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  1. OMG! i will never look at my pet the same way again after this. I'm actually tempted to make that my profile picture.
  2. That is my solo world so the drop is useless for me. I usually leave him alive and run to an open area when he drops the boulders. I should have logged off, but I thought it was going to be fine, I literally just walked to the kitchen and back, it took me 10 sec. Bad timing I guess.
  3. I call this one. "I'll be back in a second, just going to grab a drink" I came back just in time to move away and save my life. lol
  4. YAY! I love this event, I'm happy you extended it. I was going crazy the last few days following tracks to get all the lanterns I needed. Even tho I already made the year of the varg "memorial" I suppose I can always make it bigger. Or make a second one
  5. I brought some tar to fuel my endothermic fire pit inside of the volcano. Every time I try to use it it makes my game crash. Can't even move it around in my inventory. Can't drag it out and destroy it neither. When I click on it the game just crashes. It only happens inside of the volcano. When I go outside it works just fine. I din't play with too many mods, but I disabled the one I have to make sure that is not what is causing the issue and made a new world. The problem remains however in the new world too.