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  1. Pigs/Merms are my go-to pre-bearger, especially after that AI tweak
  2. My main reason for mods is content,I grew tired of the traditional gameplay loop.
  3. Didn't Klei add a bee mine skin in last year's Valentine's day?
  4. Now I know just how far I can push WInona's Spotlight's light radious...
  5. Sister might be the siphonator itself, WX has a tendency to call machines as "Brother" or "Sister" As for 'They won't like that". Maybe the siphonator was some sort of beacon or some message of sorts?
  6. alterguardian_phasex has the tag 'Mech' so: Yes!
  7. It should be kept as is, but CK should absolutely have improvements, it is the only boss where cheesing is the is the only way to beat it solo.
  8. I don't really main any character, usually my goto pick is random, but that changes with mods, with mods, Winona is def my main.
  9. Uncompromising Mode did just that, it wasn't fun, or really meaningful, so it got removed...
  10. despawning by either c_despawn() or dying in wilderness mode does not give you seasonal/starting items.
  11. Upon attempting to host a server, the server is unable to start, I don't know how/why this is happening, in any case, I have the log attached. client_log.txt
  12. When you rejoin a server with a full watering can, the can's durability gets set back to 0
  13. So, I'm trying to make a Crab King Rework mod, one of the things I wanted to do is remove it's ability to cause leaks. I think I found what I need to remove to make that work but I don't know how. boat:PushEvent("spawnnewboatleak", {pt = pt, leak_size = "small_leak", playsoundfx = true}) --this was found on crabking.lua, I think it's the correct thing.
  14. As the 3 following images demonstrate, around roads and trinkets, black squares appear. I've only encountered this issue on Linux.