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  1. another idea: i want to build a piggy market, this is one of sample. i pretend piggy sales these resources to replace my warehouse. maybe someone else did it before? i really want to see some designs of pig store/ market.
  2. My friends and i plan to creat a new world, because old one already finshed. This time i decided to build an oasis base, but i have choice difficulties, don't know which style better,so i try to make a large base with different styles.
  3. i got inspiration from your design and build this, and i really love it xD in winter looks shine and pretty~~~
  4. i' I'm a little confused how to make base naturally, not messy? i used to like symmetrical base , but i really want natural style, just don't know how……
  5. Dear hornete, is this work on hat? i really want to make a hat, which can change color like your evergreen. (^q^)
  6. looks so cute! love your wortox idea, hope it would be real skin~
  7. is that real? the canopy will protect everything under it? that's great, i want to build my summer base there.
  8. Really beautiful!!!may i copy some of your design in my world?i really like your amazing idea!