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What skins do you want for any character's rework update?

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With each character getting their own update, along with a skin that is exclusive to them and not part of a set, there is a lot of potential for unique skins. Whether it be skin concepts that have been discovered by Klei themselves, or an idea for a skin that you thought of on your own, what skins do you want to see for one or more characters?

My ideas for a few characters:

Wilson- Shadow Wilson (Albeit very far fetched, I'm referring to the one that popped up a lot in skingleplayer and Klei released a blind box figure of it)

Willow- Orphan Willow (Klei's skin concept)

Wolfgang- Military Wolfgang (Klei's skin concept)

Wickerbottom- Young Wickerbottom (Klei's skin concept)

Wes- Zombie Wes (Same deal as shadow Wilson, although I was more expecting it for the hallowed nights event)

Webber- The Predigested (Human boy, before eaten by a spider)

Maxwell- The Great Maxwell (From chapter 5 of adventure mode in singleplayer, where he is wearing a fur coat and looks insane)

That's all the ideas that I have, even though most of them were derived from Klei directly. What are your ideas?

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Since the rework update skins seems to point toward being a "Prequel" series, aka Pre-Constant, I feel like most of the skins are gonna represent that, or be related to the respective lore video. That being said, here's my ideas for some of the rework skins.

Wilson: Young Wilson

Willow: Orphan Willow

Wolfgang: Military Wolfgang

Wendy: Funeral Wendy

WX: I'd say W.I.P but we already got that... Perhaps something pertaining to being newly created by Wagstaff? A Voxola skin?

Wicker: Young Librarian

Woodie: Pioneer or maybe some story behind Lobotomy Woodie?

Wes: Off-Work Wes

Maxwell: We already have William Carter as a prequel... I agree with Adventure Mode Maxwell, I'd love to get that stylish fur coat as a skin.

Wigfrid: Perhaps Wigfrid playing another role before she took up the helm as the Valkyrie?

Webber: The Predigested

Winona, we already got Industrious

Wortox, we already got Uncorrupted

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1 hour ago, Chris1448 said:


I can't agree with Wilson or Webber, I can't think of a beard work around, and while funny, I'm certain people are gonna be upset about it.

Off-work Wes is illegal. 

Isn't Wolfgang from the circus? The same one with Wilbur, shown in the original puzzle with Charlie?
I guess Military would be cool, but I don't know how it'd work out.

The rest I can agree with, with all certainty!

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Webber should have ether the undigested or farmer

like mud smeared on their face and some checkered overalls or something along those lines with a peice of wheat in their mouth like a stereotypical farmhand

also Checkmate Maxwell sounds good because we already have the unshadow

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I want a skin that makes Wigfrid's head an icebox, so she can finally, truly be Wigfridge

Honestly apart from her GoH, her Triumphant, and slightly her Survivor/Gladiator, it just doesn't feel like Wigfrid has many skins that feel that in-tune with who she is as a character. (I also really don't like quite a few of them in general, but that's beside the point.)


With how all of the updates plan to come alongside an origin trailer, and what Winona's skin was, I don't think it's going to be a long stretch to assume the skins are going to just be pre-constant, and it's not like there's anything too wrong with that, but for those that never noticed the "Wigfrid Quotologist" part of my title, I've got a personal bone to pick with how Wigfrid is handled in certain instances, and if we just got a dressed up and made up and fancy schmancy actress Wigfrid, I would actually be considerably upset.

Basically, long story short, I want a skin that focuses on the "basically delusional" death machine that Wigfrid aspires to be, not, say, as deliberately beat up as the Survivor, but a skin that shows her perhaps wearing pelts of slain creatures with a twisted, violent grin plastered on her face, showing that she feels victorious and craves more challenge. and an actually cool skin for her equipment that isnt blocky looking would be cool too

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9 hours ago, Dr. Safety said:

Wilson- Shadow Wilson (Albeit very far fetched, I'm referring to the one that popped up a lot in skingleplayer and Klei released a blind box figure of it)

I'm seriously surprised that this is still not a thing.

Come on Klei, us Wilson mains need this!

Image result for don't starve shadow wilson

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