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DS Hamlet out of Beta, its DST special loyal skin... soon?!

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I'd like to see a Crock Pot similar to the The Blue Sow:


The RoG and SW skins are structures which can be used to prevent starving similar to the Crock Pot and it fits to Hamlet's pigs and spelunking theme.

A stalking stick skin for the walking cane which uses the blooming effect of Wormwood would look nice too but that will be mostly a 1 by 1 copy of an skin and it might spoil the game for other players because they'll see what the Hamlet alternative Walking Cane is made out of.

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2 minutes ago, FreyaMaluk said:

That's a nice one but we got already a lot of cabe skins and a nice pig house might be way more cooler cuz Hamlet is about pigs anyways

Yes! I know.
TBH, if it's not the cane, I'd also like to have a pig house skin.

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