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  1. I can't help but be reminded of Diablo, Lord of Terror whenever I look at the new Gothic skin for the Wardrobe. Anyone else see it too? I mean it's all there. the shape of the horns, the "soulstone" , the feet. the claws
  2. Ah the good ol' "If I have got something, I don't want anyone else to have it so I am special" that has always advanced our society as a whole to a great deal. I understand that some people might feel something they have loses value if other people suddenly get access, while you had to do be present somewhere at a specific time or whatever to obtain it in the first place. But then again, look at it like this, you've had access for it for all this time, and got enjoyment out of if for potential years, while the ones that get it now, only get the enjoyment from now on. And I am saying this as someone who has all the skins I care about and obtained everything when it was initially available for a short period of time.
  3. The Terraria Crossover event was one of my favourite things they ever did. I'd say. screw it, give us another Terraria crossover event cause there is still an infinite amount of Terraria content out there that I'd love to welcome in the constant
  4. We do have a lot of wall skins, but not for the wooden and the hay wall. Having a hedge skin for the hay walls seems like such an obvious choice to me, I hope we will be blessed @soonishTM Apart from that a skin for turfs, trees, berry bushes and tufts would really excite me.
  5. Sorry If I am confusing you, but are you the person who made the "I made all mini signs" and "the crepe-ening" videos? Your gorgeous builds reminded me of those.
  6. I don't feel like I am a particularly mean spirited guy. I always try my best to be respectful and kind. And I do think I have expressed my appreciation for Klei and everything they do on many opportunities. But I have to say it's quite discouraging to partake on this forums discussion and express any sort of criticism or wish, if you only ever get ridiculed for it. Opinions like "other game studios are so much worse" don't really serve any purpose imo. It doesn't do to compare yourself to worse. And just because someone expresses criticism or an idea does also not mean "we" or I take anything for granted, and I am tired of being pidgeonholed like that every single time. And just because we have gotten more updates than ever before also doesn't invalidate someone elses opinion who feels like they are bored with certain aspects of the game or wishes that certain aspects of the game were more focused when it comes to updates. I feel like I am being ridiculed very often whenever I don't preface a statement with something along the lines of "Just want to remind you how much this game means to me and how grateful I am for everything that Klei has been giving to us over the years but". That being said, I do think you can't ever give enough praise in todays society whereas complaints sometimes seem too ample. But sometimes I just wanna discuss a topic without writing a formal letter that sounds like I am trying to address Queen Elizabeth herself every time if that makes any sense. I am incredibly passionate about this game and I often come into this forum filled with curiousity only to annoyedly leave a few minutes later cause people can't ever just talk about different ideas and opinions without ridiculing each other. It's so tiresome.
  7. Imo it's not about the frequency but about the choices of updates. To me content is means new bosses, biomes, enemies, materials things to craft. To me content isn't character refreshes, QoL updates, I guess seasonal events are to a degree content but they are mostly just "fluff" and don't really add to DSTs core experience. I wish there was a bigger focus on what I described as content and less on the latter, as only the former really adds substantial replayability imo. Since one of your questions specifically asked whether we think Klei should communicate more regarding content. I'd say yes. I would love if they took in more feedback from the community. Sure a lof of people have loads of different opinions. But there is many amazing Klei Ambassadors out there like Glermz, who really know the game in and out and could be representing entire buckloads of DST superfans and their wishes for the game.
  8. Choosing any elegant character skin for Wanda in combination with actual trousers that have two legs makes her upper body turn invisible.
  9. I just would like to leave a little bit of feedback. First of all, thank you very much for the new drop and that I am included. I am really appreciative of that. Then let me get to the delicious icing on the cake, that is the Cawnival. I am absolutely blown away in the best way. I feel like you can really tell how much you at Klei Entertainment and everyone who creates these things love what they are doing. Because the Cawnival Event is just oozing with passion and love and it really shows. You can really tell how much everyone loved what they did. Corvus Goodfeather, the Crow NPCs, all the assets, the rides and their beautiful animations. It is just such an incredible triumph what you achieved there. This is by far my favourite seasonal event you have done, and you really outdid yourselves there. I feel like you can really tell how much thought you put into this. I love how alive the whole scene feels. I think it is the right direction to include more NPCs, just makes the whole world feel so alive and wonderful. The rides are really fun, my personal favourite is the one where you feed the baby crow animatronics with worms. It is just so beautifully animated. It is content, that at least imo is highly replayable and will get me to play many many many more hours. I appreciate the decor items, I appreciate the colours. I as a basebuilder feel listened to and heard and represented with this patch. Thank you so much. The decorations are just mesmerizing, there is so many ways to make good use of them. When I heard rumours of new decor in this patch, I was getting ready in my mind to farm a lot of rocks/marble/twigs/logs whatever, but to now have this new, different, very refreshing way of obtaining some decor items is a real success. Really breaks up the usual grind for basebuilders. I could easily see a new ride being added to this cawnival every year, I would love it. Maybe even with a skin bundle that recolour the whole cawnival. It is Midsummer, which is basically at the opposite time of christmas, but to me it feels like christmas came early this year. It's been a while since I was so excited about a video. So just thank you. I am very happy with this patch. Probably my favourite update within the whole year and we had so many good updates within a year, many strong contenders like the Forgotten Knowledge, the Reap What you Sow or the Eye of the Storm. Good job, please keep it up. Usually I only can speak for myself, but I think in this case it's safe to say in the name of the community: We love you, we love what you do, please never stop". Best regards, Rhovious the Wizard
  10. When Maxwells miner minions mine moon glass chunks on the Lunar Island or Vitre Oases in the Lunar Grotto it plays the same sound as mining a rock boulder. When you mine it manually yourself it plays the correct "glassy" sound.
  11. Welcome to Rhovious' Radiant Residence, where we dabbled in the arcane and scientific arts of the Architect Pack made by Kynoox. It's not honest, but it's much. The Manor itself: La Cuisine: Our Armory was hit by a lunar meteor which led to the demise of one of the 4 eternal chandeliers: The Pink Courtyard: The Entrance Gardens have overgrown a bit, seems like I need to fire the gardeneer: The Rhoyal Farms: The Ancient Tombs, containing the Arcane Core which powers the magic of our realm:
  12. @reichull I am a bit late to the "Bushes on Carpet" discussion. But I wanted to add, when I first saw you do that I sort of had an epiphany, and I want to actually congratulate you on being so bold where I wasn't. Same with Bushes on Wooden Flooring, I love that combo very much since, so I want to thank you for being very fashion forward and moving the whole DST Art industry onto the next level, where others are too afraid <3
  13. Was fighting ancient fuelweaver, messed up, wanted to try again. Clicked rollback. My character died inbetween clicking the rollback button and the loading screen showing up. The countdown started, it loaded. Boom it starts to regenerate my world. Usually I have backups of my world, but I forgot this time ^^. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/719888833?t=02h09m57s