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  1. WX-78 and water/boats

    By dying I mean becoming a ghost and losing ALL your items.
  2. WX-78 should just straight up die when it falls on the water and lose sanity while on a boat, since most of his lines that are boat related is something like "I HATE IT"
  3. Flooded Caves

    Perhaps, the caves would only fill up in Spring, with large waterfalls coming from the ceiling, and the edges similar to Hamlet's water egde.
  4. [Poll] Applied Horticulture

    "Characters that are useful but not fun" That is something that I really want Klei to fix. Characters need more than just tools, they need real gameplay value. Willow in her rework got something in that direction, turning Bernie into more than just a tool that she could craft a bunch to everyone on the server to use, Bernie's ability to become BERNIE! when near a insane willow gave willow something fun to play around with. Wicker have really strong tools, her books, but a Maxwell can use them, making her useless after crafting the books or finishing farming grass. Maxwell also have this problem since after he finishes chopping a whole forest and cleaning the whole rocky biome his powers become useless for a period of time turning him into just a character with 75 hp max and a sanity regen that is not even that useful.
  5. While working,fighting, etc. on the Lunar islands, a different soundtrack should play, similarly with what happens in the Ruins.