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  1. been a while some "neater" revamps i've been doing to my world experimenting with straight lining ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ kitchen bundles mushrooms~~ bees (not super keen on this but it took forever so lol) stone fruit hi crow ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ not sure how i feel about this yet, but my other style felt a bit too cluttered.
  2. testing some things. i think i kind of want to go for a fairy garden theme now?
  3. Had literally no useful wormholes in my world so I decided to make them useful (and cute) on my own. Never cared before but now that we have wormhole skins I really wanted to make use them.
  4. Made some changes to the main bits of my base. (Please ignore the messiness on the floor, I was too lazy to clean up this time) Portal Thermal Stone Area Farm Circle Shrine Wardrobes / Glommer's Litterbox
  5. I'm normally super against server mods but but but.. I found one I absolutely adore.. Animal Variety (Not sure why this isn't already a thing tbh) It makes subtle changes to the hue of some of the animals. Choco Bunnies! Cutie goats! There are heaps other animal variety of course.
  6. (WIP) Swamp Zone Entrance (thank you @Warlockadamm for growing all these giant pumpkins for me) Roundabout I miss the old farms so much. I'm glad I built this before the update that removed them. Fishing Nook Tentacle Well I'm building walls around all the tentacles in the swamp, I like how it looks like wells.
  7. + I just hit day 4000 (WIP) Pig Houses Garden Kelp Garden Wood / Living Log Farm I need heaps and heaps of wood, always. I'm at the point in my world where I have houndius to spare so I've made this nook in my tree chopping area to fight the tree guards and for storage as well.