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  1. The Leatherface: Stats: Size: Big, equal Wolfgang full belly Health: 300 Hunger: 300 Sanity: 300 Simple mind, so he doesn’t lose sanity over anything but hunger, the more hunger the faster he lose Sanity (>75% don’t lose sanity, 50%-74% Lv1, 25%-49% Lv2, <24% Lv3) Gain Sanity from breaking. choping and killing stuff (5 point per action), fighting. Favorite food: Cooked Meat SPECIAL ITEMS: The Chainsaw: Ability: craftable via Special tab (cannot use by others), indestructable, re-fuel with nighmarefuel, when equip Leatherface can charge (M2, run toward taget) at target (like woodie Moose form – Tackle) deal great dmg (Blunderbuss) when collided, self-stun 1 sec if collided with anything, can 1 shot breakable object (like: Tree, House, Rock…), deal dmg = Dark Sword with M1 atk The Hammer: Ability: craftable via Special tab (cannot use by others), work like hammer but only 2 swings for eveything (Mine, chop, break structure), dmg = ham bat
  2. Inspired by Woodie were Beaver & Moose: in that form Woodie can do these actions (chop - mine - hammer) faster. Ideas: Wolfgang has three form: Wimpy - Regular - Mighty, i want to mod some thing like in Mighty form Wolfgang will one-shot everything, Regular act as normal, Wimpy will need to do double amount of time to perform such action (chop - mine - hammer). Thank for Reading.
  3. From my play it's look like it's auto switch to the Giant's Rotting stage, don't know how to switch back if there is a way. Here is all the giant's rotting stage, the normal rotting crops does grow back, but rotting giant crops don't.
  4. about the "Plant Registry": Don't know if it's a bug or work as intended: If you researched plant up to the giant crop, Plant Registry displayed as a card type. But when you researched the rotting stage (Giant or normal) it displayed that rotting stage (Giant or normal) instead.
  5. It's ok !!! No, because Klei added new stress call Overcrowding (Crops gonna stress if there is more than 10 crops/plot), which mean you can't do 4x4 plot But, mod is a thing. So if you fine with mod, you still can make it happen. There are a few crops that have the same Nutrient cycle that you can switch (if the season allow) Asparagus-Corn, Pumpkin-Carrot, Eggplant-Potato, Onion-Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit-Pepper, Durian-Garlic You can use these 2 Self-feeding combos in Autumn & Summer on 3x3 Plot (No overcrowding, so no mod needed, but Snapping tills will made crops in lines, tight & order): Garlic-Onion-Pepper (Ratio: 1:1:1) combine with Toma-Toma-Pepper (Ratio: 2:1) P/s: With the Snapping tills mod: Two 3x3 plots still work too (You can do this without mod by try hard while tilling hole close to each other), I just tested. Ok, Have fun farming !!!!
  6. DST have 10 veggies, 6 of them pair with each other into a perfect 3-crops-combo. Garlic-Onion-Pepper Pumpkin-Eggplant-Corn. That leaves us Toma, Asparagus, Carrot, Potato. Toma has a difference 2-negative-1-positive Nutrient Cycle, then Klei decided to copy Corn, Purmpkin, and Eggplant Nutrient cycle for Asparagus, Carrot and Potato ?!! Should we have something like: Asparagus: -1 2 -1 Potato: 2 -1 -1 So those two can pair with Toma into a perfect 3-crop Combo. That leaves Carrot to pair with Watermelon into a perfect 2-crops-combo. So now we have all 14 crops pair with each other into perfect-combo.
  7. Combine the 4 1:1:1 plot with 2 2:1 will do Try this formation, it's self-feeding, all giant, viable in Autumn & Summer.
  8. That's correct !!! (i remember i said: "after harvest") When Crop turn giant, you harvest them then leave them on the field, and only hammer them when you need food, like in the picture i harvested them already (The carry mouse cursor appear) after they turn giant.
  9. Try to grow veggies into giant, after harvest (just pick them up and leave them on the plot) they last 40 days (if i remembered correctly), that why i choose to farm in Spring and Autumn: easy combo, nice weather, still have enough food for the next season to come. I feel you bruh: spider, cactus, and ice are all you need to survive DST, oh and a Bird in a cage (almost forgot). The new farming system is just something to spice up the mid and late games, when you are well prepared and have nothing to do (to all farmer no offence, i do like farming, especially after the newest hot fix).
  10. Thank for listening !!! This is what i called a good way to limit survivor from plant 4x4 plot, not by increase the till space, leave a choice for us.
  11. If klei leave me no choice to get all giant plot then mod has to be enabled, and there is already a mod that does that. So tweak whatever you want, if i can't get it your ways (believe me i'll try), then my way it is :D. Peace!!! I'm sure there soon will be a mod that made unharvest giant crops stay fresh forever and we'll have a kinda same-old-brand-new-farm-system in like no time This is why i said, klei should not restricted Crops-combo so much, with a game that support mod like DST, if Survivor can't get thing your ways, they'll forge their way in. So why try so hard Klei?!
  12. It's a P.O.V (Point of View) kinda thing, and we all have our P.O.V. You said yours, and here is mine: Life is not Perfect, so at least my game, my world, my farm has to be PERFECT in every way. or i will MADE it PERFECT By any means necessary. That's my P.O.V
  13. I mentioned cactus as 1 of many ways to fill your hunger, not the only food source. What i mean is there is always an easier way to get food, don't need to make farm so hard that it's become boring (like you said) like this patch does. Why having all crops as giant is OP?! You know OCD is a thing right (if not Geometric Placement will not became one of the most subscribed mod) I mean Klei can tweak whatever they want, just made a way for all giant farm so Survivor with OCD can live in peace. Anyway, your game, your rule, if Klei don't approve, i'll just mod my way in.
  14. I could not agree.....more. In DST you can survive just fine without farming. It's not too OP, i think it's necessary OP so Survivor WANT to farm, otherwise they just "meh" 1 meat 1 egg 2 cactus and 1 meat 3 ices will do just fine.