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  1. No-one's forcing you to use, or even play the DLC at all. (This also applies to the base game, since it sounds like you have issue with that too.) But as an aside, you're not going to win a lot of support, or even unbiased acknowledgement, when you open with trying to minimise the scale of theoretical opposition.
  2. Better yet: Have a simple loop, that a radbolt only passes through if the device is full. That way you both know when the device is full, and don't waste the test bolt.
  3. Why though? That's already exactly what happens for connecting pipes and wires. Why should the inverse be any different?
  4. Yes it does, because one also requires wires heavy enough that I'd have to invest even more time in it :P
  5. Performance will remain low until release, because of all the debugging code running. Testing builds are worse than stable releases, so if you're struggle for performance, don't use the testing branch.
  6. Conveniently ignoring the latter half that you snipped, where an equally viable non-exploit solution is suggested in the same sentence.
  7. Soon we'll have stowaway Pips for those with Big Terra starts! :P
  8. You can also simply cool your food down before sticking it in a vaccum. Sure, you now need to cycle it through a freezer until at temperature, but that's a small price to pay when it means more things to build.
  9. You can (/could) also trick them into not needing feeding but working as if they had been feed by having a pip plant them in a buried planter (as apposed to a farm tile).
  10. Not at all. Same as before, you just have to actually cool it (and thus build a cooler) before sticking it in a vacuum.
  11. Not a bug. They added it so that liquids in containers - including bottles - can now freeze and boil. And as per the norm, if a liquid above a certain mass freezes, it forms a tile. The repeated freezing and melting sounds like they forgot to add tolerance thresholds though.