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  1. Update Due to multiple comments, complaints and concerns- I have updated the introduction post to this thread. I have gone over the qualifications and reiterating "rules" for those who are confused or forgot. You can click here to check it out directly but I will be reposting it here as well. This thread was made for everyone to be able to show off their builds. We encourage creativity so please do not criticize or talk down to anyone. Make sure everyone feels welcomed here; if you are caught picking on or making fun of anyone you will be asked to leave or reported depending on your history. There are no qualifications. Mods Console commands Both survival and creative builds DST, DS, SW & Hamlet Toxic, condescending or possible rule-breaking behavior Please checkout guidelines.
  2. We started a creative build world last night to experiment with the new skins (and for funsies). Everything was built with all recipes unlocked but nothing was spawned, everything can be built in survival.
  3. ah it is :S thats so strange i dont know how it got on this dedicated
  4. caves WIP finally got around to reskinning the walls in my ruins. the only plus side to the ancient pseudoscience being spawned as far away as possible is the fact i love the way it generated. it is so unique and lovely. ^ this looks too much like a face lol, i need to rework it. i have a couple plans for this "bridge" leading to the table.
  5. finally playing some dst again, havent been interested in a while u.u look how cute his hat is lol! (working on a couple things, duno if ill finish)
  6. I don’t think a lot of people know that some “expensive” items can be duplicated (without any glitches) by using green gems. For my builds requiring lots of “expensive” materials this is where the green gems I have rotting in a chest get dusted off and used. Scales, shroom skin, thulicite are all things I duplicate using green gems. Scales - craft scaled flooring for 1 scale and get 4 flooring. Deconstruct scaled flooring turf for 1 scale back each in return. That’s 4 scales out of 1. Shroomskin - requires you to kill misery toadstool to get the napsack blueprint. Craft napsack with 1 shroom skin and get 4 napsack. Deconstruct to get 1 skin back each in return. That’s 4 skin out of 1. Thulicite - Wear a construction amulet to craft thulicite armors, deconstruct each to get more thulicite back. Stuff like this for long term worlds is relatively easy since at that point you usually have an over abundance of materials. Those trying to build miraculously in an early game is a bit unrealistic.
  7. You can go on and make that thread if you wish it existed. Could be interesting. I’ve played on PS4 for years and there are no console commands, I can deff appreciate builds done legitimately- it’s a lot of work and time consuming and rewarding. I mostly just spawn in extra exotic berry bushes when playing on PC since those are limited and I love building with them. On PS4 I would use the cave duplication glitch to duplicate them. Regardless I wanted to make a thread that didn’t segregate anyone. I love seeing builds whether in DST or single player, creative mode or not. x
  8. Botanical Garden "Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble." These were made in creative for my weekly creative build challenge.
  9. Redid and finished this design I started once upon a time.