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winonan theory (with proof)

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now at first, that sounds like an implausible statement, but i can prove it very easily

take a look at the image below


we'vea;ll seen this poster before, it's very popular, and it is undoubtedly it was the basis for winona

and now let's see the official timeline for don't strave's lore


wilson starts out on the year of 1921, then finds maxwell's door, goes through adventure mode, then replaces waxmell on his throne

it is entire possible that this has happned in the span of a few months, here's why

the smallest amount of time it takes to reach maxmell's door is 17 seconds image.png

the fastest recorded speedrun of adventure mode is 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 17 seconds


in total, it wouldve taken at least 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 34 seconds to complete

converted into seconds, that's 21994 seconds

a day in do not starve is 8 minutes or 480 seconds

21994 divided by 480 is 45.821

so therefore, it took wilson at least 1 month, 2 weeks, 19 hours, and 42 minutes

so now we need to figure out how long it took before the dont no starve together plotline started


from the don't starve togeter another reign official cinematic that you can view on klei entertainments's official channel or via the game's theatre option, we see that charlie releases wilson from the nightmare throne

according to official comics from klei, what happens after is that waxwell finds wilson at his camp site where they initially greet each other with aggression but immediately calm down and talk

maxwall finds wilson's blueprints for a Jury-Rigged Portal, and together they construct the machine

right as it started working, teleporting some other characters into their world, cherlie pranks them by making their portal and the newcomers look edgy

the construction and activation of the portal marks the start of the Dont starveing together plotline, and so we need to figure out the amount of time between wilson's seating on the throne and the activation of the portal

and i know just how to do that:


willson's beard has three stages of growth: short, medium, and long

his short beard takes 4 days to grow, his medium beard takes 8 days, and the long takes 16


when charlie releeased wilson from the nightmare throne, they had no beard, much like wilson at the time

since wilson also had no beard, then that would mean that wilson spent less than 4 days on the nuyclear throne before being released


when maxsmell and wilson finished their portal, wilson had a medium beard, which takes 8 days to grow

so this means the amount of time between wilson's seating and the portal's activation is around 8-15 days

so we can finally conclude that don't starvation together took place at the year of 1921 at least or 1922 at most


so what does this have to do with winona?

well the poster earlier has been made around the year of 1943, and was only popular during the 1980s, accordian to wikipedia

this means winona is only supposed to exist 59 years later, a time traveller indeed

but time travel couldn't have existed in the 1980s, right?

it's very implausible, they didn't even have the internet back then

maybe by 2002, time travel could've been invented, but no random person can simply do that

no common person can do such a technological feat

you'd need to be very smart and very special to invent time travel

and we know only one person who can do thatt



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A good theory, nicely organized, and well thought out! I like it! 

Personally though I just justified this by the excuse of "time works differently here" therefore any time spent in the DS/DST universe could be a completely different amount of time in the real one. This of course justifies that anyone from any time period after the 1920's could be present in the game. Then of course that statement is so broad you could potentially throw in the capability of sending people from previous eras there too.

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I haz a theory 

Weakswell did state that time dose move different from our time plus "Them" or the world could be keeping the cast alive so this means that the cast could be in there for a day and it will take a second here or vice versa. Sone evidence to back this up would be that players can live forever in there mega bases and not age at all.

And that's all I got... 

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