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  1. despawning by either c_despawn() or dying in wilderness mode does not give you seasonal/starting items.
  2. Upon attempting to host a server, the server is unable to start, I don't know how/why this is happening, in any case, I have the log attached. client_log.txt
  3. As the name implies, make ice & fire hounds look a little bit more unique to be distinguishable without color. Accessibility!
  4. What else are you going to do with so many potatoes that you can't fit in your icebox anymore? I'm aware that you can cook it more cheaply that but it's better to use all those potatoes in recipes than letting it all rot.
  5. Since you said that you had too many potatos, 3 potatos 1 twig makes potatornado, which gives 15 sanity each.
  6. I suggested something similar, but the more, the merrier. + Some stuff I didn't suggest but that would be nice to have.
  7. Doesn't the bell make them not go in heat? I remember un-bonding my beefalo in spring and it immediately attacked me after that Re-read it and now I get it. nvm.
  8. From the looks of it, the portrait is not in the middle, slightly nudged to the top right.
  9. Since planting crops in non-farm soil is not really something a wormwood would do now, maybe remove that perk entirely, but still let him plant without tilling on farm plots.
  10. Currently, tillweed salve is really hard to make as it takes 4 tillweeds, and tillweeds spawn very rarely, I suggest either increasing Tillweed spawn rate or decreasing the cost of the salve.
  11. Make water pump be able to be placed on land, and when turned on it pumps more slowly (2-3 pumps for 1 water blob) and the water can be used to water crops and extinguish fires.
  12. First of all, I just want to say this update is FRICKING INCREDIBLE! Great job, Klei! But here come the things I have to discuss: Farming's Threats aren't really threats - I'm not including fruit fly as of now because it's incomplete, but I'll update this as soon as I can when it's there. The only real threat to your farm is Forget-Me-Nots, that spread very fast, and can easily over-take your crops, but all other weeds are only there to hurt you, and doesn't influence regular farming(not large crops) Another thing is the nutrients and watering system, they currently only work as a requirement for large crops. My solution is: Make it so plants can die if they have too much stress (I was thinking 5+ but that's up to be decided), Weeds, lack of nutrients, debris and incorrect season all apply stress to plants, however, as of now, that only affects you if you're farming large crops.
  13. More options for mod's configuration page! -Sliders - Instead of having to constantly click to move a value, you can just have to move the slider! -Switches(ON/OFF) - a button that when you click on it, it changes the state to be either ON or OFF -Drop-down list - A button that when you click on it, a list options appear -Text fields - you can write stuff on it, like numbers.