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  1. Personally I sail, and play on pubs, also beta content exploration.
  2. Self-Explanatory, it's annoying that you can't rile up abigail when you have those lil' guys, and she also kills other player's bugs. Also make them not block placement, it's really annoying.
  3. I'm pretty sure the 1 big fish counts as 1 meat.
  4. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Wigfrid Character Refresh, and why?
  5. As the 3 following images demonstrate, around roads and trinkets, black squares appear. I've only encountered this issue on Linux.
  6. I personally don't use character skins, but it does feel wierd to see items I'm so used to having with skins.
  7. Make sure the tree is not lit by other sources, nor your character, thermal stone heat included.
  8. Ever since walter and woby, rushing partially domesticated beefalo for FW/Shadow pieces is useless.
  9. Make Vargs and Penguls swim Vargs are like hounds, it would make sense they could swim Penguls technicly "swim" but don't do it physicly, they just pop out of the water.
  10. There is a really cool mod(ofc, PC only) That is the Admin Scoreboard mod, it has the option to straight up repair burnt structures and extinguish nearby fires.
  11. Self explanatory title, got a short video demonstrating it
  12. Crab king does not have a map icon, and it's only real indicator on the map is the seastack circle, wich has be completely removed, making it hard to find it again.