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  1. i think you get points for winning instead. notice you also don't have "formidable team" one that you'd get for defeating boarilla and losing elsewhere
  2. i joined once in a room named "40+*" and we lost to boarior, another time i joined generic "15+*" and we easily defeated rhinos first try
  3. so you really do it during the battle, huh? are you playing without overlay or something? steam has F12 as default screenshot button, you can open every shot on pc without uploading anywhere
  4. guess pig disguise doesn't save you from forge bois do you actually use paint to cut your pics and then put it into one file? that sounds harsh, i'd suggest using snipping tool (you already got one on windows or any other alternative screenshooter on other platform)
  5. 6 walking bears strat also my collection of boarilla circling around me (if you are wondering, why some of them are dark, it's the sonic mod [recommend that quality piece of workshop as well as 'lemme smash' one], helps with reacting on rolls)
  6. can you please tell us your position about votekicks and why i can't rejoin server after losing connection this year, i thought it was a thing last year
  7. ah, sweet memories of careful gear choice and team optimizing, can't wait to rage again
  8. unless you play wilderness now you can change to wicker, craft books and change back to max, am i right?
  9. got party disconnect at the end of game. at the very last second
  10. so, we got the cook book but it does not specify which craving its rewards is written there, because some food satisfies multiple cravings and also gives different rewards for different cravings, but cook book doesn't say anything about it
  11. did he eat red shroom on stream or what? anyone got a link? i don't get it