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  1. The issue is: mods in the mods screen are not updating(not as in the mods themselves updating, but the list) so, for example, mods that I had unsubscribed were still showing and mods that I had recently subscribed were not. I've had this issue before, but it was fixeable by using the clean mods function, that reinstalled all mods, but now, it wont fix it.
  2. Simple thing: stone fruit count as veggies on crockpot.
  3. In my opinion, the boat should have peaceful areas and hostile areas, but, first before making the sea more hostile, they should work on combat on the sea.
  4. like ANR, it'll have use later.(IF they follow the same pattern) It was the same case with shadow setpieces, everyone was like "wow, all that for an useless item and some shadow equipment?" then, after a while, it got an use.
  5. Boats, if unrendered only colide with land and other boats* not 100% on the boats.
  6. If a crock pot is destroyed with jellybeans on it it will only give one, instead of 3.