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  1. And food is love. What about the decreased rate of boulders?
  2. They should bring it back as a way to train learning when there is no more research.
  3. Ummm... I mean, sure. If you ignore two years of being able to play and, more importantly, shape the course of, ONI.
  4. It... wasn't implemented 4 days ago though? I always use bathtime (in place of work)! Much better early game.
  5. The trick is to "FIRST!"... First, then edit in actual content
  6. Why ladders? I would of expected doors before ladders, since they're basically walls that allow passage.
  7. Everyone neglects propane and it's accessories.
  8. Yup, google. Reddit has a lot of traffic (it comes with being basically a collection of subforums), but the only claim it has to being the front page of the internet is its own self-entitlement. What's more, I have infallible proof! What's the first page of any randomly selected* book? The index! *from a sample consisting solely of books that contain indexes.
  9. No, you didn't. Reddit isn't the centre of the universe (or even just the internet).
  10. MY ALCHEMY! I WILL... not miss you. Congrats!