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  1. Welcome to Rhovious' Radiant Residence, where we dabbled in the arcane and scientific arts of the Architect Pack made by Kynoox. It's not honest, but it's much. The Manor itself: La Cuisine: Our Armory was hit by a lunar meteor which led to the demise of one of the 4 eternal chandeliers: The Pink Courtyard: The Entrance Gardens have overgrown a bit, seems like I need to fire the gardeneer: The Rhoyal Farms: The Ancient Tombs, containing the Arcane Core which powers the magic of our realm:
  2. Looking forward to the new system. I hope Twitch Affiliates will also have a chance to participate and not just partners. But how sudden everything stopped left me quite stunned.
  3. Really don't like the idea having to hold the respective tools for the puppets to work, I don't wanna carry a shovel and and axe each time I wipe out a forest, imagine constantly switching between shovel and axe, just for the minions to do their job, would tremendously slow down the whole process, at that point I might just do it myself. No thank you. Can't we just have an on and off button like with abigails flower?
  4. Haha, you should see Katarinas beautiful farm some time, she is like going big. 40 krampi at a time. 1 Glommer at a time?
  5. I for one would be more than willing to pay for DLCs or more content if it means we actually get more. I might be wrong, but the impression I get is that this free updates situation we are currently in greatly hinders actual innovation and new additions to the game. So many game developer companies leave an out of this world greedy impression on me, whereas Klei is the only example I can think of that seems on the opposite end of the spectrum, that I would sometimes consider to be too generous and. Like when they gave away more than 11k copies of Hamlet after the Beta Test. Like, you do phenomenal work, and I want to support you, but I can't. Because there is nothing more to buy. I'd also welcome more purchaseable item & structure skins. Generally I think the amount of value you get for the purchase prices of DS & it's DLCs and DST is one of the best you could ever find on steam.
  6. Would really love to see this. Seems like a simple enough fix. Would be great if we don't have to wait for his rework to get an on and off switch. Feels very frustrating to kill the minions every time I enter my base because there is decorative trees or marble trees I don't want them to destroy.
  7. @reichull I am a bit late to the "Bushes on Carpet" discussion. But I wanted to add, when I first saw you do that I sort of had an epiphany, and I want to actually congratulate you on being so bold where I wasn't. Same with Bushes on Wooden Flooring, I love that combo very much since, so I want to thank you for being very fashion forward and moving the whole DST Art industry onto the next level, where others are too afraid <3
  8. Was fighting ancient fuelweaver, messed up, wanted to try again. Clicked rollback. My character died inbetween clicking the rollback button and the loading screen showing up. The countdown started, it loaded. Boom it starts to regenerate my world. Usually I have backups of my world, but I forgot this time ^^. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/719888833?t=02h09m57s
  9. Boatbase Kitchen Boatbase Chest Area Boat Base Center Boatbase Garden Boatbase Farm Boatbase Pig Village
  10. @IceTime Damn I am really impressed with your style! It's so colourful and different <3 But other than that, I just came here to show a little kitchen that I did as a request
  11. They are safe to kill and completely independent from your regular deer herds. They also don't despawn unlike the regular ones.
  12. Does that goat you can now find then multiply into it's own herd? Or is it gonna be like these sad Klaus left over No eyed deers? No matter, a very good, very appreciated change!
  13. A sneak peak of my (still not entirely finished) bath house, which i wanted to do after I saw @reichulls one. With a hin of spirited away in there. And my tropical park. Also reichull I absofruitely love what you did there. And can we please finally get a rosebush in this game?
  14. My rather simple but quite fitting Moose Goose Setpiece area and my new bird garden in mint and rose (withered grass turf from gorge & pink park from gorge) <3