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  1. Somewhat unsurprisingly, this is still the fastest design, for those who use the requisite mod.
  2. I wasn't kidding, you can help cool the turbines by shipping raw egg through it until it becomes omelette!
  3. Yeah, blame the archiving system. It's also why searching in house is pretty much useless, and even Google's fiddly. I had thought about a megathread, but I'm lazy enough that I'd probably still need content less posts to keep it open.
  4. It's kinda automated, what with the feedback loop, just mechanically instead of digitally.
  5. Yes there definitely is. What Steve fails to point out is that unless you've automation preventing consumers from running at the same time, you run the risk of them doing exactly that, and thus overloading your wiring. Branching off with transformers means that if you exceed the peak, that branch will simply brown-out, rather than overload.
  6. The power Spikes would be the bunker doors. Powered doors only draw power when opening or closing, iirc.
  7. With a broken image link? :P E: That'd be just me. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at?
  8. Because dedicated buildings suck, and you should feel bad for recommending one :P
  9. Oh poppycock, I'm running out of different geysers to use. Uh... We don't need no reproduction, we need a Gassy Moo Vent!..?
  10. Oh and don't forget to ship raw egg through your turbine chamber for free cooking to omelettes :P
  11. Since you covered your first 20 minutes, so shall I: Step 1 - Select Terra Step 2 - Reroll one or more dupes Step 3 - Go to Step 2