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kiwikenobi    1175

Wow, that's beautiful! The color combination of the gems looks great! And you even have foods that match the theme!

On 5/5/2020 at 11:18 AM, reichull said:

"Sinkhole" de Mayo

...I wanted to groan, but that's actually really clever and funny. Well done. :wilson_ecstatic:

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Serena Tsukino    5332
5 hours ago, Blue Moth said:

what's that turf?

It must be the architect pack mod, where it adds turfs from the singleplayer DLCS. This one's hamlet turf, I'm sure.

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Duck986    1162
On 6/24/2020 at 7:36 PM, CaptainChaotica said:


GOD these are all gorgeous.  I could _never_ plan this stuff out that well.  I'm sure that if I tried, I'd quickly find I'd picked a piece of land that wasn't big enough in all directions, and have to start over...

Let's see...does I has anything that would fit this thread...


My ruins!  Also from the "Builder's Project" thread.  I actually used the worst parts of summer to my advantage--the Antlion's sinkholes look like part of the reason that it IS now ruins, and burned trees work for "meteor impact site"-chic as well.


The living room area.  We can see here that they did indeed have furniture, writing, and pottery.  Broken pieces of wall litter the do a lot of skeletons in unfortunate poses. Whatever happened here, it happened suddenly.


The hallway, and more skeletons.


The central area--we don't know if the lectern here was for giving speeches, or sermons, or teaching.  Were those statues meant to represent animal gods, or perhaps they were monuments to beloved family pets?  


The people who made this structure long ago did indeed have agriculture.  Whether this was to feed their own family or to sell, or both, we can't be certain.


Willow calls 'em how she sees 'em.  XD

  Reveal hidden contents

Despite it being called "Mystery Ruins" here, the "culture" that made this does have a semi-officlal name:  The Mosaicans.  Because I built this in the mosaic landscape, aka what I decided to call "Mosaicana" while building. Lol.  They're also mentioned in the text for one of the items in  my museum, (the NEXT Building Project...project) which was also made by people from long ago but not AS long ago.  To the musuem-building people the "Mosaicans" were also old history.  It's like...Bronze-Age vs. medieval, kinda.

Yes, I started doing freaking _continuity_ with my builds.  Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.  : P


And now...a year (?) later, Mother Nature has claimed the ruins.  As she will one day come for us all.

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This happened like RIGHT before the patch that made lumpy evergreens less invasive, lol.  I'm kinda glad their code was still annoying for this picture's sake, however, 'cos it REALLY fits the story/theme.

By the way, this is not an aspect-ratio-stretched picture. The trees really ARE that tall.  I literally canNOT get their tops onto the screen at the same time as their bottoms without a camera mod.  Annoying when you can't see past them, but _damn_ if it doesn't make your forests more atmospheric.

(Mods used:  Furniture Megapack, Pet Statues, Evergreens 2Gether, the "Aerial View" camera mod and a liberal use of the C_spawn (thing) command for stuff like on-demand skeletons and burn marks.  No other commands were used.)




Wow! This looks like a (almost) perfect setpiece to implement into DST.

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