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  1. If you created the server you can easily stop them and fix things, or gtfo if you didnt because things will likely get worse after not listening to you. Trolling and bad manners are part of any multiplayer game unfortunately because kids.
  2. Nice! Go for it if you are into art.
  3. Madmax Fancy Redhead Redspear Country brawler Friendlyfire Graverobber
  4. It's been recently happening to me too. Every time i host a server I randomly get disconnected from myself once and even one time I couldnt progress anymore because I kept disconnecting. It's weird because when it's about to happen the server lags for a while(maybe 20s) and actions dont complete(try to pick something up and it stays on the ground, for ex). So when I start it over I have to redo many things because of that lost time.