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  1. I just would like to leave a little bit of feedback. First of all, thank you very much for the new drop and that I am included. I am really appreciative of that. Then let me get to the delicious icing on the cake, that is the Cawnival. I am absolutely blown away in the best way. I feel like you can really tell how much you at Klei Entertainment and everyone who creates these things love what they are doing. Because the Cawnival Event is just oozing with passion and love and it really shows. You can really tell how much everyone loved what they did. Corvus Goodfeather, the Crow NPCs, all the assets, the rides and their beautiful animations. It is just such an incredible triumph what you achieved there. This is by far my favourite seasonal event you have done, and you really outdid yourselves there. I feel like you can really tell how much thought you put into this. I love how alive the whole scene feels. I think it is the right direction to include more NPCs, just makes the whole world feel so alive and wonderful. The rides are really fun, my personal favourite is the one where you feed the baby crow animatronics with worms. It is just so beautifully animated. It is content, that at least imo is highly replayable and will get me to play many many many more hours. I appreciate the decor items, I appreciate the colours. I as a basebuilder feel listened to and heard and represented with this patch. Thank you so much. The decorations are just mesmerizing, there is so many ways to make good use of them. When I heard rumours of new decor in this patch, I was getting ready in my mind to farm a lot of rocks/marble/twigs/logs whatever, but to now have this new, different, very refreshing way of obtaining some decor items is a real success. Really breaks up the usual grind for basebuilders. I could easily see a new ride being added to this cawnival every year, I would love it. Maybe even with a skin bundle that recolour the whole cawnival. It is Midsummer, which is basically at the opposite time of christmas, but to me it feels like christmas came early this year. It's been a while since I was so excited about a video. So just thank you. I am very happy with this patch. Probably my favourite update within the whole year and we had so many good updates within a year, many strong contenders like the Forgotten Knowledge, the Reap What you Sow or the Eye of the Storm. Good job, please keep it up. Usually I only can speak for myself, but I think in this case it's safe to say in the name of the community: We love you, we love what you do, please never stop". Best regards, Rhovious the Wizard
  2. I would absolutely love Moon Glass Walls, Please make it happen. Moon Glass Walls! Number one demand from the entire community <3
  3. I would love for them to port Pugalisk to DST with a caveworm reskin. Make that Caveworm boss drop a planteable huge glowberry that makes for an alternative infinite light version. Maybe with a smaller radius than a glowcap but bigger than Astral Detector. You know, I always like having a lot of different ways to achieve the same goal.
  4. Thank you very much Klei. I appreciate the support! Very thrilled to see the finale, and I absolutely adore this salt box thank you <3
  5. When Maxwells miner minions mine moon glass chunks on the Lunar Island or Vitre Oases in the Lunar Grotto it plays the same sound as mining a rock boulder. When you mine it manually yourself it plays the correct "glassy" sound.
  6. I don't have this base anymore so it's kinda difficult to take good screenshots. It's from a video on YT.
  7. You can extend the range of your 1 flingo base by planting some lureplants at the outer most range of the flingo. Cause they always catch fire first in your screen. A lot of dead space even in this tiny plot? Did you do Drying Racks, Avocado Bush Farm, Berry Bush Farm, Grass Farm, Twig Farm, Mushroom Planter, an actual crop farm, chests, a fully stocked kitchen, magic area? These things tend to use a lot of space for me. Not sure how to make a useful pig farm within this range as Wortox, maybe there is a design for a fire farm? I would probably just end up killing them manually on full moon. I once did a 1 flingo base, dont think this design is gonna help, but well. It's all I got as inspiration.
  8. Would love that, and also give us moon rock and thulecite statues while you are at it <3 <3 <3 And yeah, marble walls! absolutely marble walls! And gold walls, gold walls too. And yeah, why not balloon walls. I hope this doesn't come off sarcastic, because I really want all those things
  9. While I wouldn't say no to a straight up Hamlet multiplayer port because it really brought some great new ideas to the franchise, I think we would be fine by porting maybe just some of the strengths over to DST. Which seems more feaseable to me due to the finite nature of Klei's resources. The Housing and Trading aspect is just wonderful and a lot of fun and I think large multiplayer worlds with thriving player-made cities where each player has their own house could be absolutely marvelous and ground breaking for the future of DST. One thing I always struggle a bit with in games, and DST is no exception to that, even if you play with friends, is this inherit feeling of loneliness. Hamlet with all these NPCs and thriving cities does a wonderful job to combat that feeling in my opinion, which would be another great benefit for DST. The ruins and tiny cave pockets were also really fun in Hamlet, and I personally would prefer the addition of smaller cave systems as opposed to one huge one. The sense of exploration, discouvery and archeology in Hamlet is exquisit. As bosses the Iron Hulk is a real standout to me, but I would say the Celestial Champion kinda has similar vibes. The Pugalisk is also amongst my all time favourite bosses and I think could be relatively easily ported to DST. Maybe you could add him as a cave boss with a Caveworm reskin. The caves in DST still feel very lackluster and incomplete and you only have the AG, FW and Toadstool there. Another midgame boss would really benefit the caves. Maybe the loot could be one "massive" glowberry that can be planted as a permanent light source. Or even a sort of glowberry bush that can be harvested from time to time. Alongside the typical spine bones. (I personally am always short on boneshards in my worlds and would love another source of them. And even though fishing works, it's really not my cup of tea and I rather end up dying and resurrecting myself a couple times over to farm bone shards than get loads of fish.) I don't think originality should be pursued for the sake of originality. With slight changes a lot of great concepts from Hamlet could be ported over while still feeling unique enough imo. And when we look at the "unique" content from DST. Namely the RoT updates. Other than the Lunar Island and recent Grott + Archives, the game still feels virtually the same even after years of updates which I feel sad about. I truly believe some more extensive additions and updates à la porting Hamlet's strengths is exactly what could ensure the longevity of this marvelous game that DST is.
  10. Doesn't look like a similarity to me. You know, mammal, reptile, lots of animal eyes in general just tend to be shaped that way. Don't Starve always had a thing for eyes in general. Deerclops, Eyeplant, No-Eyed Deer, Klaus, Tallbirds Maybe it's just to indicate that someone or something "them" is watching.
  11. I think the Enlightened Crown is in a good spot. With an additonal 42 damage on every single hit you just shred through some bosses like dragonfly. I'd rather like to see some additional loot from the boss, something that makes it worthwhile doing im several times over.
  12. Is he really the last boss though? You don't need to do the Shadow Pieces or the Fuelweaver to face the Celestial Champion. I would rank Fuelweaver higher than this new boss.
  13. Thanks a lot for the post. I really enjoyed reading this. Testing all the new stuff today, I found myself a bit frustrated for how I felt not many of my questions were answered and I rather found myself with many more new questions. This beautiful post put my mind a bit at ease. Thanks <3
  14. Thank you JoeW for the update. I would like to thank you and Klei for the great opportunities that the last drop cycle presented to me. I was very honoured to participate. I am very much in love with this game and I am more than hyped for the next content drop because it sure sounds like hot stuff. And I also have to say I am shocked at the new level of toxicity we have reached here in some of the earlier statements. I don't know what to think of the fact that these accounts were apparently made for the attacks. Keep it up you guys... and we are gonna get nothing but salt box skin from now on. Yes you heard that right, I cracked the code. After a certain number of salty posts we reach here on the forums Klei always decides to give us a new Salt Box skin. That's why we got so many recently