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I am shocked and surprised that absolutely NOONE has started this thread yet... As you can see with the above post, Return of Them is ending.. Updates to the Ocean Content of DST is not-

So the thread is simple: post your ideas, suggestions and opinions on what want to see added to Ocean Content.

Now do note that new land biomes that require sailing across the ocean to get to and explore Does technically still count as new ocean content.. here are a few things on my personal list-

#1 Waves! An ocean without waves just feels life-less and too peaceful, I don’t like it.. I need rough waters, I need the water to be a danger in of itself even if it’s only during certain seasons.. just go play ATLAS already.. it’s a Pirate game but the ocean itself can sometimes be your enemy, let alone what lives in/on it.

I drew up a concept somewhere of how I felt waves in DST should work..


#2 A special type of glowing flower that only blooms at night while your on the ocean (think sea version of fireflies.. they can be used in a pinch if you should be unfortunate enough to be without a light source, but just like fireflies they stop glowing when you get in their glow) 

there is an actual real world flower that only blooms at night on water- this would be DSTs version of that.


#3 Jelly Fish! Shipwrecked had them.. they were Awesome and brought the sea to life a bit, I wish DST Had them too.


#4 Water Skitter Spiders! (Think Freaky looking mosquito spiders with little balls on their feet that “slide” across the water giving Webber some new At Sea friends.)

(This isn’t a spider.. but DST isn’t real life and a wacky water gliding spider is exactly the type of thing I’d expect in DST.)

#5 new land biomes with new mobs and environment, weather hazards etc.. think Lunar Island, but each island have its own theme.. just places to sail to and explore.

Disclaimer: I know This is probably a lot to ask for.. but I just don’t want the potential of having a sailable ocean to go to waste, in its current state it feels lacking... but with time, patience & Klei’s creative minds it could be a grand adventure unlike anything we’ve experienced yet!

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In mildly optimistic news, the story isn’t over, Klei needs to put new content somewhere, and the ocean is a place. But with the update concluded, you’re probably too late, this is the type of thing you should have asked for a year ago, right now they might be working on rockets sending us to the moon or the vengeance of Pugna.

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Here are my random thoughts. 

Underwater ocean content would be cool. Loot that falls into the ocean could end up there after mining boulders that could fall from the ceiling. It'd probably be more like rivers and maybe a lake.

Ocean variants of Snurltes and Slurtles that could be winched up, or leftover shells! Been dying for more ways to get them.

I'd love to see a beach, but I can't think of many purposes it would serve. Certain ocean stuff could land there, bottles, bone shards, and rocks, even a rock lobster or two.

A bumper that would allow you to ram your boat into things from one direction a few times would be a laugh as well.


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  • Crab Spiders who guard Crab Apple trees.
  • Blow Fish who puff out air to push the boat around.
  • Sea Cows that aggro upon being touched, and shove the boat around.
  • Ice Sheets, icebergs, & iceberg lettuce + leopard seals.
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How does “there will be more ocean stuff in the future.” Translate to “Klei’s sending us to the moon in rockets!”

lol I mean I understand the appeal behind wanting to go to a moon themed world, but this is specifically highlighting that more ocean stuff.

I kinda want to see the scrapped “Kelpy” Mob added to the game, and if hounds can be programmed to swim.. maybe frogs should too? In fact I’d like to see things going on in the water below me... such as the aforementioned frogs swimming about under the waters, add Lily pads and frog logs to the ocean, they can sit on them making ribbit noises and spawn from large driftwood logs or something.. 

Theres a ton of potential here that people just aren’t really quite tapping into yet.. 

And i would like to see more ideas & suggestions that makes that ocean content sound exciting & something I look forward to.

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More ocean content is coming in the future, Klei knows many players find it lacking in content.. I made this thread specifically for us to discuss what we all would want to see added to make the experience enjoyable. Few people have shared what they’d enjoy.

I personally wouldn’t mind reused assets from Shipwrecked and Hamlet-

Hippopotamoose, Ballphins, Swordfish, another thing I thought “Might” would be cool is if Limpet boulders were found on the Ocean similar to Salt Stacks or Rock Formations- When you pluck Limpet these little guys here break off and scatter across the deck of your boat:


They can be killed and farmed for resources- like flint, rock or small morsel but Ultimately if it was up to me.. they would scatter around like bugs (similar to the ones in Hamlet) on the deck of your boat- Skitter Squid will find them to be a Tasty snack so they will occasionally surface to invade your boat and attempt to eat the little guys aggressively attack the player unfortunate enough to come between them and their pebble rock lunch.

In short- it adds new content that interacts with already existing content.

And in shallower waters.. closer to land, perhaps we could see some stuff like these tree’s types & some “water loving” land mob.. perhaps something new? Like Beaver Dams and Otter.


Ive Begged for Tiny Islands with Palm Tree on them for FOREVER- 

Notice in this image that the island has a shell on it and probably a buried treasure- not to mention for people like me who love to build the tiniest bases possible I’d base here.  

Palm Trees in DST would add Coconut as a food resource and also as an added bonus Palm Tree Guardians as a Mob to fight.

When you go to google and pull up images of the Shipwrecked DLC.. you see visually appealing eyeball pleasing images like-


Coral Reefs that not only look natural to be in the ocean... but can be mined for resources.


I understand why Klei doesn’t just want to copy and paste Shipwrecked in its entirety into DST, they want to do something new, unique to DST and fun.. but some things (like the above images) would go a LONG way into helping bring what we have now into feeling like a more immersive experience.


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On 5/5/2021 at 12:18 AM, Mike23Ua said:

How does “there will be more ocean stuff in the future.” Translate to “Klei’s sending us to the moon in rockets!”

Well, you see, the ocean has otters and otters come from otter space, which is where the moon is.

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The main things I want are just more islands, and/or new types of boats of SOME KIND

Like, armored boats or just a different shape.. LIKE SQUARE

And personally, I would LOVE a world generation option to have biomes split off into their own islands. Like a swamp island or even a pig king island. (Much like that islandia mod or something)

Obviously not everyone would want that, that's why I suggest it as just an option you can select while generating a world. That way sailing can be more useful rather than just a side thing and promote making better boats.


Also, hopefully this would help with world generation being a jerk and generating land only a tile or two away from the very edge of the world. Which are nearly impossible to pass by without rowing with your anchor down.

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More islands, maybe patches of land with slightly different exotic biomes( i liked red tree biome in Gorge); more mobs both passive and aggresive in the open ocean and exclusive to different islands, bosses exclusive to islands, more boat upgrades (armor, boat cannons ftw)  and tools for harvesting ocean resources

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The new beta update has made me want to revisit this thread, we have Water Spiders now AND a new sea Biome similar to the one we see with water Beefalo in the original post that is Awesome!

But I would still like to see things like small palm tree islands, the night water Lily (it’s basically just a flower on a lily pad that much like Abigails flower.. blooms at night.) Ballphins (or some kind of Dolphin like Mob that can’t be killed but WILL surface out the water.. maybe they can be befriended and will swim along beside your boat and nudge things with their nose out the water towards your boat?) like how real dolphins love to play volleyball or how the dolphins in Ark Survival nudge you back towards the surface when they see you drowning.

Jellyfish, Starfish, Coral Reefs, Erie fog..

Maybe a “Watery Grave” Biome full of wrecked ships and moss and Pipspook or something.. A place you can get resources like planks, stone, seaweed and trinkets from.

The TL:DR: Palm Tree, Water Lily, Jelly Fish, Coral Reef, Dolphin & cool new biomes both at sea, and on islands in sea.

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The fact that people literally thought just because RoT ended that people think the oceans aren't gonna get new content is just, so obviously wrong. It seems like people genuinely forgot the point of RoT isn't the ocean although its the most prominent addition.


They were obviously gonna add more ocean content guys, cmon

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This is going to be a slightly long post.. I apologize in Advance for this- 

(Disclaimer: ALL of the following images are actual existing Klei/NewHome assets I only changed the coloration a little bit)


The Reason these little guys aren’t in the game yet is beyond me.. Even Minespatch has wanted a variation of these in the form of literal “Crab Apples” would be found on an Island Biome and as stated in OP if you need a boat to sail to a new biome it still Technically counts as new ocean content.


If I recall correctly These little guys can swim in Hamlet, so they SHOULD be a no brainer thing to add into DSTs Waters (Just maybe don’t let them rain from the sky..)


More odd mobs would help bring the game world to life beyond just empty waters we slog through till we reach a point of interest, Maybe let these guys sit on coral reefs or fly around swooping down scooping up fish, these should only be seen in and around water they look cool and it’s a shame Klei completely scrapped them!


Speaking of scrapped birds.. here is PeaGawk this one should be on a distant land biome you can sail into, but remember: Biomes that require sailing to to experience still technically count as Ocean Content (I Did fully say that in the original post AND it’s part of what makes Shipwrecked an Enjoyable experience for me..)


speaking of things that should be in the game.. Snakes can be found on both Land AND in Water.. (Water Moccasin) I tweaked the colors of the Shipwrecked snake because I thought a “shedding” snake would be real funny and odd for DST: This Mob can be found in water and on land so it’s odd exclusion baffles Me beyond belief.

(I say this as someone who is absolutely horrified of any and all real world snakes.)


ever since Seaweed, Kelp (and now also an entire Ocean Forest Biome..) was added into the game I have wanted THIS as a Mob in the game: This is Kelpy an unimplemented mob Klei created who never made it into the game.. But part of what should make a game entertaining is unpredictability- and not knowing if the tree your chopping is going to drop the logs you need OR Spawn a hostile Treeguard is exactly the kind of thing I like about DS/DST Therefore: Not knowing if the sea resource you pluck is actually a resource or this guy in disguise would be PERFECT thanks :).


People are STILL Begging for an Arctic Biome with Icebergs & Ice Sheets or whatever, so I figured I would contribute my suggestion for what I want to see ON this Arctic Biome- Snow Ape, reskin it white.. maybe make the Black areas on him blueish, reskin poop throwing to snowball throwing.. and Blame there you have it, a simple Mildly annoying Arctic biome exclusive ape type.


I don’t really know what to say about this one, there a lot of cool and also not so cool looking mobs in DS NewHome.. (a Non-Canon game made by permission from Klei) but A lot of people want to see this little guy in the game, I didn’t like it’s original colors though so I made him Black with a Purple streak down his back :) They could probably even have a spawn thing like an Otter Den or something that can be looted for Resources or Whatever.. I’m calling him Snotta Outta get it? Because it’s Not quite an Otter? Oh Nevermind.


I wanted to add Seaweed/Moss to this to show that it’s likely a pirate ship or voyager ship that has been lost at sea for quite some time (so rust, busted/broken planks, Moss, maybe an Erie foggy atmosphere etc



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