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  1. I wish "Item Collection" option showed the last dozen skins on "Recent Discoveries" so I dont have to keep count of them every week by remembering or writing them down. The next suggestion is about about Warly's stuff bad preview because it's hard to see where exactly they are placed, specially for base building.
  2. wtf? Should I remind you this game doesnt use relativistic calculations to simulate our universe?
  3. You are missing something. Flingo does keep going whatever farm you have if all conditions are met, like fertilized farm and fuelled flingo for ex. But there's always the chance of being a bug too.
  4. My nerf would be 2 slots over 4 and a little spoilage, maybe 10 or 15%. The one rope cost is fine because you dont get to peek what's inside when you carry many bundles(you may mess up what's what too) and I happen to open them often on journeys in order to use the stuff. It's a perk of the item to be cheap. I dont mind removing wax paper from Klaus. Wolfgang will have his power nerfed. You cant keep him like that with Warly's buffs(devs hinted at that on Warly's stream), which it's like god mode for me, and he was too powerful already without them. I played him once alone and it was boring as hell to destroy everything head-on without any challenge, but of course that's only my vote.
  5. Do we need a new season?

    I've always thought that after the atrium gate is open again the world should change somehow, like a trigger to make things more difficult. After all, that's what Fuelweaver has been warning the players about and he's optional anyway. For a change in the season I imagine no day phase, only small dusk and longer nights where "them" lurk in the dark. Almost lights out part of the standard mode.
  6. Ideas not only for Warly, some for all too(my last two). My main reason is to decrease the RNG factor and dependence on others to get his full power faster and a bit more consistently through many worlds as I'm not into changing chars through Celestial Portal, mods and lingering for megabases. Even when you focus on building farms asap, random seeds are still too rng to rely on and a good deal of early exploration time to find Mac Tusk or ruins(both rng too) for speed boost is sacrificed in order to set that all up. - Pepper seasoning(chili flakes) gives 10% speed and damage boost - One Warly's recipe with leafy meat for the fun - One or two wild garlic and pepper randomly spawning in the world, maybe one of them more likely in the caves. - Scaled furnace let crops grow very close to it in winter and wilt faster in summer. I tried not to give op ideas, but I can be missing something I havent seen, so please tell me.
  7. where do the dead go?

    There are some hints for a theory that the ancient civilization left behind thulecite(dust) in the form of statues and has turned into shadow creatures. Maybe it has something to do with the graves on the ground too, but yea ghosts show up from dug graves on full moon.
  8. Except that this game is not about realism, so that you should assume the birds are not like real birds.
  9. I guess no. It would actually make the game much easier for most if you get what I mean, like chopping woods for days, deerclops and dragonfly aggro, etc.
  10. [Poll] On Annoyances

    I hate hound waves above all. They are made on purpose(joking) to often show up in the worst situations. I dislike some of those listed, but I can usually deal with. Trolls are an uncommon kind where I play and can be easily fixed with a ban, rollback or console commands. I dont like most mods too.
  11. Solo vs Klaus

    I guess this is sarcasm.
  12. Your calculations lack improvisation/ adaptation and other important things about combat. I dont say he is supposed to explore, but he can once you are able to make the right food for the right time.
  13. Rude and mean. His "late" post is definitely much more useful than yours.
  14. Wormwood Buff Idea

    Wormwood is pretty tough if you want to hold your own for a challenge, against all bosses and combat. There's not many options for play styles since the down-upsides limit all you can do with health somehow. I wish there were more creative and fun situations/ways to deal with it without making it easy at the same time, like many things people have posted here. so you think you can dictate how people are always supposed to play, screw them if otherwise. I dont have to say what kind of thinking this is.
  15. You are assuming this from Hamlet, but this is not obvious here.