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  1. You should forget all of those:
  2. Did you give somewhere for the gas to go? Did you stagger the doors closing so the water has somewhere to go? I'm away from laptop at the moment.
  3. And then what? You literally just dedcribed my kill chamber.
  4. What "push the water upwards problem", there isn't one!
  5. Robo-miners will eventually overheat, as they produce heat themselves. Edit: Just saw the last bit where you mention it.
  6. Because the place the fluid goes is where the critter is?
  7. I hate to inform you, but you are incorrect in saying he is incorrect. Doors only delete fluids when the fluid has nowhere to go when it closes.
  8. I use this build personally:
  9. Oh no, I agree. Was just suggesting work-arounds. Still trying to cool my oil biomes. I swear they have a background temperature they want to default to that I'm constantly fighting.
  10. Make more areas safe to be suitless?
  11. This will fail as soon as you have any large volume of food poisoning. It takes approximately 3 days to sterilise in chlorine.
  12. I assume you also stick an auto-miner in the room. That way they eat the regolith, poop it out as a block, it gets mined and reduced by 50%, repeat.