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  1. The valve is already somewhat useful. I use it in circulating eggs.
  2. So at first I was going to ask why a door instead of glass, but then I realised it's to maintain the hydrogen spread. Are you refilling the late-game ranch from an external hatchery?
  3. Funny actually, I just came from reading said tutorial and was about to comment (even though I barely ranch hatches, ranching dreckos is always on my todo list).
  4. I have completed what you started all that time ago @Neotuck It depends on whether you set up the doors to clear the pressure plates after the dupe's shift finishes, or before
  5. Special thanks to @kurgut's design, because he wasn't an idiot who kept bottle dropping once it wasn't needed to collect said bottles. The MOGOM Mk V! The final version that I can see. A 7 high, 10 wide contraption that produces polluted oxygen on demand, just supply polluted water and dupe! The hydro sensor is set to "above 120", the lower unautomated door is set to only allow exit, and the automation wire in should hook up to whatever you want to control when to produce oxygen. The clock sensor should be active slightly longer than your dupe, as it clears the pressure plates of any dropped bottles after they finish work. Bottles appear to off-gas at a rate of 40g/s/t (or 0.004%/s). Kurgut's design here: A brief history of the models: Mk. I was a hulking monstrosity, setup up using a bottler and two bottle emptiers. It quickly got refined into the Mk. II, which just reduced it's footprint. Mk. III heralded the integration of gym-tech, that is to say, endless sweeping, reducing the space needed. The Mk. III was still somewhat bulky though, and could jam up if bottles dropped in the wrong place. Mk. IV fixed this issue, and was built around the concept that bottle emptiers could be disabled directly with automated doors, rather than having to block pathing. This made everything small enough for a backup emptier to be integrated for idiot-proofing. It still dropped bottles to an external point though, for some reason. And now we come to the Mk. V, where I went "that's just stupid" and scrapped the external drop-off. I also scrapped the backup emptier in exchange for using doors to clear the pressure plates. Thus, the journey is complete... until I find some new mechanic to use to make it smaller and more refined again.
  6. Small update (not enough to warrant a version increase); I managed to cut down on the size by making the automation more complex, yay. Edit: Actually, since I remove the bottle dropping, meet the Mk V! The clock is set to stay active slightly longer than the dupe working the shift. What this does is cause the mechanical airlocks to shove any dropped bottles off of the pressure plates. The new wires at the top control when the MOGOM is operational. When it's off, no gas can escape, and dupes can only leave (the bottom door is set to allow dupes out but not in). The outer door is to stop gas escaping of course.
  7. ... I spent several iterations (I only named the "successful" ones) and several hours working on MOGOMs... And never thought that dropping the bottle might not be necessary. EDIT: Although on thinking about it, it still will be to get them to off-gas reliably.
  8. Actually one toilet and sink per bathroom already is the best way to build, as you minimise dupe travel time while toileting.
  9. Multiplayer is a great idea that works with every concept and is missing from every game that doesn't have it. Personally I am on the edge of my seat waiting for multiplayer solitaire.
  10. Good map seed

    Slow start? I used to dig straight up and be rocking refined metal before I had plumbing
  11. Good map seed

    Slimelung's no longer lethal afaik, so is it necessary?
  12. Good map seed

    I use 411454804. It has three gold volcanoes and four cool slush geysers (three in the oil biome next to each other, one above spawn next to a gold volcano). Here it is on tools not included: EDIT: English is so weird. "Here it is" shortens to "Here's it" not "Here it's" but you wouldn't say/write "Here is it" O.o
  13. Sure, but a lot of things are really efficient if you "just" dedicate all of a dupe's time to it. Like Oxygen production. Or Polluted Water conversion.
  14. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    But... people have built it?
  15. Sorry, I can never resist a mathematician's answer.