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  1. > clicks on game update thread > realize it's just an old bug fix > express sadness over it not being something else – anything really > inevitably bumps thread with comment > bait more people into seeing this old game update thread > repeat This is me performing Step 3: Σ(TωT)
  2. I agree with @Karmattack for the most part. I just properly read through this thread, and my, there are many sad gamers here. The only thing I want is The Forge back so I did not pay attention to Hamlet news much. I trust that Klei will release Hamlet within Q2; their PR team just has to learn better pacing. If you guys open your third eye, you should expect that your playerbase will get impatient. It's all about that nice juicy flow of content to keep your followers energized. Get a schedule of all the events or big news you're going to release and then plan your pacing. You have Forge, Winona, Hamlet, and the upcoming Christmas event at the time. The Christmas one was pretty fun and meaty in terms of content – announcing a while after the hype died would have made everyone way more excited because it won't be expected. Maybe even announcing it with the CNY update since you guys seem to like announcing several things at once. People wouldn't be even complaining about lack of new Singleplayer content if they have new updates to busy themselves with; revealing Hamlet when the other events were over would have been the icing on the cake. Sharing what you know with us as soon as you know it is a nice sentiment, but sometimes you gotta step back and see the bigger picture then act accordingly.
  3. Either he is born from the gore of his ancestors or he misses his family so much after they are slaughtered that he sleeps in their remains. Oooor he killed them all.
  4. I'd romance this piggy. They will love me and more importantly, cook for me <3
  5. Okay, let's see what I got. The girls and I on a night stroll... Spooky boys waiting for Wolfgang to join them in the afterlife Invasive species hunting the local wildlife When you introduce friends new to the game and everyone sucks/is screaming When you tell those same friends to huddle for a cute picture and capture the moment Wilson starves to death When you introduce friends to play the Forge for the first time and you 6 noobs somehow manage to win Another one since I mentioned The Forge...it was a golden deathless run too (: Merry Christmas feat. Treeluminati™ Improved aesthetic base (we were growing carrots and corns to craft mod items) Me and the lads That is all. <3
  6. Don't necro a thread with a title like this it just makes me wish it were true :'(
  7. It's just some fancy typography, not my handwriting
  8. My loving partner has bought me one of the best halloween elegants, I'd say. I've been enjoying Woodie a lot since I've been exploring different balancing mods – he's actually fun to play now, hurray! Recently I downloaded some nice new Illustrator brushes as well so here is some art I'd like to share. This has been a PSA. Woodie wants to replant the forest, but Lucy wants to chop it all down. It's a confusing relationship.
  9. Here, thanks for looking into it. server_log.txt
  10. I deleted my folder, started up a new world, went in and out of the caves a few times and it crashed. There is a serious issue going on here and I cannot have any world with caves at this rate – I have to delete the folder again... client_log.txt
  11. "Rose Wes is finally fixed and completed to how he's supposed to be. Wes is saved." @SDragonhead Oh God. He's beautiful.
  12. Yup...just tried and it works. Now my other world I've settled for as an issue, made a thread about it...I just wanna play :'(
  13. When you put your lantern down and a monkey steals it When you're doing the dishes and you touch wet food
  14. I for one, can relate to Wes' deep disappointment. I like this small detail. Though that begs the question, what other skins have been changed, if any? Because Wes' face doesn't fall under "various character skin and clothing bugs". Or does it