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  1. i have no idea how i would be able to manage inventory with gamepad, fighting is not only kiting, but also timed item swap or use also my bud burned down a camp while trying to play gamepad and i can't declare i'm any smarter, so i'll stay at m\k the latency is bad if you are not host, i agree, but the movement prediction only makes things worse
  2. Ruins Regeneration

    as well as ancient guardian
  3. think dst was before sw so you guys like the point where you didn't know the game well? how's that? the joy of realizing that game has more to offer if you earn it?
  4. Bundling Wrap

    use that as well, also helps packing items for crafting shootius, and other stuff if you somewhy keep materials at surface base, so, gems, eyes (which also both could be obtained at surface btw), are well spending of wraps as for me also some dude mentioned that their party were only eating raw honey, actively collecting it at summer and storing in wraps
  5. literally me after every ****ty idea of mine
  6. 2 Questions

    did you assume his platfom and os?
  7. stop trying to make any sense from astrology
  8. use electric darts for easy tentacle kill, for solo fuelweaver i'd say learn some strats like keeping the edges of arena and other, even if you gonna use 2 stacks of gunpowder. also practice makes wonders
  9. Don't Starve Shower Thoughts

    it's called water cooling you can do it, it costs a board and a hammer, though, he can't read it out loud, but everyone else can obviously they electrocute the sand to the temperature of melting they watched youtube anyway, most of those are just easy-to-answer questions, not a proper shower thoughts, though, i'll try to think of something later in shower
  10. as a guy who often spends some time making food for party, i always disliked honey nuggets because of how bad cooking time of it is E - i always sort my inventory, i plan eventy stuff like for full moon or when df will respawn, but my bases pretty messy, i guess it's 4.5 some people don't do it? boy, they are crazy
  11. genuinely laughed, thanks although, can i suggest an option? 50\50 meatballs\lasagna to make some suffering of gambling
  12. in general it causes consuming increasing amount of memory over time while you play, so, when fixed, we'll be able to play more without heavy lags that we usually fix with reloading the game
  13. yes you can briefly: launch both servers (2 shards, main and the one that'll be generated as caves); look for places where sinkholes were supposed to be spawned (if you want it that way) and spawn one at every cross-like place; either connect each hole individually via console (i definitely seen those in understanding shards and migration points) or use shard configuration mod on the next launch (so, shut down after spawning sinkholes, add mod and start again); if you find some parts confusing or you need some links, i think i can find older threads about the topic, just too lazy at the moment
  14. Random Topic Starter

    here's some tip: instead of before asking "how it should be" or, to be fair, "how i want it to be", consider thinking about "why is this thing was made this way and not any other"
  15. think there's a way to make player untargetable by both players and creatures, you can try to combine it (after you find the right command) with cycle, could work i think
  16. The Obligatory Forum Upgrade Thread

    i have some question, when the certificate update?
  17. Old Sinkhole Design

    first: would be fun to break the rock from below if you climbed up from cave (in single ds you only had 1 entrance\exit per cave, it'd be either impossible to get out plugged sinkhole or would make no sense with rope) second: it is fun how pigs\bunnies and lobsters can use rope to travel alongside you, but can't climb stairs
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    more like full chest of gold and full chest of rocks i really get triggered when wig starts to make lifetime supply of helms or even useless spears when we can make shadow armour or thulecite gear and then tanks every fight without any effort to kite (yeah, that one good pic of "see that wigfrid? she doesn't kite")
  19. i once done this (well, opposite of this) and laughed really hard because of how easy everything becomes with no ping and low mob's health anyway, a friend of mine gifted me game (think it was before RoG), after a couple of hours and obligatory gruesome deaths i complained "wtf this game is not fair at all, i attacked pig and they ganked me". and then i spent a lot of time trying to complete adventure (best way to learn how to play) why neighborhood? because others' bases were burnt?
  20. Opening the entire map

    do you actually know how to use console? do you know that you supposed to press "ctrl" key if you pressed "ctrl+v" to send remote queries? read through the topic i linked, it has another version, but if you fail to copy paste, nothing will work
  21. Random Topic Starter

    9/10 modded servers have extra equip slots, that's the reason
  22. [Rant] Thanks guys

    i believe server log has connection between KU_ and names, if i recall correctly, they both show up in low when person shows enters\quits
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    for willow mains