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  1. Since Bernie got a big buff with willows rework, i wanna see pajama party willow. (Basically willow wearing a bear outfit)
  2. I wish it were multiple choice, but definitely the core aspect of the game coupled with good friends and meeting great people is what makes the DST experience unforgettable!
  3. I wish someone photoshopped a wes head statue in the background of those images it seems too fitting. Hes definitely scarier than gargoyles!
  4. Yeah I feel for sure downsides should occur. She loves fire, doesn't necessarily mean that she is an immortal flame goddess that some try and make her out to be. I like the idea of ticking Heat wave damage.
  5. HAHA maybe the scalding dfly thing was a bit exaggerated on the description, but basically it would deal a high amount of fire based damage. Hello cooked meats!
  6. This is a similar concept I had thought about as well. I'll write it as short as I can in the format of a character update. Time spent in the constant has enabled willow to use her passion for all things fiery into a more "friendly" fire direction, to better suit her and her fellow survivors in these harsh lands. - Willow now has a new tab in the crafting section, Thermaldynamics - Willow can now craft a thermal sword using a thermal stone and a spear. The thermal sword has fair damage stats in its neutral state, but when heated up with fire this sword can reach temperatures hot enough to scald even the dragonfly herself! (it also emits a nifty small light radius for those overnight battles) - Using willows trusted companion Bernie along with a thermal stone will give birth to the almighty "Burnie" Burnie seems relatively normal at first but introduce some heat into burnies life with a lighter or a torch and watch him spring to life! Burnie acts as a trap, once placed on the ground and set aflame, burnie will seek out the nearest enemy it finds and latch onto them with a mighty bear hug dealing constant fire damage! Last but certainly not least, willows lighter will also be shown some love! - Using some carpet, a toad skin, and willows trusty ligther willow can now craft "Carpet bombs" When thrown at a enemy target the carpet bomb in mid-flight will leave fire in its wake as well as a patch of fire upon impacting the ground causing the target(s) to suffer burning damage until moved out of the carpet bombs flame radius.
  7. Why Wes is Evil

    The ending line was my favorite "Wes is best...when hes dead"
  8. For one be a new stronger set of spiders, maybe even with elemental properties for some. Ex: Winter spiders that freeze upon death. Another thing is you wouldn't have to physically set a Tier 3 den at a location which will eventually turn into a Queen and back to a level 1 den. It's quite different actually, there wouldn't even be a ton of spooders roaming about in the evening, only when triggered.
  9. A Webber suggestion that just popped into my mind... IMAGINE.. if webber could craft web traps similar to labyrinth that could trigger when bosses or mobs walked on them summoning strong ally spiders to help in combat!!!!! OMFKASMNFKLAGNSZEGNMEL I WANT THIS NOW. Spooder Raid!!!
  10. Heres my responses to some of your points made. Fun to play: webber does need a rework, i agree with this. Even in his current state however he is fun to play i really enjoy him as a character. Healer / Wortox: I genuinely don't believe you can place them even in the same category of comparing their healing contributions to a team. Just because webber can farm glands a bit easier does not make him a healer. Anyone can bunnyfarm for easy pierogis and that certainly does not make them healers. Reasons to leave base: Now on this subject I think anyone who plays DST needs to make an effort to leave the base as its very rewarding to keep up with gathering outside of basic survival items. I do agree that it would be great to see webber get re worked in this area though. Perhaps bonus move speed and attack damage in the evenings and night? ( that's when spiders are active) Btw Great read, interesting points and subject!
  11. On Set Pieces

    I think set pieces are really awesome! I feel like they don't need a overhaul but, I would like to see even more unique ones coming in with the new biomes.
  12. Just an idea

    I would like to see food buffs personally. For example, what if we kept basic crock pots still that functioned as normal but later could craft advanced cooking tools (gorge items) that gave buffs to the user such as move speed, strength, weather resistance etc.
  13. Imagine a insanity boss that only appears to you on a full moon in the swamp or grave yard biomes while you are completely insane
  14. • willows lighter can be used as a crafting material with the fire staff to create a staff that works similarly to the forges meteor calling staff. (Craftable in ruins) • willow can use bernie as a crafting material with a gear to craft a cheerful bernie. Cheerful Bernie dances happily and players within range gain a large sanity boost until bernie runs out battery. • willow can use bernie as a crafting material with a thermal stone to create burnie. This extra insulated thermal stone allows for longer lasting warmth and a larger thermal light radius.
  15. no light after spawn?

    Likely a delay or lag, the spotlight still exists.