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What new twitch drops would you like to see

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Uhm.. I would like a DC/Marvel comics crossover skin set.

i know that the odds of this happening are like 1 out of 200,000,001 but... I would really really enjoy having some DC Related Stuffs, Batman Batarang for Boomerang, Gigantic Harley Quinn Mallet for Hambat, Bat-Signal reskin for Winona’s Spotlight.

the potential is there.... the problem is the cost to do it :(, I absolutely HATE Fortnite- I can’t stand it’s craft while shooting system... I would enjoy Fortnite MORE if I could play matches where crafting anything was disabled... But Fortnite has cool DC/Marvel skins.. and so even though I hate the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite, it is cool that I can play as Harley Quinn in creative mode building my own maps and filling it full of Zombies.

It’s not like we DONT already have wacky skins.. (there’s a Crowbar skin y’all...)

So if a DC/Marvel crossover skin & belonging set was made for DS I’d totally buy it.

But for now I’m really really happy they finally put #MadMoxxiTopHat on the Klei Rewards Tab. :) 

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i would adore a matching crock-pot farm-plot combination. everyone who bases has a at least a basic kitchen set-up and for people who farm(ie people who do more than perogis, jellybeans and meatballs) it is really lame that there is exactly one skin and only one skin for the farm-plots and only the porcelain icebox and the picket fences are even a little close to matching it. i know it is only a small thing but it is a bummer to see all of the social pubs with their identical non-matching farms

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  1. Moon Glass Sisturn
  2. Crystal Hammer
  3. Crystal Abigail Flower
  4. Character Skins
  5. And OF COURSE Science Machine and Alchemy Engine Skins
9 hours ago, TimothyCarter said:

A Roseate Crock Pot

Fancy Warly Port Crock Pot

Marble/Wooden/Carpet skins (Pink marble, Mahogany, Different color carpets)

Halloween Drying Rack (is a noose to macabre?)

Another Tam skin

"A Roseate Crock Pot" Sounds great :wilson_dorky:

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15 minutes ago, wons said:

>more items in spider theme (for example spider backpack, silk umbrella etc.)
>spider eggs skins (it would change spider's den look, including the queen!)
>wormwood's gear skins

I think, this is a very strange idea.
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