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  1. I agree. This was the main reason Willow lost her fire immunity for a while- people were more worried about griefers being able to benefit from it more than the beauty of the character's lore, design and gameplay. They might add a toggle-able feature, never know. They did add the option to make others drop their items upon leaving, which helps a lot with griefers that love to join, raid and leave with important items.
  2. There is actually a decent mod called Camp Security that does I think what you're looking for. If a player without permission of a structure tries to burn/kill/destroy something that isn't theirs- it won't allow them .
  3. Made some changes to the main bits of my base. (Please ignore the messiness on the floor, I was too lazy to clean up this time) Portal Thermal Stone Area Farm Circle Shrine Wardrobes / Glommer's Litterbox
  4. I'm normally super against server mods but but but.. I found one I absolutely adore.. Animal Variety (Not sure why this isn't already a thing tbh) It makes subtle changes to the hue of some of the animals. Choco Bunnies! Cutie goats! There are heaps other animal variety of course.
  5. (WIP) Swamp Zone Entrance (thank you @Warlockadamm for growing all these giant pumpkins for me) Roundabout I miss the old farms so much. I'm glad I built this before the update that removed them. Fishing Nook Tentacle Well I'm building walls around all the tentacles in the swamp, I like how it looks like wells.
  6. + I just hit day 4000 (WIP) Pig Houses Garden Kelp Garden Wood / Living Log Farm I need heaps and heaps of wood, always. I'm at the point in my world where I have houndius to spare so I've made this nook in my tree chopping area to fight the tree guards and for storage as well.
  7. Currently redesigning my world to fit the Victorian theme I want. (WIP) Bee Zone I've already made changes but then Winter hit and I refuse to take screen shots during the off-seasons. If you haven't noticed; I mostly take my screenshots during dusk. I like the "dim" lighting and the warm tone of it. I also noticed my bee boxes are off in symmetry by a bit, I'll have to fix it. The reason there are bees still out during dusk is because I caught and released some— making them homeless. I'm hoping they will plant more flowers in the spots that I am unable to plant them on my own; since you cannot plant butterflies down too close to certain structures and it's already a tight squeeze as it is. *bzzz**bzzz* "When their link to a Beehive is severed (either through catch-and-release or by destroying the hive) a Bee will gain the ability to spawn a new Flower after pollinating a minimum of 6 different Flowers. They can't be forced to spawn Flowers like captive Butterflies, but will do so every once in a while on their own. Evil Flowers can also be spread in this manner if a Bee pollinates 6 of them. Hiveless Bees will pollinate Flowers through Dusk since they have no hive to go home to during that time." Which variety of flower is your favorite? Mine is this one.
  8. Update Due to multiple comments, complaints and concerns- I have updated the introduction post to this thread. I have gone over the qualifications and reiterating "rules" for those who are confused or forgot. You can click here to check it out directly but I will be reposting it here as well. This thread was made for everyone to be able to show off their builds. We encourage creativity so please do not criticize or talk down to anyone. Make sure everyone feels welcomed here; if you are caught picking on or making fun of anyone you will be asked to leave or reported depending on your history. There are no qualifications. Mods Console commands Both survival and creative builds DST, DS, SW & Hamlet Toxic, condescending or possible rule-breaking behavior Please checkout guidelines.
  9. We started a creative build world last night to experiment with the new skins (and for funsies). Everything was built with all recipes unlocked but nothing was spawned, everything can be built in survival.