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  1. lol dude wtf. Although I like it, the name of this game isnt Slender Man.
  2. All I ask is something that can fool pigs for a while, maybe a nerfed Shamlet mask. Hard interaction with pigs is a serious no fun for me, mainly because of wood.
  3. On Set Pieces

    It would be clever if the devs put set pieces that have something to do with each dlc. Free advertisement and possible lore links and players' interest.
  4. That would be messed up, but I like it as long as there's a chance that it can be real besides the normal predictable waves.
  5. The game is a little predictable if you challenge yourself, just a little, which isnt a bad thing. Im not into huge base building, so I like playing a couple new worlds(private and public servers) every week to adapt to mostly new biome setups and see how it turns out. I tell you that you can still be surprised sometimes and die out of getting predictably greedy and overconfident with your knowledge when you play many new worlds. But I played just for survival like everybody in the beginning and the game gets very predictable if you get used to bad habits, like always taking advantage of easy mechanics and op items. Try playing the game differently, get out of your cozy zone to see if it plays out the same.
  6. Rework order

    Woodie comes next and then the super trio people worship. The most polemical first I think.
  7. Snowstorms would be pretty cool as a customizable condition that would decrease insulation protection for a while(you would need more clothes or warm up more often) and I imagine it would give rainometer, winterometer and caves more value. About the sandstorm effect in the whole map it would be too much I think because it would make goggles mandatory to play the game and that's not nice. Maybe around Mactusk area with an increase in items drop chance; the harder, the better rewards.
  8. They all happened when I got greedy. 1. I left my whole stack of cut grass to get back later while exploring and my stats were running thin. I had some cactus to cook though and it's not hard to get grass, so no problem I thought...just when I got enough grass for a campfire, hound wave came at night with 2 shadow creatures and starvation because I had no time to cook the cactus anymore. 2.Playing on a public server I saw a beefalo hat set piece just right there a few steps into the swamp and decided not to make a grass armor. Two well spawned tentacles jebaited me.
  9. Maybe you should just enable god mode while playing instead of wanting it as default.
  10. I dont know, it doesnt have to be a jumpscare, it might be too much, btw he gif was for fun. I remember feeling uneasy the first time I went to the ruins, but it's already scary for some I chat with.
  11. I forgot an idea I had once long ago that would creep many people out(I believe). Zero sanity would cause a freaking frightening shadow to creep up on players and you could only see it coming at key moments in the beginning as a warning, like when a lightning lights everything up briefly at night or one of those blinking eyes become scary and hurt you if you get too close. So you'd better pay attention to your path like crazy LOL
  12. Why? How? It's exactly any form of portable light that makes them go away.
  13. It's usually time-consuming to get the rare tentacle spots, if not dangerous. Rngesus can be too tryhard and so it's far less reliable than the easy over-there ingredients of rain hat, specially when you are not playing just for chilling survival, but also under bosses schedules(I dont use eyebrella).
  14. Along with increasing numbers of common shadow creatures the longer you stay insane, an increasing chance of spawning a strong shadow, maybe one of the level 2 shadow bosses.
  15. I try to draw

    Nice! Go for it if you are into art.