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  1. they don't need to ruin game balance and hurt players, there are mods around for personal preferences
  2. i totally agree, but all those weapons\books with their specials do exist now, which makes me irrationally want them available :<
  3. aaaand now i want decent magic damage in regular dst (right now the best you can hope for is summoning lightning/tentacles or shadow duelists, staves aren't even that magic, talking about non melee)
  4. "The best" healer

    but she's as good at hammering as any other players and also one of the best healers, so that's the wrong way of describing her (if i understand this correctly: can do everything, but not good enough) that makes her "maximum efficiency"
  5. All Achievements Reward

    got one for thee
  6. Easiest strategy for the Boarrior

    with the right timing, you can stun boarior with lucy throw: timing is about throw/a half a second + cooldown, you need to hit him as he raises his arms, so it's all prediction, but practice says, you can do it consistently, you can practically save your party if boarior moves out of heal and destroys most of party (except you and anyone else)
  7. About Ancient Anchor

    horn of a grand forge boarior? sounds straightforward for me. same as with klaus
  8. we need an option to join back

    if that's so - great
  9. we need an option to join back

    you can, in fact, reconnect, but the server you played does not show up in list anymore, so if you played without friends, you either forget it or go to steam overlay - players (button near friends list) - recent and try to join them in game, game will let you come back if you try to join your friend is there, never tried rejoining to randoms, though, but you can send a friend request if that won't help at least
  10. forge mods

    you get this by playing with friends
  11. nope, there's even a whole rant thread for this
  12. Opinions on the forge update

    alright, let's apply occams's razor in this case: if something can be done by stupidity rather than intended griefing, don't assume they are trolls. for instance, i know many cases of camps burned down by accident and not by some @Day One Webber (@called just for memes, sorry)
  13. Opinions on the forge update

    troll? you mean newb?

    well, game disconnected me after victory again today, but i got xp this time (well, i'm not sure actually, but other said they did), so, that's much better
  15. Opinions on the forge update

    inventory is horrible: owner and survivor filters save for each character and slot, means you need to click 4 times per char and you have 11 of them (and filters are on by default) chest opening is clickfest too - made me not enjoy opening beta chests item scrolling on char before choosing has 2 problems: first, it's as bad as before: you only see current item that you picked and (i think) it's not cycled and order is unclear (some forge items were apart with regular ones in hand slot for me), second: you pick your skin before game tell everyone else which char you picked, causing even more miscommunication and all of those make me not want to pick skins unless we're waiting for more people gameplaywise: it's great, i really enjoy it making boarior ignore blossoms was a nice touch (and also caused already more party wipes than paladins) though, i'd like to be able to deny a power attack, i know it'll cause troubles, but parties lack communications and lag exists @zzKratoszz, maxwell's is good, having extra stun is nice, staff is mid game