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  1. My morgue is filled with death by shenanigans. Yeah it’s safe to say I mess around a lot.
  2. that would be an awfully large sized laser for such a small pair of goggles..
  3. This would look kinda weird, but it would be interesting if when WX-78 gets a rework his skin could be his previous creator’s attempts. If not that, maybe a more synthetic-human looking robot skin.
  4. [Game Update] - 328827

    probably that it loses alot of durability when in use as a weapon / umbrella
  5. I love it but the sisters thing seems completely useless though as Wigfrid wouldn’t even acknowledge her sister (as she is too deep into her role) and also it would seem lazy using the same “model.” I’d prefer if they just forgot about Winnie, and instead made an entirely new character. I love the idea of having a peaceful character with a connection animals. Although I feel another character with a strict diet would just be annoying and not as fun to play. Sanity penalties when eating meat aren’t really a problem so.. maybe you lose sanity and don’t heal as much/ at all from meat foods?
  6. I think we all know why her skins are so expensive... >.>
  7. Did you leave gunpowder or slurtle slime on the ground? Moleworms can explode if they take those items, explaining the reason your crock pot exploded. If not, are you running any mods? If not, I ain’t a clue.
  8. [Game Update] - 327257

    The umbrella appears to blink the further you go away from your telipad, blinking rapidly when you are leaving the range of being able to teleport. It's not a great screenshot but I hope it helps people understand it's range. Edit: The telepad is in the ironbiome of the first island, and I am on the second island to the left. Extra Edit: Getting struck by lightning while using the tele-brella will auto teleport you.
  9. Disease doesn’t really matter once you get gekkos and twiggy trees. Although it will always affect berries I guess..
  10. On Set Pieces

    Pretty sure they removed the ice / summer traps in DST. Most of the time I just see boons with twigs or grass, rarely staff traps.
  11. I agree, as cool as it would be to travel to new worlds using the atrium gate, a lot of players don’t attempt to kill the Fuelweaver or simply are unable to.
  12. Doesn’t really seem that worth it when you’re just going to get icons constantly =/
  13. Iirc Deerclops spawns at night (atleast in the first year) so unless you’re hugging the ocean you probably wouldn’t see it anyway without moggles. I think some unique war cries would be better then entire new animations.
  14. Get rid of ice as filler. Literally all you have to do is kill 1 rabbit / couple spiders per day and mine some ice and you’ve filled your belly for one day. Meatballs are stupid OP and it makes winter a joke. Other then that, some blizzards would be pretty cool.
  15. weird setpiece

    I am tempted to recreate this setpiece in different locations to confuse people.