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  1. Do daily gifts and gifts during gameplay have predetermined stuff in them or does the game choose a random item the moment when the gift is opened?
  2. I assume a different Deerclops comes every winter so i could kill a girl Deerclops in the 1st winter and then the next year boy Deerclops comes and i kill him too. So it doesn't matter what gender they are what matters is their eyeball as my trophy.
  3. I've read all of your posts in this thread and after thinking for a while I gotta agree with pretty much everything you said. 1) Crab King is objectively a bad boss fight gameplay wise though it has a lot of awesome ideas. 2) As of now ocean content is barebones and sailing feels clunky BUT i expect ocean to be more diverse in the future update arc 3) Summer Cawnival isn't even about summer and doesn't really add anything to the game. Character reworks sometimes just don't work in some aspects. 4) Malbatross though? It's definitely annoying to even summon this guy let alone fight it 5) Celestial Champion is not as interesting as its shadow counterpart - Ancient Fuelweaver. I remember when Klei made complex puzzles filled with secrets, it made lore so exciting, but with the Champion we only got 1 short video 6) A lot of new content feels optional because it was made that way, I think it's understandable but it's a double edged sword: on one hand old timers won't have problems playing the game without even trying something new however all of the new content just becomes redundant. 7) Finally we haven't got much updates that would refresh our everyday survival experience or add something new to it. Out of all updates in RoT RWYS was the only one to do that. It's a good thing that developers are in touch with players so i hope they will address the criticism in some way Making crows more mysterious or even menacing would be an awesome idea. As we all know these giant beaked humanoid crows just came out of nowhere and made survivors play their games for no reason. What are their goals? Where did they get all this stuff? Why are they intelligent species even though we can butcher normal crows and keep them imprisoned? If the design of the crows and their stuff would also complement this idea of "something is off": decorations made out of dirt and twigs, minigames made out of clockwork monster parts and etc then I'd give that update a solid 5/10
  4. I think pigs attack all hostile mobs: hounds, clockworks, merms, spiders. They even charge bosses: it's so sad to see a single pig trying it's best to kill Deerclops on sight
  5. Why the heck does sewing kit work on a thermal stone? How do you sew a rock?! I mean its fair that we can repair them but it still doesn't make any sense.
  6. Next DST patch: Removed Lucy because she was too confusing for new players.
  7. He spent half his shadow magic supply to gain better sight to look even more dapper
  8. I think i got it, it might be the GENERARING WORLD screen sound. If that's the case then just wait half a minute and it should disappear automatically
  9. If you're on a boat and have low sanity screeching violin sound means that a Wavey Jones is gonna spawn, you gotta get as close as possible to this shadowy face 3 times to make it disappear Wait if it happens all the time then i dunno what's causing it
  10. These kind of questions were all over the place in 2013 lol
  11. I meant cloud saves not cloud gaming. I only just now found out that Steam also has a cloud gaming service named Steam Cloud Play?? What the heck?
  12. Hi there. I was searching the forums for info about Steam Cloud but i haven't found anything useful or relevant. Did Don't Starve ever support this feature? Are there plans on adding it in the future? How can I backup my worlds?
  13. "According to all known laws of aviation.. "EMPATHY MODULE NOT RESPONDING", huh?