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  1. Rise. And. Shine. Not that I wish to imply you've been sleeping on... the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the efforts in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has come again... so... wake up, Mr. Higsburry, wake up and smell the asheeeesss
  2. If you felt bad after reading my comment then I want you to know it wasn't my intention.
  3. I never played Hamlet seriosuly so I cannot talk about the beard turf, but, considering his beard is his main (and only) ability, I think they'll give it some shine (with that beard oil lol). Seriously though, considering how each reworked character has at least two fields in which they specialize (Woodie: Were-x forms, farming with his fertilizers), Wickerbottom (Easier and faster crafting, farming also) etc, He could both get buffs and more stuff related to both his beard and his healing practises. I don't think making Wilson better at crafting "first aid" items is a good idea, especially since those items are one of the worst in the whole game (Pierogi and jerky exist). That's why the idea of "better" telltale hearts, along with meat effigies, could create a cool dynamic of an independent doctor who rather brings back from the dead with many "homemade" tactics rather than professional equipment.
  4. I'd change one thing. He should be able to trim his beard in stages (so, from stage 3 to stage 2 to stage 1) Reasons why: Recently added beard skins make it more of a look option now than ever. Also, accidental beard shaving. Someone in another topic suggested him being able to craft hearts that don't make the receiver have health penalty. I think it is a nice idea. Now, I can think of at least one additional ability that I really want to be brought. When other players will "hug to him" (standing really closely), they won't freeze when Wilson's beard is on stage 3.
  5. Dutch, for Christ's sake, we're not going to your damn Tahiti!
  6. Well I mean what's even the explanation for characters to be able to create items only when sanding near some science machine? I'd say it's only Consant's magic, because it doesn't make sense otherwise. Now, if following my thought process, there's no reason why Webber's father would work on a science station.
  7. I take your comment straight to my heart. I really love how you brought up his individual nature. I totally agree he could copy blueprints, I agree he should get a buff regarding creation of telltale hearts. I still stand with my opinion that he should be the only one able to create effigies. And I still stand with my beard concepts.
  8. Decided to throw my two cents. So, first of all, and don't quote me on that yet because I haven't read all characters' quotes on certain items, but OP may be falling into Texas Sharpshooter fallacy – focusing on similarities while not seeing solid differences. Dear OP, you can't pick up random coincidences and say "well maybe it's far-fetched, but who knows". Yes, who knows, but going that way could lead us into thinking Wilson comes from the same bloodline as Nicholas II of Russia because his hair looks like a crown and he says that Thulecite Crown fits him. Now, Webber says that his father worked on something resembling Alchemy Engine. We can assume Webber is around the age of Wendy - 8-11 years old. Being a small child, he might have mistaken AE with some farm equipment. The argument of Wilson remembering a city and Webber having memories of countryside is a strong one. Wilson clearly isn't a person related to farming, we can see that when examining farming equipment. Lastly, Wilson's beard. From what we've seen Wilson only started growing a beard in the Constant, as there's no material of him being a hairy man before the events of Forbidden Knowledge. Hell, there are speculations that the rapid beard growth is the result of the potion that blew up on his face in that video. Feel free to discuss what I said.
  9. That's what I think. Characters like Wolfgang, WX-78 or Wigfrid are clearly "Fighter characters", while folks such as Wickerbottom, Woodie or Maxwell are "Utilities", hoarding items. Then you have in-betweens like Wendy. Don't get me wrong, I love Wilson for his "standard survival routine", I truly do. But at the same time I believe he could get some more fleshed-out mechanics. I'm biased here, but I think that my ideas here aren't hurting the gameplay. Like, sure the negative changes make him a little bit harder for the first-time survivors, but at the same time giving him more depth won't hurt anyone, at least that's what I think. If someone feels however, that my ideas will hurt begginer's experience, then please, respond how exactly, because I'm actually tired of just reading "Wilson should stay the way he is" without any explanation other than "because he's begginer friendly". That's a very broad argument that doesn't differ from "You shouldn't eat that cake because it's unhealthy". I need to know why exactly it's unhealthy.
  10. Right, I agree on that one. The thing is, and that's only my opinion, my changes didn't make him horrible to play for new players (yes, the stinky beard and worse items are downsides, but I do believe that Wilson still should get more interesting, especially since he comes off as bland when compared to new characters or reworked ones. He still can be kept pretty straight-forward, but giving him some dynamic. I want Wilson to fruit in Winter, I want him to be more team-based. By making the meat effigy exclusive for him, he could "revive" other players without health penalties. By hugging to him, players could survive freezing to death. By being able to craft ropes from his beard, he could save grass for others. By using hair tonic, he could be a better hunter, makes sense considering he's "the survivor" (there's even a figure dedicated to Wilson's survival) By not using hair tonic, he could help the team to scare koalefants to base or lure harsher enemies away more easily By sleeping on his beard he could save tents for other injured players. I know I may be asking for too much, but I want Wilson to be helpful. He still can be "idiot-proof", but I do believe that the argument "I want to keep him unchanged because he should be the newbie character" isn't that great of an argument when you consider that this game is meant to be played with friends and that having a character who's main ability helps only themselves just doesn't sound like a great idea for a co-op title.
  11. Yeah selling out to Tencent seems like a decline in my eyes, but, "enjoy the game" to everyone hyped.
  12. And unlocking Willow in DS requires 8 days. Most new players will die after than and are going to try out Willow instead, then survive even more. See, I wasn't talking about, imo, minor differences. She survives Summer with ease, same as Wilson and Winter. Wilson wasn't the first character because he was beginner friendly – he's beginner friendly because he was the first. The sole reason he's "boring" gameplay wise is because Klei didn't have a foundation for what to do with the characters. This changed in DST however. He's one among one and half a dozen, and it's not like there aren't different characters which can help new players. Yes, he's a good choice for new players, but he shouldn't be restricted to such role just because some people don't feel like changing him. Wickerbottom's +1 level of science is a great thing for new players who want to get things done more quickly. It can be used by new players to get a backpack, a spear and an armor to not fear getting food. Wigfrid is a meat eater only, yes, but her role is to break the fear of touching monsters. WX-78 makes players not care about the state of their food - something new players often may forget about. The rain is almost non-existent in Autumn. See? All these characters can be used by new players, they just have to experiment. Yes, Wilson is the number one in the field of newbies, but it feels unfair to lock a character behind being "experiment-proof".
  13. So, I'll still hold this topic. I agree that Wes being weaker makes him "not normal", however, it's only stat-swapping, not giving out talents. Experienced players will get more than enough food, which will keep him survive, same with smaller damage - so-called veterans will be waving their Ham Shank from left to right. Wes is not normal, however he doesn't have anything special that makes him, well, better in a certain field. However I believe that this topic has ended, let others decide. Yes, Winter is the first challenging season to encounter, and it helps that Wilson is prepared for that, but I still believe that the same point could be said about Willow, even in single-player DS. You only need to survive 8 total days, less than what takes to reach Winter. She's also a starter character, as her abilities combat two of many major problems new players may have – sanity loss and getting cought in the darkness. Willow is the female Wilson, yet she's also the Queen of Summer – opposite of Wilson's King of Winter nature. I really do believe he could be more fleshed out in this field. I really want to, because DST is the sequel to DS, and we don't need ***"Third Degree"*** in this game. ***In Team Fortress 2, there's a weapon for Pyro which only has an upside, comparing to default Fireaxe, which should be "objectively the best". Every other weapon in this game comes with both upsides and downsides, offering "Sidegrades"
  14. I'll stand with my point here. Wilson should be the only one able to do that, but, well, people may think differently.
  15. Right, by "Also, since when Wilson was actually the default one?" I meant DST, my fault here. Wilson's beard allows him to survive winter easily. No other character has that. Just because others were built upon him doesn't mean he has to be regarded as "default", especially in DST. Wes doesn't have anything special (useful). Him being weaker is more of a "normal" playstyle (as you always need to gather resources) than Wilson's who doesn't have to care about one of the main parts of the game. If theu're there to ease players, then it literally means these items are there to help at the beggining. Experienced players don't need that meat from Wigfrid, they can outright start attacking Tallbirds, Pigs and whatnot. Experienced players don't need that Lighter for Willow from the start – it's easy to make a science machine in day one, and getting three grass and three petals isn't even a challenge. This items have clearly been given at the start (no need to craft them) to help new players checking out characters. It helps them understand how characters work. It's not like this characters don't have short overviews written there to help them understand how each work.