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  1. She's on PS4 as we speak, been on for a bit now. Try closing the game and reopening or something.
  2. I have no way to confirm this since I do not have an Xbox One to try it out, but it seems to be on the list as well. I’m not 100% sure but I think it is. Give it a try and let us know :)!
  3. Yay! I’m so glad! Was going to ask you guys if you needed help but I figured that you’d work together on it ^-^ x
  4. Hey! Not sure when exactly it was added but just want to let everyone know that the Cyclum Puzzle and Metheus Puzzle is now available on both PS4 and Xbox. Tragic Torch, Ancient King's Chest and Ancient Cane are of course the rewards for completing them. - Click here to do the Cyclum Puzzle - Steps to complete the Cyclum Puzzle (can be done alone) - Click here to do the Metheus Puzzle - Steps to complete the Metheus Puzzle (has to be done with a partner) Good luck everyone! (Credit to my lovely partner @Warlockadamm for figuring out that this was available <3)
  5. Hey! I play on PS4, so no mods or cheats or anything like that. I hung out in the caves for a summer and let Antlion drop some boulders, picked them up and carried them one by one up through the sinkhole to where I wanted above ground. Very long brutal process but deff worth it ahah! I think they are cute and add a special touch for decorating. x
  6. Not "tidy" but... here are some current bits of my base, which is totally still a work-in-progess of course. Main kitchen area- Celestial Orb "shrine"- Stone fruit farm- Mushroom farm- Cutie Saladmander pen- Inconvenient Moosegoose spawn- Cave entrance- Bee zone / honey farm- Moonstone- Gorge "shrine"- Toadstool "shrine"- (I'll be doing one for every boss) Sorry for the messes laying about but, ahem, yeah.