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  1. i want to play as Leatherface, there will be a massacre....!!!
  2. I usually open Twitch, then turn off screen and go to sleep, wake up 3 skins more
  3. In order to succeed you must fail. There is two ways to do this: The hard way: read 4rum guide and play the game like normal. The easy way: create a new TEST world with these mod: [TMIP]Too Many Items Plus Snapping tills (Optional) Improved Premier Gardeneer Hat (Optional) And mess with farming without worry about your survivability, when you have mastered farming, log back to your world and play like normal. You can use my Excel-Sheet to test crops combo, its not too fancy, but get the job done (for me at least).
  4. Then i can one-shot them with my x10 dmg ham bat, lovely...
  5. I tweak my Wolfgang to do x10 dmg and call it a fair fight (i played solo, so who gonna care but me), btw DST is not all about killing things, it's also about building things.
  6. Yeah, hope Klei will give him something unique and fun. Like the ability to relocate animal by grab them and bring back to base in mighty form.
  7. This is my Excel sheet, not too fancy, but get the job done. Now with the help from this mod by @Electroely, things are now much easier.
  8. What?! You said that yourself earlier or am i miss reading something?!
  9. Sure, with that much effort to create it (compare to a Football Helmet), it has to be better. Theoretically, when you take no dmg, any armors will last forever.
  10. Inspired by Woodie were Beaver & Moose: in that form Woodie can do these actions (chop - mine - hammer) faster. Ideas: Wolfgang has three form: Wimpy - Regular - Mighty, i want to mod some thing like in Mighty form Wolfgang will one-shot everything, Regular act as normal, Wimpy will need to do double amount of time to perform such action (chop - mine - hammer). Thank for Reading.
  11. Tldr: USE Football helmets (Like i always do, even before reading this). Right ?! P/s: When you master the art of kiting, you can fight Bosses as any char..... NAKED & came out NO dmg taken.
  12. There are mods that add Gramaphone & custom music records (Search Phonograph on steam workshop), it just play music for now. If Klei add this to the game, modders gonna made custom record for sure.
  13. There is already a topic about this. For the water, we suggest The Sprinkler from Hamlet DLC For tending crop, we suggest The Gramaphone from Don't Starve Avanture mode.