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Wendy's Character Refresh is Coming Next Week!

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JoeW    42651


Wendy clutches tightly to the memory of her twin sister, Abigail. Some days, it’s almost as if she never left…

Even from the afterlife, Abigail never stopped looking out for Wendy - and now Wendy has discovered how to return the favor. Her affinity with the supernatural has led her to the mysterious practice of Ectoherbology, allowing her to create haunting elixirs to aid her sister beyond the veil and make their bond stronger than ever before.

Wendy's character refresh arrives next week - March 19th.

Here are some of the details:

  • Wendy carries a flower that can summon her sister Abigail's spirit. 
  • Abigail's spirit gets stronger over time but starts over if she is destroyed.
  • Abigail's might is tied to Wendy's health, making her fight harder while Wendy is weak. 
  • Wendy can ask Abigail to stay close to her or roam more free via Abigail's flower.
  • Wendy does not lose sanity due to ghosts.
  • Pipspooks can now be found roaming around gravestones.
  • Wendy can commune with Pipspooks to help them find peace in exchange for Mourning Glory.
  • Wendy can use Mourning Glory in her Ectoherbology crafting tab to help her sister's spirit in various ways.
  • Wendy has reduced damage in combat, but suffers less sanity drain from auras and the dark.
  • Abigail's damage is affected by the number of enemies she is fighting, allowing her to be effective against a single enemy but at her best when fighting a crowd.  

We will also have a new animated short and we will bring a new item to the Crystaline Collection streaming drops as well. See you next week!

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Snorlax_x    1

OMG finally a Wendy rework , I will definitely use her on my next game!! And the best part is that is on MARCH BREAK (no school) , i'll waste my life at dst. Lmao.

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Nettalie    1497

This sounds very much like something everyone would enjoy
Which means I must hate it for the sake of being contrarian.

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Frashaw27    1730

It seems to me that theu atleast didn't change her from her base gamplay but made it better with the might and power increase over time mechanics. Not a woody like refresh, but a willow like one, where they added and tweaked but didn't change much from the base.

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