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  1. Will we be able to get more skins, even if we spend the current amount of points?
  2. You said something about selling the previous collection some time ago. Is it still in plans?
  3. Weird Headcannons

    •Wilson's quick beard grow is an effect of a failed experiment. Also his hands are drawn black because they are really hairy. •He had walked naked with his beard covering the body. •Webber's boy body is still not rotten or anything. It preserved pretty well. •The reason why Constant is not that bad is because it's a puppet show for Them. •Wilson is upset that with new skins, his beard doesn't change. •Shipwrecked and Hamlet's storyline is happening after the survivors got separated, with them trying to get back together via water/air. •Constant is indeed a planet-like world, with limited islands, that get mashed up and then separated each time someone dies. •When Wilson is tired, everyone insists on him going to sleep, as his yawning is the worst sound ever produced by a trumpet •The spears are actually sharp on their side, rather than on their top, hence that's why survivors are bashing enemies instead of jabbing them. •Wilson uses Glommer's Goop to make his hair •Woodie's beard is made out of maple's leaves •Trade Inn Guy takes huge cuts from weaving clothing, that's why you only get 1/3rd of spools. I believe it's even somewhat implied in the vignette
  4. Screenshot showcase

    Suck on these
  5. If anyone wants to know:
  6. I predict there will be an orphanage being burnt down by Willow