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  1. I quoted myself! ***Update 10/02/2019 Or like UnknowX said: - Wilbur can consuming a shadow banana and turn into Shadow Wilbur (which look like the giant Kong in the picture above) - Instead of night vision, Shadow Wilbur will have RAGE vsion (see everything in red) (See the eye of the giant Kong is Red) - In his Shadow form he can slam the ground like Bearger (because he is a giant Kong now), so Wilbur can be a good for the team as havester About the 2 probs: If it is too much of a problem, let's just cut it down to 1 (the ability to control ape can go, so we don't need to add primal apes, and just pretend that this Wilbur we play is before he become the king of monkey, and so we can also cut the ability to craft the crown too, honestly i don't like the crown thing that much, i just want to play as Wilbur and love the giant Kong skin above). Now that leave us only 1 thing to add: BANANA, how hard could it be...
  2. Next Rework?

    WILBUR should be the next one ported into DST rework or not. Although i got some ideas for my beloved Wilbur: - Can throw stuff (not just manure) - Can Run, can dodge (like Wheeler but with roll animation), climb tree (mob loose agro after awhile), pick fruits while on tree (no need to chop down tree) - Can plant Banana - Gain sanity from Banana: eat, pick, plant, carry - Can craft a more fancy crown (go with a red cape), that bound all kind of ape (Splumonkey, Shadow Splumonkey, Prime Ape, Spider Monkey...) when worn (something like this) - Transfrom into Giant Kong when full moon or when pissed off (There is a Piss-off metter that increase when Wilbur eat anything but Banana)
  3. I think klei should add all chars, and let's everybody choose what they wanna play (no need to rework before you add new char, add first reword later, klei then can collect ideas from player for the reword), about the exclusive those who buy the DLC get that char for free otherwise you have to buy that char, about more new char, you can still have new char add them same time with old char (no need to reword old char, just add them along with new char) P/s: add my WILBUR, please!!!
  4. Bring in Wilbur please.
  5. Still not working now! Hope they gonna fix it in the next update.
  6. oh, since you mentioned it, i'll start Savescumming from now on, man! this game keep giving me the wrong card for the type of deck i am building. I totally forgot about Savescumming, thank! P/s: Common It's a single player game, add a refresh button when ever we have to choose cards so we don't have to Savescumming or give atleast 1 out of 3, and 3 out 5 cards from the type of the deck current in-play.
  7. The game need to add more way to get Key-card, like when build your deck base on a key-card and that key-card just never show up. Ex: A influence Negotiation deck that missing Rapid Fire, Scorched Earth. A Combo Combat deck that missing the card that let you transform 1 combo into 2 defence and regain all combo point back next turn, and the card that deal 1 damage per combo point if you dont get that 2 key-card before the Dock fight your combo deck is pretty much dead. suggestions: 1/ Atleast 1 out of 3 cards available to choose when you start a Quest is belong to the type of deck you build, and later 2 out of 3. (like combo deck got atleast 1 combo type card out of three random card, later 2 out of 3). 2/ Night vendor have Refresh button (cost shill, and unlimited) and atleast 3 out 5 card is belong to the type of deck you are building. The same with card removal. P/s: It's a single player card game, you dont need that much randomness, i guess. Yeah, about the unplayable card, i kinda like the Solid Point card, when you upgrade it to deal 3 damage it kinda strong, i build a deck that have not thing but that Solid Point card and the card that let you draw 4 + a gear that let you draw 3, + 1 action, i end every negotiation in turn 1
  8. Tried to buy this 3 times on Epic, fail 3 times (purchase fail & got refund, some thing like: "Looks like something went wrong......").So see you next june, i guess
  9. P/s: Soon there will be Wilbur, very soon......