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  1. I was getting ready to play some Hamlet on a new world, and this little jerk stole my starting machete!
  2. I agree with changing the bosses, but IMO Dragonfly, Toadstool, all new DST bosses are okay. For me it’s bosses like Bearger, Deerclops, and Goose need changes. While bosses like Bee Queen and Dragonfly really don’t have that much variation in attacks, they still seem rewarding to kill IMO, especially Dragonfly. However, Bearger, Goose, and Deerclops are just plain boring bosses. Deerclops just swipes the ground, and Bearger and Goose do the same thing except honk or slam every predictable 3 swipes. I hope they change the original giants to more then just holding F for 2-3 seconds and running anyway. I also hate how they got rid of how Goose worked in regular DS. I wish they’d do more to the giants then just beef up their HP.
  3. Dunno I’ve noticed that a lot. Sometimes they get stunlocked, sometimes they take 2 hits and just run away. No idea why they do this.
  4. Volt Goat crash

    Whoops, my bad. I'll update it now. Thank you!
  5. Volt Goat crash

    Singleplayer, ROG base world linked with Hamlet, playing as Wormwood, day 25 in winter. Currently I'm in the desert, and I was just exploring around the edges when I just crashed. I read the text and noticed it wasn't any sort of mod error so I attempted to repeat going in the same area. Crashed 3 times. Mods: Geometric Placement + Combined Status
  6. When I was playing Wilba too, I figured this was the case too. I tried everything from starving to sacrificing mobs on the amulet. Turns out the Werepig form goes away after 1-2 ingame days. I know you’ve skipped the days via console but I tried that and it didn’t work either. I just activated godmode and the curse reverted as I waited 1 day.
  7. As you can see from the image, I was able to equip a walking stick and Wilba's necklace.