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  1. The Best Ship

    i really love the fact that you can try to give abigail a heart and characters have different phrases about failing the reviving
  2. when beequeen screamed, all the pigs i brought to fight instead of me run away, must be a bug
  3. Should you unravel Forge items?

    i think somebody said they won't be, because that'd keep players from making spools of double elegants
  4. The obedience must be above 50% in order to ride the Beefalo. With a minimum obedience of 45%, obedience must be actively maintained in order to be able to keep riding. Does not lose obedience on taking damage. don't be that lazy guy
  5. real world: domesticating wild animals was crucial point in making civilizations don't starve world: meh, i'm ok with eating spiders
  6. i really though you were talking about spiderqueens and treeguards
  7. they are first bosses, iirc, but i don't think we need to make everyone gigantic and have 20k hp
  8. i go to pubs to play meta game "hide from griefers", it is fun, living in deserts, swamps and caves has another advantages too edit:
  9. Inefficient Advice

    working strat if you don't have twigs, for example i saw a guy who spent all of his grass and he actually had to make firepit for light
  10. next line will dance or mimic instruments instead?
  11. how old is webber

    i mean, you are not wrong
  12. the light trinket you get after killing deerclops gives you free light from your inventory and doesn't lose durability after relogin (tried as host, so, server restart as well)
  13. skins have no effect on a gameplay, don't mix it
  14. buying skins and making spools of them