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  1. Something New - Elevation

    Yes please, as someone who turns their map all the time I 100% support this. The number of aesthetic possiblities this would add to the game for basebuilders like me is endless. Even if only for the mosaic or rocky biome, It would just look so cool.
  2. It's me again with an updated version of the same place a couple days later, plus some other spots of the base I am rather fond of. In case anyone is interested. Sorry, winter might have not been the prettiest season to snap these.
  3. Who are the holy trinity? Wickerbottom, Wolfgang and WX? I am bit split on the ability to switch characters with the upgraded florid postern. It sure is nice to be able to switch, but always switching to Wolfgang, Winona or Wickerbottom for any Boss or things like shortly taking Maxwell to annihilate a forest seems really stupid to me. They might as well give every character everything when it doesn't matter what choice you make anyway. I haven't used it yet ever, I'd just feel cheap going for Wolfgang for a kill on Fuelweaver or Toadstool every time.
  4. Yeah sure, I formulated that a bit unfortunate. Though I'd very much prefer them to not put so much effort into the seasonal events and focus more on the actual RoT content.
  5. I can actually see this working if it the sunken city or ruins that were to reemerge for whatever reason is just another part of the ancient civilisation. I also feel like this is an interesting enough biome to merit an island. Maybe make it even a bit amphibious that you actually sail through ruins at times and have to make several stops to explore reemerged smaller pockets of ruins. There is certainly place for some new assets, tools and whatever useables even if still just thulecite themed.
  6. I really like my ashley skin for bernie a lot. But often it takes me to day 100 till I can actually allocate the time to get some beard hair to replace the bernie I started with. It's a bit of a shame, I feel like I am not getting as much value out of my ashley skin as with other crafteables. I would love if Willow started with the required resources to craft bernie instead of having an already exsisting one, so I can craft an ashley right away.
  7. Stone Walls Carpet turf Cobblestone turf
  8. Sorry I didn't take the time to clean up
  9. Sounds wonderful, I do think the SW & Hamlet seasonal effects are much more interesting than this pure "Freezing, burning" thing we get with summer and winter. It's such a pity we are stuck with these boring seasons for DST when there is things like wind, monsoon, flooding, hayfever,sprawling thornbushes
  10. Another island with a whole new biome please. We still need more trees and still need more colours of turf and flora that isn't a depressing green or grey. Something colourful please.... More boat shapes would also be nice, or square boats that could be connected to make a real ocean city. Would also love more magic items. The whole ocean is still rather pointless, while the sailing mechanic is neat and really interesting, there isn't any points of interests to go to, once you have established a route to the lunar island, but even if not its only a back and forth. The SW ocean feels so lively and vibrant. The DST one instead is like a ghost town. I do understand that waves wouldn't work with the DST boat system. But its still such a shame, it feels so unfinished, like work under construction. I play DST almost exclusively alone, and if there is one thing that increases the feeling of lonilness DST already excudes, it's this ghost town of an ocean. I mean... I'd still love some of the Hamlet and SW content like coffee bushes and pig city come to DST, but well let's be realistic here.
  11. Anyone else notice that Warly & Wormwood in this artwork appear to be in the same (new?) biome?
  12. While I do generally very much understand the reason to spread the content out and have it keep alive the game over a long period of time. It also means most mods won't work for what, like a year from now on? =/
  13. It might not be as obvious from this screenshot, but there were many more, it was absolutely absurd. When I returned from RoG to Hamlet via the Skyworthy. A bat attack wave immediately descended upon me. But it was really an abnormous number of them. I couldnt count them. But killing them with like 2 tin chest pieces 2 tin helmets, 2 football helmets and 3 log suits yielded me 45 pig skin and 52 monster meat, so it was really an absurd number of animals. This was also only day 123, and I had other bat attack waves in the meantime that only consisted of like 15 bats ((before I managed to clear them, I had to come back for them several times, this was on the roc island were I have my private shanty + the skyworthy)). I feel like being in another world than Hamlet kinda gathers these numbers up until you return. I was 20 days in SW and another 5 in RoG before since I had initially left my Hamlet.
  14. [Game Update] - 295272

    Please do the hayfever world hopping crash next T_T RIP my day 100 world
  15. I had a similar issue during the Hamlet beta. I figured for me it had to do with having the required resources to craft something in my backpack as opposed to my personal inventory. Same with the key to the city. The City Planning tab does not come up if you have the key in your backpack as opposed to the personal inventory.