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  1. Sometimes the surrounding places make it interesting for that world, but it should mainly depend on your plan and your strategy for the moment, say if you want to fight as Warly for example. Then there are players that base there just because.
  2. I try to draw

    Nice! Go for it if you are into art.
  3. Madmax Fancy Redhead Redspear Country brawler Friendlyfire Graverobber
  4. Suggestions: Nerf Wolfgang hard by giving him at least a present and serious setback and Wickerbottom's books; Fix the pathfinding because it's where most exploits come from; Come up with more mobs or mechanics that seriously affect plants and farms; Nerf some mobs loot or add more risk. Bunnymen, catcoons, werepigs(manure farming) for instance give way too much resources for relatively too little effort. Shadow creatures are easy to keep farming forever, so maybe add an increasing chance for a MUCH more vicious one the longer you stay insane and the darker it is(tier 2 shadow knights would be nice). Thulecite crown should require a red gem for real. Snow Chester is op.
  5. Disconnected from my own server!

    It's been recently happening to me too. Every time i host a server I randomly get disconnected from myself once and even one time I couldnt progress anymore because I kept disconnecting. It's weird because when it's about to happen the server lags for a while(maybe 20s) and actions dont complete(try to pick something up and it stays on the ground, for ex). So when I start it over I have to redo many things because of that lost time.