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  1. Idea: I want to mod Wolfgang so that when he at mighty form, he will take 75% less dmg. How i do: In the modmain file: i add a line GLOBAL.TUNING.WOLFGANG_ABSORPTION_MIGHTY = 0.75 Then i add a line in wolfgang.lua under local function applymightiness(inst): My wolfgang now do take 75% less dmg but regardless of form he was in. like in normal form he still take 75% less dmg. P/s: i don't know much about coding, those line i copy from Wigfrid char (1st line from Tuning file, 2nd line from wathgrithr file), so Please tell me what to do in a very SPECIFIC way (like copy this line to that file under this section). Greatly appreciated !!! P/s 2: if that is too complicated to be done, just say the word like "It's Complicated" and i'll just gave up, still very appreciated for your time. Thank for Reading.
  2. Just open Twitch > mute it > minimize it > do whatever you used to do > ... > profit.
  3. New update coming up, so is there any info about the next reworked (no new char so must be a reworked)?! Wilbur maybe
  4. Since the 4S (She Sells Sea Shells) update is out and my Wilbur still not come along, the question is: Is there any rework or new char gonna join the constant anytime soon? P/s: Sorry if the answer is already posted somewhere else and somehow i missed it.