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  1. is dst dead like tf2

  2. Add the new content(Sea Stacks, Salt, Cookie Cutters, Sea Fishes, Malbatross, etc) to be configurable in the world config section also the abbility to disable other things like roads.
  3. It would be intresting if the Merm King would give better rewards the larger the fish, a way to make fishing a bit more usefull.
  4. It seems Klei is unable to connect to Twitch, but Twitch is?! I really need help here, I'm completly confused... If I disconect from the twitch end, and I try to link account, it'll say I already have the account linked, and twitch will connect to Klei, but Klei wont.
  5. A few ideas for new structures.

    Well, Sometimes it can get quite hard to hear, I've seen a lot of people die because of hounds because they were not paying attention, also the the siren turns on all flingos in it's range when there's a fire, so it's good against wildfires/griefers, if you're not paying attention. Also, new players sometimes do not know what a hound attack or boss attack is, so a siren would make it a bit more clear.
  6. A few ideas for new structures.

    Isn't everything here cruel?
  7. How to make all the Fish Dishes

    I like how it can use kelp now, but you don't have much kelp in the caves...
  8. This is a bunch of maybe unecessary ideas. Manual Generators A Winona exclusive structure that as the name implies, would generate power by running on a wheel, there would be 2 sizes, small for rabbits and carrats and large, for players, pigmen, merms and bunnymen. The YOTC carrat perks would apply, the speed stat would generate more power and the endurance stat would make it run for longer. For players,and followers, they would lose 1 hunger point every 1 second working on the generator. *cough cough ONI manual generator cough cough* Batteries The batteries would have 3 types Basic Battery: This battery could be crafted by all and could only be powered by lightning rods, it would power winona's machinery and could charge WX-78s. Winona's Battery: Nearly Identical to the Basic battery, just that it can be charged by her generators. Winona's advanced battery: would hold 50% more power and would allow for WX-78s to discharge. Portable Battery: A battery that would occupy the back slot, giving you 25% speed reduction, but could hold energy while moving and charge buildings in the battery's range, it could be also placed on the ground, when equiped, it would only charge 1 building in it's range, it would be the same as winona's battery but would have less range. The battery could be turned on and off, when on and not beeing used it wouldn't waste energy. The battery could expand the range of generators, since they'd transfer power between batteries, they'll have a power range, similar to the generators. A fully charged advanced battery could charge a WX-78 for 3 days. Siren It's a siren that alerts, when it has power incoming hounds, giants and fire in it's range, when fire is detected, all flingos in it's range would turn on. it would be also incredibly loud, you'd be able to see it on the map when it's on. I don't know how exactly it would be crafted, but it would need a Screaming Bird a rare bird that can be found on [dangerous/hard-to-get-to place] The way that the siren would work is that the bird would get electrified and scream!(this is Don't Starve, don't tell me that that is cruel!) Mud Would be obtained by fishing mud fish or sea debris. the mud could be cooked in a fire to make mud brick, mud brick would work as a replacement for nearly all cut stone recipes and could be used to make a Mud Oven, the mud oven would be a way to mass produce ash and coal, logs, boards, etc would be turned into 3 coal each, and twigs, grass, foods, etc would be turned to 3 ash each. Mud could also be used to make muddy floor, that would slow anything in it(with a few execptions, perhaps) Tell me what you guys think!
  9. Don't Starve: A Starving Story

    food is hardly a problem, yeah, even tough the thing that mostly kills me is starvation, but that's cause I simply dont pay attention to it until i'm dying I hope klei makes starvation a actuall threat.
  10. Here are some ideas to make seasons a bit more unique other than some basic changes. Autumn I think it's good as it is, specially since it's the first season. Winter Seems too easy for a harsh season. I have a few ideas. Snow Storm It would be similar to the desert's sand storm, but would only block the vision, and would be transparent too, so it wouldn't block 100% of the player's vision. Another effect it would cover machines in snow, needing to be heated by a firepit or cleaned manually, you would get colder faster and firepits would extinguish faster. Spring I only have a small idea: Strong winds, would be similar to SW's wind, but another idea would be taht the winds would interfere sailing, masts could break, waves, unanchored boats would drift away. Summer Firestorm A very rare event, it's pretty self explanatory. Drought Would dry up ponds, and other bodies of water, on the caves too, so if you want to fish, you'll have to go to the oasis. Heatwave A small period of extra heat. drying crops faster and making players heat up faster. Give me suggestions, changes, etc in the replies!
  11. World Gen: Islands

    It's a nice idea.
  12. Add more shootiouses! it cuts the time in half!
  13. We already have a cleaner for the seas, fishes eat rot AFAIK, but one for land would be very nice! I really like that idea, perhaps other ancients that you could fight at the atrium for varied loot, or revive somewhere else to have a new minion to play with once you have the thurible.
  14. Question regarding boat bases

    To manage against having limited space and wildfires at the same time, use these simple tactics - Place anchors LAST - To cover a greater area, put a flingo at the corner of the base, or someone that it reaches the midddle, right at the middle, put a meaty bulb. Meaty bulbs have the highest burning priority, so if the game decides something will burn, it will be it. so you can cover a base that would need more than 1 flingos with just one.
  15. The default deconstruction rules would still apply here, so the lower the durability, the less loot you'lll get.