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  1. As I main Wilbur (single player), i hope Wilbur will come next so i can start playing DST. P/s: Please, Klei whatever you do, DON'T change the ability to run on 4 and throw manure, that two things i like most of Wilbur
  2. P/s: Soon there will be Wilbur, very soon......
  3. Oh, i miss the update announcement. P/s: I wonder when my Wilbur will come to DST, can't wait to throw manure to someone face.
  4. Hey, I saw Sea (the SW kind of sea not the usual ones) in the new beta testing: "RETURN OF THEM", maybe klei gonna bring SW chars to DST sooner than i think. Hope there will be ton of skins for my Wilbur, i'm sure gonna buy them all.
  5. Perfection takes time, nothing came out perfect in the first place (not that i know of, maybe there is), some say practice makes perfect, if you don't port them how do we gonna "practice". One more thing, Klei don't have to handle those chars alone, just port them, then make a poll for each one and very soon ton of ideas will show up, they just sit there pick out the best suitable one, easy peasy.
  6. Brilliant, let's made Wilbur become the king of the UnderWorld.
  7. Yeah, let's those who buy the DLC able to unlock that chars in DST, that i think is one more good reason for player to buy future DLC. P/s: Throw poop is one of many reasons i love playing as Wilbur.
  8. Main Wilbur here! Some ideal: - Poop daily - Can throw stuff (not just manure): rock, spear, axe,... (what ever he can pick up) and that stuff deal damage <<<< we got ourselves a Range character, the first one i belive. You know monkey throw stuff, its their nature. - Climb and hide in tree when chase by mob, mob lose aggro after awhile. Jumb between near by tree. - Can pick up fruit from tree (no need to chop it down) - Gain sanity near tree. eat banana. Throw poops at people (his way of entertainment, the one being thrown at lose sanity) - Lose sanity when hungry. (He still an animal) - Wheeler's dodges (he fast so he can dodges) - Go insane turn into giant kingkong wreck everything (like Woodie) and drop beard hair when full moon like Son Go Ku from Dragon Ball (monkey have fur, and they change one a while right) ...That's it, for now. P/s: TOGETHER!!! We can shout out loud enough so Klei can hear us and port all chars form DS to DST so we can really TOGETHER.
  9. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    Sure, DLC chars only available to those who already bought them.
  10. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    There is a mod that does that (Shipwrecked Characters from steam workshop) What i want is those char officially added to DST by Klei so i can play my wilbur on whatever server i like
  11. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    Is it that hard to port those SW chars to DST? you don't need to make them perfect in every ways or fit a roll in a team, just make them available so I can play my Wilbur. By the way more chars = more skins to sell > more money to make. Didn't understand why Klei abandon SW chars, what SW had done to Klei to deserved this.
  12. All Shipwrecked characters should be added to DST, especially my Wilbur.
  13. Don't have Wilbur from SW DLC
  14. I main wilbur because of that running thing, would love to see that on wortox, Klei can nerf the soul hop thing in exchange for the "Wilbur four-leg running" thing