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  1. Tired of dupes idling until they run out of breath? Until they get hypothermia? Me too. Have them go on break Klei. I got nothing more to add.
  2. Because the majority would choose the other way by simply not looking at the thread. The wording limits the audience the thread receives.
  3. That... that was not fun.
  4. Some brains don't seem to run even with 50 FPS.
  5. Highly unrealistic. Dupes, like humans, would go for the tastiest food whether or not they're stressed. Unless they're watching their weight, and even then maybe...
  6. Earthquakes?

    I got it! "Quakes" And all your dupes stop work to play.
  7. Clearly not, or it would of caught the lack of a full stop.
  8. You mean that of the obviously biased sample, 40% still think it's fine? That says something.
  9. Earthquakes?

    Given that the densest materials would still be at the bottom, yes. Although not nearly as much as we're used to. But then, we have nothing to compare what we see to; it might already be much less.
  10. Earthquakes?

    We've seen the whole of the surface, and where it came from.
  11. Earthquakes?

    Still doesn't work unless it has tectonic plates, which given [REDACTED] is highly unlikely.
  12. Earthquakes?

    Earthquakes? On an asteroid? How?