite it not counting as a room for any other purposes. That and because the smallest door ranch takes up three spaces total (excluding automation).
  6. Have you tried them? Because at least mine works in real time. (If you're super germy you could set up two in parallel and only have one active for half the day.)
  7. @OxCD Thanks, I guess I can't wait for people to read the bloody FAQ.
  8. Any mod for alarm?

    Perfect because you can customise names too!
  9. You can throttle flow with a valve (with excess feeding back in before the stacker).
  10. It depends on the build I guess. With a constant flow, sticking the above in would truncate the end and delay the start, but nothing else.
  11. If valves are unreliable for not working on Portal 3 not splitting smaller packets evenly, why not just stick a packet stacker in-line so that it only receives full packets?
  12. The hardest part's probably the last. To start with build the core storage bit in position beneath your water, I suggest using a vent to add gas so you can seal it up completely: Then the last, and hardest part. From the water side, connect it up (be careful to make sure the highlighted block is mined last):
  13. Yup, definitely not what I suggested, definitely not a new suggestion. Definitely not exactly this design with the useless bit removed: Definitely not the left design just mirrored: And oh look, there was only three designs I proposed, and this was the second. And as for this... No, just no. I've offered three designs, one of which was just a reworking of another, all of which had potential to work (one of which does without further modification). Nonconstructive would be someone going "No, that doesn't work. I'm not going to test it, but it doesn't work. I've *waves e-cock* experience in this game." Note how each time you brought up a way it could fail, I fixed that issue. That, unlike your behaviour, is textbook cooperative. EDIT: For those of you politely reading along, here's a cleaner picture of the four gas system (right), and a working three gas system (left). Both will never fail (regardless of how long you've been playing ONI ).